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Chapter 210

210 . deep-fried katsu



「I'm going to take a bath!

 You come together too, Captain!!」


「Aya, every time when returning to Japan, you always take a bath first, huh . 」

「Because it's a different world, I wasn't able to take a bath . 」


 Aya and the others, the four people, went into the bathroom happily .


 Well fine, I will try to craft potions immediately .

 I want to craft Elixir and those dangerous potions quickly .




 When I continued to work quietly, I've felt the twin magic stones vibrating subtly .

 This vibration feels somewhat good .

 Does Lela feel my heart beating too?


 I continued to work whilst being enveloped in such comfort .




「Onii-chan, we're coming in~ . 」


 It seems like the 4 people have just gotten out of the bath .

 They were inside for quite a long time .


 The four people are wearing bathrobes and steam rises from their heads .

 Mai-san is wearing Hilda's spare bathrobe but it is slightly oversized .



 When Aya is drying everyone's hair with dryer magic,

 Hilda is staring at the magic curiously .


「Would you like to try too, Hilda-chan?」


 Hilda has been taught how the magic works by Aya but

 she won't be able to learn it easily, righ- . . . . . .


 t, she did it!


 Hilda has displayed Aya's dryer magic so easily .

 So Hilda is a genius after all!


 I have to pat Hilda later!



「By the way, onii-chan,

 what are you staring at since a little while ago?」


「N!? Ah!  Y-, You're wrong .

 I'm not staring with ecchi feeling!



「I didn't even say the word ecchi or something like that .

 This is 'letting the cat out of the bag', right, onii-chan?」


 Aya and Mai-san stare at me coldly .

 Hilda doesn't understand the situation well,

 while Elena stares at me bashfully .


 T-, That's not it . It's a misunderstanding!

 Damn, Aya . I will remember this!!



「By the way, onii-chan . What do we have for dinner?」

「Oh, I forgot . 」


「It's no good!」


 How is it decided that I'm the one who is going to cook?

 I don't agree!


「Oh, onii-chan, did you make potions?」

「Yes, onii-chan is busy with potion crafting .

 Since I'm too busy, let's order a meal delivery service or something . 」



「Then, I will cook dinner . 」

「A-, Aya!?」



「I will cook . Hilda will help too .

 Since Aya-san will get tired, please relax . 」

「Y-, yeah .

 If you say so, Elena-chan . I will leave it to you . 」


 Thanks to Elena stopping Aya, our lives has been saved .

 Elena is really an angel .



「Mai-san, what do you want to eat?」

「Me too?」


「Since it's a special occasion, please eat with us .

 Seiji-sama, is it fine?」

「Oh, since there is a lot of food, there's no problem at all . 」

「Thanks, I will do so .

 Then, what I want to eat now is . . . . . .

 Can you make『katsu-karē[1]』, Elena?」


「『katsu-karē』is it?

 I like『katsu-karē』too but . . . . . .

 I've never cooked a『katsu』before . 」


 Just the thought of『katsu-karē』makes my mouth water .



「Since it can't be helped, I will make the『katsu』,

 Elena and Hilda will be in charge of the curry . 」

「「Ye~s . 」」



 I use the『Kagoshima high-class black pig's roast』from the inventory without regret and deep-fry a『katsu』 .

 Actually, it should be fried after the curry is finished but I have the inventory .

 The pipping hot, deep-fried『katsu』has been put away into the inventory as it is and is only going to be taken out when we are going to eat .



 When I finished frying the『katsu』, Elena and Hilda have finished cutting the vegetables for the curry .


 I surrender the front of the stove to Elena and the others and went back to potion crafting .




 After a while, the curry's pleasant aroma started to waft from the kitchen .


「Seiji-sama, the curry is finished .

 『Ferment』it please . 」


 And, Elena calls me .


「Umu, I understand . 」


 I put the pot of curry roux away into the inventory .


「What are you going to do, onii-chan?」

「The curry is going to be delicious if it is fermented overnight, right?

 I can put it in『overnight fermentation state』with magic . 」


「Even such a thing can be done? It's amazing, huh~ . 」


「Seiji-sama, the rice is also done cooking . 」

「Umu . 」


 After operating the time inside the inventory,

 I steamed the rice for 30 minutes and heat the curry up again after letting it idle overnight, everything is done .



 I've placed the deep-fried『katsu』on top of the pipping hot rice,

 and pour Elena and Hilda's roux over there .


 Elena and Hilda have prepared salad and beverages .





 The five people attack the『katsu-karē』all at once .



「Aya, don't talk with your mouth full . 」


「'cause it's delish! *gulp*

 Particularly, this『katsu』is too good!

 I love『katsu』!

 It's not an exaggeration to say that I love it!

 No, in fact, I almost want to hug the『katsu』!!」


「Oi Aya,

 even the『katsu』have the right to choose a partner . 」


「It's not like that at all,

 because the『katsu』and I have mutual love!

 Right, katsu~ .

 『Un, I love Aya very much too』

 see . 」



 Did the『katsu』talk just now!?」

「There's god-like something that dwells inside the『katsu』for sure, it must have talked . 」



 When Aya is praising the『katsu』to the heavens―


「Seiji-sama's deep-fried『katsu』is very delicious . 」

「Onii-chan is a genius of deep-fried『katsu』 . 」


 Hilda said that I'm a genius of deep-fried『katsu』 .


「Iya, this is also the first time I've eaten such a delicious『katsu』 . 」



 Startling .

 Everyone is praising the『katsu[2]』 .

 There's probably something devil-like that dwells inside the『katsu』and controls Aya and the others to say such a thing .


 I will also try not to go against the『katsu』in the future . . . . . .

[1] Katsu-karē is a breaded deep-fried cutlet (usually pork or chicken) with curry sauce .

[2] Author’s pen name is ‘Katsu’ .