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Chapter 248

Saturday . We will also go to the other world this week .

The purpose for this week is to look for information about that black thingy on Yurie-san’s thigh .

Since Yurie-san is being kept in after school together with Mai-san,
the members are the four of us--Aya, Elena, Hilda, and I .

First, we went to where Butte-sama was .

「Hello, Butte-sama . 」
「My, my, if it isn’t Princess Elena . 」

It seems Butte-sama completely ignored us except for Elena, huh… . . .

「Honestly… . . . 」

I explained Yurie-san’s situation, and asked whether she has any idea what it is .

「I haven’t heard of such curse .
 Besides, I don’t have any idea what is if even the appraisal displays that it’s not a『curse』 .
 I’m sorry, Princess Elena . I’m not much of a help . 」

Umu, now that would be a problem .
Even Butte-sama doesn’t know what it is .

「Ah, that’s right, do you want this, Butte-sama?」
「What is it?」

I handed Butte-sama a certain thing .

「What’s this!!?」

Butte-sama stares at it as if wanting to eat it .

「S-, Seiji-sama!
 Why did you give Butte-sama our photo album?」
「Eh? It’s a good result of much effort so, don’t you want various people to see it?」
「B-, But… . . . 」

We left Butte-sama who continued to eagerly look at Elena and Hilda’s photo albums alone .


Next, we went to where Lela was .

Although there’s Yurie-san’s matter, I’m also worried about what happened to the battle with the devil-kin .

「Yo! Lela, we came again . 」
「Seiji, you came!」

Lela greeted us with a pleasant smile .

「I returned hastily last week, is there any new information since then?」

「Yes, there is!
 That twin magic stones’ magic tool has finally been distributed to each town . 」

「Oh, that’s good to hear .
 So, did you have any talk with each town?」
「Umu, we shared what kind of situation each town was in after the war with the devil-kin last week, 
and it was decided that each town will interchange materials and the likes that were lacking . 」

They’ve used it quite constructively, huh .
It feels good, isn’t it?

「However, there’s one problem… . . . 」
「What problem?」

「All of the magic tool’s pairs are at my place .
 Properly speaking, I think they should be at otou-sama’s place . 」
「No, not at all . They’re here at your place to save me the trouble . 」

「N? Why is that?」

「Aren’t you the only one who can contact me, Lela?
 Can’t you call out to me with the twin magic stones?」
「Is that so!? That’s right, isn’t it!?」

Lela is glad the she nods with *un un* .

If there’s a surprise attack of the devil-kin at some town, I will know it through Lela .
In that case, it’s the outline which we can rush there immediately .

Oh, we can’t rush there immediately if it’s on weekdays though .

「Ah, that’s right . I have a favor to ask of you, Lela . 」
「What is it, say anything!」

「I want you to check it using the communication network . 」

I told her about Yurie-san’s matter .

「I see, to help a woman who was manipulated by the devil-kin… . . . 」
「Can you ask the people of the other towns?」

「Ah, understood, I promised that I will listen to anything you say . 」

Lela went to the string phone’s private room and asked everything to feudal lord of each town .

「For the time being, there’s no immediate information,
 but since there’s also a place where you can ask a well-informed person in each town too,
 let’s wait for now . 」

「Ah, thank you .
 But, do you communicate with this magic tool, Lela?」

「N? What do you mean?」

「Lela, if there’s someone who contacts you when you go out, wouldn’t you be in trouble?」
「Ah, that’s right, huh . 」

「Isn’t it better to appoint an expert to receive the calls?」
「Umu, is that so……?」

Well it’s something like a phone number .

「Have trustworthy men to stand guard at this room in turns, 
 and, it’s also better to keep a record of the conversation . 」
「I see… . .
 You know a lot about such things, huh, Seiji . 」

Come now, taking a memo during a phone call is only a natural thing for me to do as a working adult!


When I was relaxing at Lela’s place for awhile―
we finally heard from each town .

「In the end, we didn’t obtain any valuable information from any of the towns . 」
「Is that so? It can’t be helped .
 We have no choice but to check other places . 」

「Is there any prospect somewhere?」
「That’s right~ .
 they are places where we can’t hear from using the twin magic stones’ magic tool… . . .
 the demon town, and the Nippo town’s pioneer village . 」

And, there’s also the dragon-kin village,
but that place is a secret .

「Or rather, even to those two places,
 shouldn’t we install a twin magic stone’s magic tool?
 Since there’s an opportunity, should I deliver one to them?
 There’s probably a surplus of the magic tool, right?」

「That’s true, that would save us the trouble .
 Since I will talk to otou-sama regarding that matter, please wait a moment . 」


After a short time, Lela finished talking to Lyle Gewalt and came back .

「Since we can’t directly hand the magic tool over to the demonkind’s king in the demon town, 
 it seems he wants you to hand it over to the person called Cassandra who can speak Delaidos Common Language and a former special trade envoy .
 Do you know her?」
「Yes, she’s an acquaintance . 」

「And about the pioneer village, since it’s an area under the direct control of Nippo town,
 he wants you to deliver one set of the magic tool to the pioneer village and Nippo town so that they will be able to communicate with the Nippo town . 」
「Roger that . 」

I received the twin magic stones’ magic tools from Lela,
and teleported to the demon town first .


I met with Cassandra-san in demon town,
and handed her the twin magic stones’ magic tool .

『This is Cassandra .
 Can you hear me, Lela-sama?』
『Yes, I can hear you .
 It seems it has arrived safely .
 If there’s something at the demon town, inform me with this magic tool . 』
『Yes, understood . 』

Cassandra-san and Lela confirm that they can talk properly, so my delivery mission here is completed .

And when I gave Elena and Hilda’s photo album to Cassandra-san, she was very glad .

I was asked if there was a photo album of Mai-san by Bunmi-san, but―
it seemed to be a violation of the law if I make a photo album of Mai-san so… . . .

The people at the demon town didn’t understand Yurie-san’s case either .


Then, I met with Rondo, and Misha-san at Nippo town,
while giving them the twin magic stones’ magic tool,
I also gave them Elena and Hilda’s photo album .

Misha-san was also pleased with Hilda’s photo album,
and Rondo wanted a photo album of Aya, but I completely ignored it .


The third place is Rachel-san’s pioneer village .

When I gave her the twin magic stones’ magic tool and confirmed they she can communicate with Rondo, Rachel-san was overjoyed .

And after giving Elena and Hilda’s photo album to Rachel-san―
Rachel-san was also very happy with Hilda’s photo album .

「By the way, Rachel-san . Do you have any information about a woman who was manipulated by the devil-kin some time ago?」
「I’m sorry, this village doesn’t have such information . 」
「Right~ . 」

When I’m at a loss―

「At any rate, if you don’t find any information―
 it may be helpful to go to Toki town . 」
「N? Toki town, is it?」

「There’s a famous『diviner』with accurate predictions in Toki town . 」

Although I don’t believe in divination that much……
let’s try to go there since there’s also no clue .