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Chapter 215

215 . Miraculous elixir



 Wednesday .


<That thingmajig's effect report meeting (day two)>


 The last meeting had been considerably prolonged and

 today, we were going to have lunch at the『Eel Shop』whilst holding the report meeting .


 Why at the『Eel shop』you ask . . . . . . ?

 It seems the director wants to build up his energy .

 He probably has gotten too much hustle under the pretext of examination?



「Then, that thingmajig's effect report meeting will be held the second time . 」



 I only said in my report that it had been increased by 1 cm again,

 while the report of the director was about him flirting with his wife again……


 Yesterday, despite hearing the amazing story of the president, the director who pushed the meeting forward normally as if nothing had happened like a reasonably big-shot .



「Lastly, the report from the president please . 」



 First, I . . . A-san, the survival area of the left and right and the lanugo area have spread out . . . it seems .

 My granddaughter's excessive eating seems to have disappeared and have reached the point where she properly filling her stomach, and her face has become slightly slim . 」


「Do you by any chance live with your granddaughter?」

「Yeah, my wife and I, my eldest son's family, my second son's family, it's a three-family household . 」


 It's a quite large family, huh~ .


「Lastly, my eldest son . . . . . .

 Some of the frostbites of his face have been healed . 」

「Really!? That's amazing!」


 The director is also surprised at the report of the president .


「Thank you, the injuries on his limbs are starting to fade away too, there seems to be a hope . 」


 The that thingmajig's effect report meeting proceeded smoothly from beginning to end,

 the three of us peacefully ate the delicious eel with great relish .




 Thursday .


<That thingmajig's effect report meeting (day three)>


 Today, we have come to a『Sushi shop』 .

 Of course, we haven't gone around .

 And, here is the president's treat .


 When I was thinking why there's no other customer for some reason . . . . . .

 it seems that this shop has been reserved today .


 I wonder how much does it cost to rent out a sushi shop during lunch?



「Then, as usual from Maruyama-kun . 」

「Yes, it seemed to have increased by 2 cm today . 」


「Hoh, amazing, it had come to 2 cm, huh . 」

「Yes, it seems the bra have become tight . 」


「I see, there's also an adverse effect like that too, huh . . . . . . 」


「Well, there's no problem since the person herself is pleased . 」




「Then, next is I . 」


 The director has begun his report with vulgar expression .

 Poke, pinch, play, hold them in between and

 whatever he has done under the pretext of examination, there's no need to expressly report it!


 The married couple gradually returning to their figures in their younger days and seems to have considerably gotten in a hustle .

 Such information doesn't matter, does it . . . . . . ?




「Lastly, the report from the president, please . 」

「Umu . 」


 The president turned toward me .


「Maruyama-kun, thank you very much . 」


 Why are you being so formal?


「However, that drink . . . . . .

 what on earth is it!?」


 Umu, has the president noticed the abnormality of 'that' too?

 Well, it's no wonder .

 It will be bad if I don't cover it up well .



「What the heck is wrong with wh-, what is it called?」

「The other ones are beyond common sense too but

 in particular, the one which makes the recovery of the wound fast!

 That's abnormal . 」


 Well, it's the elixir, alright~ .


「My eldest son's frostbite,

 first, its pain seems to have been completely alleviated .

 And then, his both hands which had been necrotized up to the wrist area have recovered up to around half of the palm and the base of the thumb .

 Furthermore, the face!

 Half of the frostbite covering the face have recovered, leaving only the ones on the nose and cheeks .

 Such a thing is impossible . 」


「I-, Is that so . . . . . . ?

 It healed that much, huh . . . . . . 」


 Umu, it has recovered more than expected .



 It seems to be necessary to give them a warning .


「Even I'm surprised at the more-than-expected effect .

 But if this becomes public and causes an uproar . . . . . .

 I think that it will be impossible to get any more of it . 」


「T-, That's right .

 Even the situation is out of Maruyama-kun's expectation .

 Umu .

 It's also a problem not to be able to obtain . . . . . . 」


 The president seemed to understand too and no longer questioned .


 Since the director only thinks about flirting with his wife, it will be alright .


「Next, about my granddaughter . . . . . .

 her swollen face is completely gone and it has almost returned to her original cute face .

 The child herself seemed to have regained her spirit too, reaching the point where she has been coming out of her room which she had been holing up from and normally coming in contact with us . 」


 Hoh, cute huh . . . . . .

 just what does she looks like, I wonder .



「Lastly, it's A-san's baldness but . . . . . .

 actually, A-san is . . . . . .

  . . . . . . is me, what is it? . . . . . . 」

「 . . . . . . W-, What did you say!!?」


 This is something called adult pretending to be surprised .

 However, it's good that he confessed .


「Well, please look . 」


 The president timidly took off his wig .



 The head that appeared from under the wig . . . . . .

 was in a state of a close haircut but it looked strange as the left and right parts were slightly  growing out .


「Close haircut?」

「Oh, thank you . 」


 For the word I unintentionally gave out, the president uttered a word of thanks .


「This too, before drinking 'that', was a barren land . 」


 This is an unbelievable hair growth rate .

 Well, Director's hairline also isn't conspicuous anymore, this is also probably one of the ability of 'that' . . . . . .


「I will have it fixed when I go to the barber shop on Sunday and stop wearing wig next week .

 I'd like to see the surprised faces of those guys of the company soon . 」


 The president broke into a smile as he said so .




 Friday .


<That thingmajig's effect report meeting (last day)>


 The time of the meeting has been moved in the evening today,

 and where's the location!? The final day seems to be in the『Japanese-style restaurant』 .


 I entered such Japanese-style restaurant for the first time .



 The president was wearing a hat all day today,

 and when he entered the room and took a breath, he took it off .


 The head that appeared from under the hat . . . . . .

 has an ordinary short hair on top .


「President, your hair, by any chance . . . . . . 」

「Yes, it's a real natural hair . 」


 The director praised the hair of the president,

 while the director is the director, his hairline has changed into normal state .


 But Director, did your subordinates gossip about you『restoring your hair』?




「Well, enough already with each other's hair .

 Let's report the other ones . 」


 The president began to talk with a grin .


「That's right! Well then,

 as always, from Maruyama-kun . 」



「The total of the change from Monday to today,

 the under was unchanged but the top was +6 cm .

 The rest have somewhat improved,

 around the top, the dullness seemed to have been slightly decreased .

 That's all for my final report . 」


「Umu, the way the top increased is decent but

 other than that, the change is subtle .

 Is there originally no problem with the boobs?」


 Director . . . . . .

 since only the three of us are inside the room, don't say boobs!




「Next is my report . 」


 The director scratched his head with *poli poli* whilst saying so .


「That is, although I was going to do a proper measurement this morning . . . . . .

 I suddenly got turned on during the measurement,

 and in the end, I forgot to measure . . . and got into a hustle . 」

「What are you doing in the morning!?」


 The director has been scolded by the president .


 And then, the president and I stared at the director with white eyes .


「No, but . . . . . .

 enough, how should I put it~ .

 This kind of figure of that fellow, it looks like the time when we met,

 her body reminded me of that time . 」


 It's gross, Director!



「The report is already enough . 」

「I'm sorry . 」


 Finally, the president intervened .


「Well, even if you don't know the exact numbers, it's that,

 or how should I say it, the impression, since we are able to understand the effect clearly with such aspect, let's say it's good . 」

「Thank you, president . 」


 Well, even if I listen to the explanation of the director, I wouldn't be able to get anything .





「Finally, it's my report but . . . . . . 」


 The president began his last report .


「There's really a miracle . . . . . .

 because it's my honest impression . 」


 Miracle, huh . . . . . .


「Just look at my hair .

 And then, my granddaughter,

 the amount of her meal have completely gone back to normal,

 the figure too, have become a little chubby? It seems to have improved to a certain extent .

 When it comes to the face, it might have become a little slimmer than before she became fat .

 And, as for that fellow . . . . . .

 she said that she is going to aim to become an idol again and took dance lessons and running .

 A fellow who completely doesn't learn her lesson . 」


 However, the president's face was 'dere dere' whilst saying such a thing .



「And, the condition of my eldest son,

 the frostbite of his face has disappeared completely .

 Then, the frostbite of both hands has completely recovered other than a little on the fingertips left .

 Perhaps both hands will also recover on Saturday and Sunday .

 It's impossible .

 His foot hasn't healed but . . . . . .

 it may be healed if he takes another one?」


「There is another of 'that' thing, would you like to try?」

「Please give it to me by all means!」



 I gave another elixir to the president .


「Since he drunk the previous one on Monday night,

 I think it's better if the next one also is going to be drunk next Monday night . 」

「Umu, I understand . 」



「That reminds me, you have also received this too, right, Director?

 You didn't use it?」

「I'm sorry, I received it by force,

 I didn't think that it's such a great thing,

 I'll keep it for the time when I got injured . . . . . . 」


「I don't particularly mind it,

 please use it at the time of emergency .

 Since I will also report it if it becomes available again . 」

「I'm sorry . 」




「By the way, Maruyama-kun . 」

「What is it? President . 」


「It's about the price,

 How much . . . . . . 」

「Well, the effect of that is in a week, since there's also still Saturday and Sunday . Let's talk about such a thing after that . 」


「I see, then, I will prepare to some degree next week . 」

「Okay, I understand . 」



 We firmly shook hands in this way―

 I had a wonderful meal and liquor at the Japanese-style restaurant .


 Then, I'm looking forward to next week!