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Chapter 216

216 . I have come



「Morning . 」

「Welcome, Mai-san . 」


 Saturday morning, it's the usual time to go to the other world .

 Mai-san is also going to come with us this week .

 It's for Mai-san's grandfather, that is to say, to get the previous Demon Lord recognize her and also in order to train herself .



 However . . . . . .

 when I was going to show Mai-san inside,

 out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something like a faint shadow moved .



「Is something wrong, Onii-san?」


「No, I felt like something moved . . . . . .

 it seemed to be my imagination . 」



 As soon as I said so!

 Mai-san kicked the floor and jumped out .




 Mai-san jumps toward the emergency staircase with terrible momentum .

 I who didn't know what happened for a moment chased after Mai-san in a hurry .




「What the heck, Mai-san?」


 When I chased after Mai-san and came out of the emergency staircase . . . . . .


 Mai-san was holding down a black shadow .



「It hurts, it hurts . It's painful, Captain~ . 」


 The identity of the black shadow . . . . . .


 was Yurie-san . . . . . .



「I've come❤ . 」


「You've come . . . . . .

 why are you here, Yurie-san!?」


「Did you intend to go out with Captain behind my back?

 With my Captain . . . . . . 」


 Somehow, Yurie-san's eyes are scary . . . . . .



「Did you talk to Yurie-san, Mai-san?」

「No, I didn't . 」


「Ehe, I've been tailing (stalking) Captain❤ . 」


 Uwa, donbiki[1] .



「Tailing me without being noticed by me, you have improved your skill too, Yurie-kun . 」

「I've been praised by Captain . 」


 By any chance, has she been tailing until now?



「Captain, although you have me,

 you were coming to meet, onii-san, huh!」


「What are you talking about!?

 I've said that I'm asking Aya-san and onii-san's help about my ojii-san . 」


「No! When Captain met onii-san awhile ago,

 you had a feminine expression!

 I know it!」

「What!? What feminine expression!!?」


 Umu, what to do . . . . . .

 it has become an intense troublesome situation .



「Yurie-san . 」

「What is it!?」


「Since I will give you this, please let today's matter go . 」


 Sink or swim, I'll try to temp her with something .


「What is this!?

 Tempting me with such a thing . . . . . .

 Captain is wearing the same too!!?

 Matched? They are the matched!!?」


 What I gave to Yurie-san is the【Sacrificial necklace】 .

 It's something I bought originally for Yurie-san .

 It's a matter for great congratulation if I can temp her with this . . . . . .



「T-, This is, t-, tempting me with things like

 a matching necklace, I-, I-, I-, I'm not going to do it!」


 Umu, she's not tempted, huh . . . . . .


「It can't be helped, since I'm going to stay overnight at your house tomorrow, let today's matter go . 」

「C-, C-, C-, C-, Captain!!!???

 G-, G-, G-, Going to stay at m-, m-, m-, my house!!!??」



 The situation had been resolved due to the holy sacrifice of Mai-san,

 Yurie-san waved her hand like a puppy's tail whilst having a nosebleed and left .

 She said that she's going to prepare for her meeting with Mai-san in two days .



 At long last, we have been released from Yurie-san .

 I showed Mai-san inside the house .


「Onii-san, Yurie-san caused you trouble, didn't she?」

「No, but you going to stay at her place, is it really fine?」


「What's the problem?

 Well, it's because Yurie-san feels lonely too~ . 」


 Well, let's leave Yurie-san to Mai-san .



 There's also the matter about Yurie-san, this may be the only time that Mai-san can go to the other world this time .

 Let's visit all the mana crystals within this week .


 While thinking such thing, we transferred to the other world .




「We've come, Lela . 」

「Welcome back, Seiji!!」


 When Lela took my hand, she blushed and bloomed with a smile .

 N?  There's something strange with her attitude?



「Come to think of it Lela, like every night at night . . . . . . 」

「Idiot, don't talk about that in front of everybody!」



 Was the thing you were doing a secret physical training?」


「P-, Physical . . . training?」



「But Lela, too much intense training isn't good!

 Since you're doing it before going to bed, do it rather a little lighter . 」


「T-, T-, Tra-, training!!?

 Then, that throbbing of Seiji . . .

 oh . . . . . . it's not . . . . . . 」


 Lela's face suddenly became bright red,

 and she took refuge in the next room .



 The heck has happened to that Lela fellow?

 Is she not feeling well?




 After a while, Lela whose face still bright red timidly came out whilst looking down .


「Lela, are you okay?

 Are you not feeling well because of you constantly training at night?」

「T-, That's no- . . . . . .

 Please, forget about that already . . . . . .

 please . . . . . . 」


 Oops, was it a secret that she was training?

 I've done something bad .



「Well then, tell me about the matter of the devil-kin . 」


「Oh, for the time being, the devil-kin had been discovered in three places . 」

「They have been already discovered, huh . 」


「They might have done something for sneaking in until now .

 For the time being, the ones who had been discovered were the ones in . . . . . .

 Nippo, Ikebu and here, Shinju town . 」


 I've expected the Ikebu and Shinju but Nippo is unexpected .



 According to Lela's story, it seems to be as follows:


●Shinju town

 A suspicious hooded person was discovered in town .

 The soldier ordered it to show its face by taking off the hood but ignoring the order, it fled .

 All the guard soldiers searched but they didn't manage to find it .



●Ikebu town

 Adventurers found several devil-kin in the forest near the town .

 The adventurers attacked by the devil-kin, the situation fell into battle .

 One of the adventurers was injured, taking them into disadvantage .

 Other adventurers came to help .

 The devil-kin withdrew, disappearing from sight .



●Nippo town

 Adventurers discovered a devil-kin-like person in the forest near the town .

 Without chasing it too far, he went back to the town and reported it .

 A devil-kin search party was formed but they didn't manage to found it by searching the forest .



 Something like this .

 For now, it was good that it didn't cause significant damage .