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Chapter 245

Chapter 245 - Jewelry shop’s Japan branch

Translator: Jei

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Who’s this?

「Who are you?」
「It’s Y-, Yurie… . . . 」

Well, I know, but… . . .

What‘s this lovely creature that’s fidgeting?

However, it’s perfect for disguise if she changed this much .

Aya, Mai-san, and Yurie-san went to the junior college .
While Ringo went to the vocational school .

Oops, I have to go to the company as well .


I was confirming Yurie-san’s situation in the company, but―
she was able to go to the junior college without being found by the reporters .

Good, good .
After this, we’ll just need to wait for the guys who are waiting at her home to disappear .

「 . . . . . . Maruyama-kun… . . . 」

Well then, I should get back to work~ .

「Wa! Director!
 Is there something wrong!?」

Before I knew it, I was talking to the director .

「Although it’s bad when you were in the middle of concentrating… . . .
 can you speak english?」
「Yes, somewhat . 」

In order to read english documents as it is,
I learned it with【language acquisition】before .

「Is something wrong if I can speak english?」
「No, since a work which requires english will come around next week, I will probably ask you at that time . 」

「I see, understood . 」

Well, anything is fine, even if it’s german or french .


When I finished working, and returned home,
I was also greeted by the six people today .

「Have the guys lying in wait at Yurie-san’s house gone away today too?」
「Un, they’ve gone away today too . 」

「I’m sorry for the trouble . 」

The gentle Yurie-san… . . .

「It’s the reporter who is bad, you don’t have to worry about it, Yurie-san . 」
「That’s right, that’s right!」

「Well then, shall we try to watch the wide show?」

I turned the living room’s TV on .

「Hm? It’s not about Yurie-san . 」

It’s not about Yurie-san in whichever channel either .
Did they already get tired of it?

「It looks like they’re talking about a famous accessory brand that will open up a branch in Japan or something like that . 」
「Accessory brand?」

Hearing the word『accessory brand』, Ringo was extremely into it .

「Is this brand really famous, Ringo?」
「Of course!!
 It seems they’ve had a lot of trouble deciding where in the world countries they would open the second shop .
 They’ve decided on Japan, huh~ .  I’m glad~ .
 Open up quickly~ . 」

 Eh, the brand name is『Nancy’s Jewelry』, huh .
 That reminds me, is Nancy who took a trip around the world doing fine?

They have the same name, so they can’t be related, right?
Now way, right… . . .

When I was thinking such a thing―
my smartphone suddenly started to ring .

Who could it be?

When I tried to look at the incoming (call) screen… . . .

It was Nancy!
It’s exactly『speaking of the……[1]』, huh!

『It’s been a while, Nancy . Are you doing well?』
『I’m doing well, Seiji . How about you?』
『I’m doing fine too . 』

「Ah, onii-san is talking to someone in English!」

Yurie-san and Ringo are surprised .

「But, didn’t he say『Nancy』just now?」
「He probably did say that . 」

Be quiet you guys, I’m on the phone .

『So Nancy, you suddenly called, did something happened?』
『Actually, I’m planning to inform you since I’m going to Japan soon . 』

『Are you coming to travel again?』
『It’s business this time .
 But, I’d like to go sightseeing since I wasn’t able to do so that much when I came to Japan last time . 』

『Business? That reminds me, what kind of work do you do, Nancy?』
『Since the accessory brand will open a branch in Japan, so I’ll be working there . 』

『Eh, what shop?』
『Nancy’s Jewelry・Tokyo branch[2] . 』

Come again!?
Isn’t it the shop that they were talking about in the wide show!?

Well, I somehow had such premonition, but… . . .

『Well, are you going to live in Japan, Nancy?』
『Yeah .
 I’m only worried since I can’t understand Japanese that well, but will you help me if I ever be in trouble?』
『Of course . 』

『When are you coming to Japan?』
『The plan is monday next week .
 I’ll contact you again at that time, okay?』

When I finished my conversation with Nancy, and hung up the phone, Ringo drew near .

「Was the person on the phone just now called Nancy?」
「Yeah, that’s right . 」

「Is she coming to Japan?」
「Un .
 Can you perhaps understand English, Ringo?」

 I’m good at English!」

「Then, I’ll introduce you to Nancy next time . 」

Ringo is pleased, jumping up and down .
Do you want to make friends with a foreigner?

「By the way, can you speak English, Aya?」

Aya looks away… . . .

When I turn towards Mai-san and Yurie-san―
they look away too .

What? They can’t speak English, huh .
I . . . since I learned it using magic, I can’t be proud of it, but… . . .

N, magic?

That reminds me, can’t they learn English if they use the【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】!?

Actually, they should study diligently,
but if I take Aya and the others to the US this time using【teleportation】,
I’ll have them use【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】and learn English .

In that case, they can talk with Nancy properly when she come .


Although everyone stayed overnight on that day,
Yurie-san had stopped being featured in the wide show the next day,
so she was able to come back home .

However, Mai-san was still worried to leave Yurie-san alone, so she went and stayed at Yurie-san’s house .

If Mai-san stays at Yurie-san’s and it’s the former Yurie-san, I’ll be worried for sure, but……
there won’t any probably if it’s the present Yurie-san .


After that, even after how many days passed,
Yurie-san did not recover from having her character changed .

Will she be able to recover properly… . . . ?