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Chapter 232

232 . The Devil-kin's attack



 Where on earth is the devil-kin horde who suddenly appeared heading?


「Gadol, I'm going to follow the route of the devil-kin,

 inform Elder-sama . 」

「I see, understood . 」


 I jumped down the cliff in front of Elder-sama’s house, landed in the forest,

 and started running toward the cave where the devil-kin appeared .




 I ran for a while and arrived at the large rock they told me, but―


 along the way, there wasn’t any reaction of the devil-kin… . . .


 I didn’t bump with the devil-kin which means―

 the devil-kins weren’t heading toward the dragon-kin’s village but to another direction .


 If that’s the case, then―

 the direction where the devil-kin are heading―


 is highly likely the Nippo town!



 I started running toward the Nippo town using【Lightning flash】 .




「Found them!」


 While running at the place for a while, I caught sight of the devil-kin horde’s back .


 I slow down and see how the land lies .



 Umu, there aren’t more than 100 .

 There are at least 1000 .


 There were some people who seem to be human slaves .

 Moreover, they weren’t collected in one place, but arranged separately at various places… . . .


 I can’t easily start a fight since they may be held hostage .

 This may be bad .



 Using【Transparencification】magic, I approached the devil-kin .


 The【Transparencification】magic is a magic I learned in【Light magic】 .

 It can only be used in daytime, and prevents me from being discovered by enemies .

 It’s a magic the seems to be the daytime version of【Night shade】magic .


 However, this magic has a defect .

 It can only make the body invisible, but can’t conceal the sound .


 Therefore, it’s necessary to approach slowly .



 Somehow, exactly at the moment when I tried to approach one of the hostages in the group of the devil-kin and was going to save him-



 the twin magic stone in my breast pocket intensely vibrated with *ban ban* .


 What the heck is it!?

 Dangerous, the sound is audible .


「N?  What’s that sound?」


 It has been noticed!

 The same trick can never be used again once it has been revealed .


 It can’t be helped, let’s come again next time .



 I gave up rescuing the hostage in front of me,

 and teleported out using【Teleportation】 .




「Lela, what is it!?

 I found a horde of devil-kin and was going to rescue a hostage!

 If it’s something nonsense, I will get angry, okay?」


「I-, I-, I-, It’s very serious!」

「What are you panicking like that for? Explain it properly . 」



「Hordes of monsters are surging towards Ikebu town and Shinju town!」



「W-, What did you say!?」



 Shinju town and Ikebu town are being attacked at the same time!?



 The horde of devil-kin whom I found is aiming at the Nippo town… . . .


 in other words, Shinju, Ikebu, and Nippo are being attacked at the same time!!?



 No . . . by any chance . . . the other towns as well… . . .


「Lela, are the other towns alright?」

「I-, I don’t know… . . .

 I got the message from the magic stone dealer in Ikebu .

 I asked otou-sama, but the Royal Capital doesn’t seem to be under attack . 」


 Even though the Royal Capital is alright, we can’t contact the other towns,

 so there’s a possibility that they are under attack at the same time!



「I’ll leave this town to you, Lela .

 I’m going to visit the other towns . 」


「S-, Seiji, don’t go… . . . 」


「Lela! Pull yourself together!

 You’re the hero who defended Ikebu town!

 What would feeling frightened gonna do . 」

「B-, But… . . . 」


「When it becomes dangerous, I will come to help .

 Defend this town until then . 」

「I-, I understand . . . . . . 」

 I-, I’ll protect it!」



「Alright, let’s go everyone!」

「Seiji-sama, please wait a moment . 」


 When I was about to use【Teleportation】, Elena stopped me .


「Elena, what is it?」

「I will put【Divine protection of Recovery spirit】on this town . 」


「I see . . . . . .

 But no, if the enemy invades, won’t it affect the enemy as well?」

「It’s fine, I heard from Spirit-sama that it can distinguish between friend and foe to show its effect . 」



 Then it’s fine .

 Do it . 」

「Yes . 」


 Elena raised the【Staff of Aesculapius】and cast the【Divine protection of Recovery spirit】on the entire town .



 Shinju town is larger than Ebisu town .

 Amazing… . . .



「Elena-sama, this magic is?」

「It’s a magic that gradually restores strength, magic power, and wounds .

 Lela-san, please do your best . 」

「Yes, Elena-sama . 」


 Elena and Lela firmly shook hands,

 and Lela rushed out of the room to defend the town .




 We teleported toward Ikebu town .



 Outside of the town, the battle of the adventurers and monsters had started .


「How is the situation?」


 I asked the adventurer who seemed to be taking a break about the progress of the battle .



「It’s too late even if you come now because the preys had considerably been disposed of!」


 The adventurer said so and laughed .


 The situation of the battle seems to be favorable somehow or another .



「It seems to be all right here, let’s come and look at it again later . 」

「Seiji-sama, I’m going to set up a【Divine protection of Recovery spirit】here . 」

「I see, it’s better to put it up just in case, huh . 」



 Elena put up a【Divine protection of Recovery spirit】on Ikebu town .


 The adventurers were puzzled, but they noticed that their strength was starting to recover, and their energy to defeat the monsters had increased .



 However, using the magic, Elena staggers a little .


「Elena, are you alright?」


 When I check Elena’s MP―



 Elena’s MP has decreased too much!


 Elena’s MP has decreased as many as 6000!

 The【Divine protection of the Recovery spirit】consumes about 3000 MP per use, huh!


 Currently, Elena’s maximum MP is 7000,

 but still, she can only use it twice .


「Elena, eat these Japanese sweets!」

「Yes, thank you . 」


「Elena don’t force yourself too much . 」

「No, I have to give my best precisely at a time like this!」


 Since she ate Japanese sweets, Elena’s Mp was recovering steadily .



「Alright! Next is Nippo town . 」


 For the time being, I attached a【tracking beacon】to the adventurer whom I speak with a while ago to check up on Ikebu town―


 Then we teleported toward Nippo town .