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Chapter 229

229 . Dragon-kin's village



 When I followed Gadol duo, there was a precipitous cliff .


「We're going to climb up here .

 Since it will be impossible for humans, I'll go get someone to help . 」


 As he says so, Gadol duo climbs up the cliff .

 A normal person may not be able to climb it .


 Well, I'll still climb up .




 How can you climb up!? Were you a dragon-kin?」


「Well, it's fine, isn't it? It will also be troublesome to specially bring someone along to help . 」

「Y-, Yeah . . . . . . 」




 When we climbed up the cliff, there was a village .


「Rae『Gadol』, hiyukicchini .





 The soldiers who were guarding the entrance of the town were speaking in a language I don't understand .

 When I used【Language acquisition】―

 it showed【Dragon-kin's language】 .


 Since it showed that the【Dragon-kin's language】was characterless,

 I acquired level 3【Dragon-kin's language】 .



『To bring a non-dragon-kin along in this village is a taboo, you should know that as well!』


『This person is someone who saved my sister and I from a devil-kin .

 Moreover, he removed the curse of the【Dragon-kin's spear】which is the treasure of this village and returned it . 』


 When Gadol said so, he showed the【Dragon-kin's spear】to the soldiers .



『This is certainly the【Dragon-kin's spear】 .

 I heard that it was cursed and disposed of . . . . . .

 Wait a moment, I will bring Elder-sama . 』


 It has somewhat become a serious matter, huh~ .

 I'd like to go to bed quickly since I'm sleepy~ .




 After a while, an ojii-san came out .

 This person is probably the Elder-sama .


『Welcome to our village, human . 』


 Elder-sama spoke in【Dragon-kin language】 .

 He probably plans to have Gadol as an interpreter .


 There may be not too much people who can speak the human language--the【Delaidos Common Language】--in this village other than Gadol and Halva .



 I answer in【Dragon-kin's language】since it's troublesome to have someone as an interpreter .


『I'm sorry to bother you at this late hour . 』


『Seiji! You can speak【Dragon-kin's language】?』

『Yeah . 』


『I see, is it using a【magic stone】?

 I've heard that there's such a magic stone . 』

『It's sort of like that . . . I think?』



 The soldiers and Elder-sama's attitude softened as soon as they found out that I could speak【Dragon-kin's language】 .

 It's important to converse in a language we both can speak after all~ .




 I was invited into Elder-sama's house .


 The inside of the village was dotted with houses built with woods,

 and it should be noted that their elevation differed .


 It's necessary to climb up cliffs to move through the village .


 That's why jump power is trained if one was to live in a village like this .


 Gadol, Halva, Elder-sama, and I

 climbed up cliffs with *pyon pyon* under the moonlight .



「Seiji-dono, although you're a human, you're as agile as a dragon-kin . 」


 Although Elder-sama is reasonably past his prime too, he climbs up cliffs with agility .




 Elder-sama's house was located in the highest place in the village .


「Have some tea . 」


 Elder-sama's grandchild served a tea .


 Bitter . . . . . .

 it tastes like a dokudami cha[1] .



「They said that you removed the curse of the dragon-kin's spear,

 I don't know how to thank you .

 It's an empty place, but please be at ease . 」



 since it's late at night, I will go back home once I finish my errand . 」


「What's your errand?」

「I'm searching for someone .

 I'm looking for a magician-like human who went from Nippo town toward the north about two months ago .

 Can I ask if there's someone who have seen such a person in the dragon-kin?」


「I see, looking for someone, huh .

 I will ask the village people once the morning comes . 」

「Thank you .

 Then, I will go back for now, and come back again tomorrow around noon . 」


 I went back to Nippo town immediately after I finished drinking the dokudami cha .




 When I came back to the Nippo town,

 I noticed immediately, where should I stay?


 Aya and the others were sleeping in Rondo's mansion's guestroom .


 Aya and Mai-san, and Elena and Hilda had a room each for two people .

 Should I sleep in whichever room?


 However, which room should I choose?


 Aya and Mai-san's room . . . . . .

 although it seems Mai-san will not be angry, Aya will probably be .


 Elena and Hilda's room . . . . . .

 although both of them will not be angry, but Aya will probably be .


 Whichever is the same!



 I stealthily crept into Elena and Hilda's room .


 Guhehe, they're sleeping soundly .

 I will force the two people . . . . . .



 Well, I didn't do anything though . . . . . .

 I wrapped myself up in a sleeping bag at the corner of the room and fell asleep .




 The next morning .


 When I woke up, Hilda had a tsun-tsun expression .


「Seiji-onii-chan, good morning .

 Why did you sleep in such a place?」

「Morning .

 When I came back late at night, I noticed that there was no room where I could sleep . 」



「Hou, is that the only thing you'd like to say?」


 I sensed an alarming presence which stood behind Hilda .

 I couldn't properly put up a guard since I was still inside the sleeping bag . . . . . .



 I got kicked by Aya in the face .



 How cruel!

 I was just sleeping quietly inside the room!

[1] Dokudami (Houttuynia cordata) is one of the most highly regarded Japanese traditional herbal remedies, and Dokudami Cha (tea), made from its leaves, is consumed as general detox for ridding the body from ailments and harmful bacteria . -Wawaza . com