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Chapter 24

『Level rose to 12 .

【Sword Techiques】is now level 2 . 』

┌─<Status>─ │Name:Maruyama Seiji │Occupation: SE │ │Level: 12 │HP: 303 (+56) │MP: 3325 (+48) │ │Power: 29 (+5) │Ability: 129 (+5) │Endurance: 29 (+5) │Magic power: 332 (+5) │ │Skills │【Space-time magic】(Level: MAX) │【Information magic】(Level: MAX) │【Lightning magic】(Level: MAX) │ │【Body techniques】 │ (Level 2, Rarity: ★★) │ ・Lightning fist Raigeki ken ★NEW │ │【Sword techniques】 │ (Level: 2 ↑, Rarity: ★) │ ・Leg sweep ★NEW └─────────

By defeating the Orc, it seems my level went up . I was also able to acquired 2 new skills .

When I also appraised Elena and Aya, their levels went up to level 5 . I wonder if it was considered collaboration since they supported me with their magic to defeat it .

「Oh, thank you . 」

The adventurers who finally regained their sanity, spoke to me .

However, I noticed that it’s still here . 【Vigilance】magic still indicates『Caution』 .

「We’re going to process this orc so you guys should return to the town first . 」 「O-oh, yes, we understand . 」

The 3 adventurers went back to the town with somehow regrettable face . To keep them in check, I put【Tracking beacon】onto one of them .

「How are we going to process this?」 「N? For the time being let’s put it away in the inventory . 」

The rotten-fish-smelled Orc was put away in the inventory .

「N? That’s all?」 「That’s it, why?」 「Well, I was just wondering, why’d you told those people to get back first?」

「Well, it would be bad if I were to be seen using inventory . By the way Elena, while we were fighting the Orc, did you said something to those guys?」 「Those people said『It’s dangerous, let’s escape first . 』 . But I said to them『I can’t just escape while Seiji-sama is fighting . 』, they couldn’t understand me and was troubled . 」

「『To run away first』huh~」 「Nii-chan, is there something you also worried about?」

「When the Orc approached earlier, I sensed『Caution』with my【Vigilance】magic . After defeating the Orc, I also sensed『Caution』from the adventurers . 」 「N? In other words~ you mean?」

「Elena, I want to ask, in the vicinity of this town, does orc appears frequently?」 「No, I haven’t heard such a story . 」 「When adventurers were attacked by a monster, if they escape to the town while being chased by it, isn’t it bad?」 「I don’t know the rules of the adventurers well but an appearance of a monster in town is no good . 」

「In other words~, those adventurers are bad guys?」 「That’s a possibility . 」

In front of me, I projected an image of the adventurer who I cast track onto so the two could see it .

『Hey, how did he do that!? What a bummer . 』 『No way, to knock down that orc . 』 『What are we going to say to the client!?』

「Th-this is?」 「It’s a surveillance video of those adventurers, it’s a magic I cast a while ago . 」

『I wonder how much that【Monster ball】costs . 』 『The cancellation fee of the request is a problem . 』 『If we can’t pay, are we going to be sold off as slaves?』

「Elena, do you know what a【Monster ball】is?」 「It’s a magic tool to catch monsters . You’ll need to put to sleep, paralyze or severely weaken a monster and then throw the【Monster ball】to it, the monster will then be locked up inside the ball . When you use a【Monster ball】with a monster inside, it’s possible to summon that monster anywhere . 」

「I see, it’s possible that the Orc was summoned using【Monster ball】 . 」

「Th-they’re entering a mansion . 」 「Oh, it’s true, is the mastermind in this mansion?」

『What! It failed!?』

「Oh, have you seen this guy!?」 「This person is…【Lyle Gewalt Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】 . 」 「What? This guy’s hand…」

『We instigate the【Monster ball】as usual but it was only brought down by that man……』 『The Orc was defeated!?』 『Yes, for such an opponent, we could’t cope with……』 『That’s enough, put a【Slave collar】to these guys and locked them up in the dungeon!』 『S-such!』

「With this, the【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】is the mastermind . But, this guy, how did he heal his wrist?」

「What’s with the wrist?」 「This guy was supposedly has his wrist severely wounded but it is now healed for some reason . Was it healed by magic?」

「How much of the injury was healed?」 「It was completely gone from the wrist . 」 「For such a severe wound…… But, that kind of severe wound, can’t be healed by magic completely . 」

「Then, how?」 「Assuming that kind of remedy is possible…… perhaps it’s an【Elixir】 . 」 「Is there such a medicine?」 「【Elixir】is a legendary grade medicine, but it wasn’t easy to obtain . 」

「 An【Elixir】will make people’s heart beat like crazy . Let’s go see the merchant guild whether it’s available or not . 」

「Onii-chan, those fellows have been locked up in the dungeon, what are we going to do?」 「Let see~【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】seemed to be dangerous, let’s just stay vigilant for the time being . 」

「We’re not going to help them?」 「It’s troublesome . 」 「Well, if you say so onii-chan, then it’s good . 」

「Seiji-sama, are we going to go back in town soon?」 「Oh, let’s . I’m hungry too . 」 「Yeah, I’m hungry-」

I held hands with the two as usual and went back to town using【Teleportation】 .