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Chapter 213

213 .  Hou Ren Sou



 I went to work and approached the director to talk right away .


「Director, there's something I want to talk to you about . 」

「N?  What do you want to talk about?」


「Uhhm, I want you to ask the president to talk as well . . . . . . 」

「I see, it's a talk related to 'that', huh . 」


 The director seemed to understand what I wanted to talk about and immediately contacted the president .




「Oh, Maruyama-kun, I'm really indebted to you during that time with the medicine . 」


 There might be someone who forgot but 『Maruyama』is me .


 The director, president and I held a secret meeting on the sofa of the president's office .



「Then, don't stand on ceremony, what do you want to talk about?

 Well, since it's you it will be a wonderful talk again . 」


 My value is soaring in the president .



「Actually, I obtained something again but different from those ones,

 I thought I should report it to the director and the president first and foremost . . . . . . 」

「That's also great but it's a different thing again?

 My interest is greatly piqued . 」


「Actually . . . . . . 」


 I lined up four types of potions on top of the lounge suit's table .



「N?  There are several kinds?」

「Yeah . 」


 First, I picked up the elixir―


「This is a drink which hastens the recovery of a considerable serious injury . 」

「W-, What!?」



 I explained the other potions as well in rapid succession .


「The other ones are drinks which deal with the hair, fat, and chest problems . 」



  . . . . . . Sorry, what did you say just now?」


「To put it plainly . . . . . .

 these drinks are for bald, fat, and flat-chested . 」


 The president and the director stiffened with their mouths wide open .



「No, no! Such a thing is impossible!」


 That's right, it's impossible to suddenly believe such a thing .


「It's reasonable that you can't believe it .

 Please forget this talk .

 I decided to consult others . 」


 When I got up from my seat and was going to leave . . . . . .


「Wait a moment, Maruyama-kun!」

「Yes, what is it?」


「I-, I didn't say that I don't believe it in particular .

 Now, now . Sit . 」

「Haa . 」



 As soon as I returned to my seat, the director tapped my shoulder .


「I believed you from the beginning!

 Please give me each one for the hair, fat, and chest . 」

「Ah, so cunning!

 I'll take everything including the one for the wound too!」

「No, give me 2 each of everything!」

「Then, I'm 3 each!!」


 The director's stealing a march on the president became the trigger and started to compete to have them .



「Please calm down you two .

 There isn't much of them .

 There are only 2 left of the one for the chest since my imouto used 1,

 the other ones, there are 3 each . 」


「T-, That's right . . . . . .

 Then, I will take 2 each of the one for the hair and 1 each of the rest . 」

「Then, I will take 2 each of the one for the fat, of course, I will also take 1 each of the rest . 」


 The president and the director will take 2 each of the one for the hair and the one for the fat respectively, huh . . . . . .

 It seems like I can agree to the director with his body but . . . . . .

 who will the president use it for?



 When I kept glancing around the president's head . . . . . .


「Don't misunderstand, okay?

 My hair is a natural hair!

 It's true!!」


 I haven't said anything but . . . . . .



「Umm, even if you pass it over to an acquaintance, please keep it a secret . 」

「Yes, of course . 」



 The president and the director put away the bottles of medicine in a bag cheerfully .



「By the way, Maruyama-kun,

 Did your imouto drink the one for the chest?」

「Yeah, I think there's no need for her to drink but

 it's an earnest request of the person herself . 」


「And, how's the effect?」

「Since she just drank it this morning, so shortly . . . . . .

 Ah, but, I had her send a mail with her thoughts . 」




「Oh, it seemed that I've received an e-mail」


 The president and the director leaned forward .


「Let see,

 First, the drink's effect doesn't seem to appear immediately . 」

「T-, That's right . 」


「Then, it tastes like a green tea . 」

「Hou hou . 」


「After that, the way Elena-chan touch- eh? . . . . . .

 Oops, this was an irrelevant content . 」



「Umu, the only thing we have understood so far is that it has a green tea flavor . . . . . . 」


 The president and the director seem to be concerned at the effect condition of the potion as expected .



 When the president had been lost in thought―

 I suddenly stood up and said such a thing .


「Then, let's do it this way,

 The three of us will gather every day this week and hold a report meeting .

 The work's basic is called 『Hou Ren Sou[1]』!」



 Both the president and the director agreed toward my suggestion,

 and we had decided to hold the『that thingmajig's effect report meeting』 in the entire week .

[1]Hou Ren Sou is very important thing on business . It's an abbreviation of "hōkoku報告, renraku連絡, sōdan相談", which means "report, contact, consultation . "