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Chapter 25

We went back to the town .

 This time, I used【Teleportation】to the back alley with no people instead of the fountain square .  Since we know that【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】is aiming at us, we must keep a low profile .

 We have decided to have lunch in the dining room along the main street .

 The dish came out, it has a simple flavor .  Because I’m accustomed to strong flavored meal in Japan, it feels rather bland . Perhaps it lacks【Zinc】?

「While eating, we should talk about what are we going to do from now on . 」 「From now on?」 「I think, we should stay at an inn today then head back to Japan tomorrow morning . 」 「Eh!- I want to do a little more sightseeing~」

「You understand that the【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】is aiming at us, right?」 「Oh, is that so, I’m being targeted? Is he aiming at onii-chan or Elena-san?」 「Perhaps, both . I think, he’s aim is to kill me and recapture Elena . 」 「I see, that adventurer was going to take Elena-san too . 」

「For that reason, I think it’s better not to stay long in this town . 」 「But, with onii-chan’s current【Teleportation】, we can only come to this town, right?」 「That’s the problem, what to do…… let’s think about it later . After this, let’s go see the【Merchant’s guild】at once and make a little money then after securing an inn, we’ll go the the church . 」

「【Merchant’s guild】? Isn’t it like, we’re going to go to【Adventurer’s guild】and then we’ll encounter a strange guy, that kind of template?」 「It’s a real world not template . 」


 We left the dining room and went to the【Merchant’s guild】 .

「Oh, it’s Seiji-sama, welcome . 」

 A boss-like ossan called out to us while rubbing his hands together .

「Uhh…have we met?」 「My apologies for the late introduction . My name is『Gilde』, the vice-guild master . I’m pleased to make your acquaintance . 」 「Thanks . 」

「The other day, you sold to us a very valuable thing, it was very helpful . So, what kind of business we have today?」 「Again, I was thinking of selling something . 」 「I see, I see, I see, then, please come this way . 」

 We aren’t brought to the counter but to the private room in the back instead .

「I’ll get to the point Seiji-sama, if you still have the salt you sold to us the other day, I would like to purchase it at 3 times the previous price . How about it?」

「3 times!?」

 Hmmmm… it’s just a salt, why did it gain such a price?  It’s somewhat suspicious .

 Certainly the previous transaction is about 10000 Aurum per 100 g .  1 Aurum should be about 100 yen…… 1 million yen!?  Now it’s 3 times therefore it should be about 3 million yen……

 As expected, I should see what’s behind this .  Let’s not jump right off the bat, I need to get more information before making a deal .

「I don’t have anymore of those salt, I’m sorry . 」 「Is that so, it’s regrettable . 」

「In fact, we came to the merchant guild because there is something I would like to ask . 」 「You want to ask?」 「I want to ask about【Elixir】 . 」 「【Elixir】!?」

 As soon as I mentioned【Elixir】, Gilde’s face turned pale . What’s wrong exactly?

「Is something wrong?」 「Seiji-sama, it may not be beneficial to you . 」 「Well, what do you mean?」

「You win…… All I know is this certain gentleman wants a stock of that salt so much, naturally because that【Salt】is one of the ingredients of【Elixir】 . 」

 What did you say!? 【Salt】is one of the ingredients of【Elixir】!?  I tried my best to hide my astonishment .

「R-really now . 」 「It’s the truth . 」

 Did you mean,【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】bought the【Salt】last time and used it to make an【Elixir】to heal his wrist?

「Did you mean, the client is【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】?」

「!!? ……H-how did you know that much…… please forgive me for asking a confidential matter . 」 「Oh, I understand now . 」

 Hmmmm… if it goes to that guy, all the more reason I shouldn’t sell【Salt】anymore .

「Then, should I show you the goods I have this time?」 「Oh, this is it! We would like to buy this . 」

 I take out a vinyl with white powder inside in a manner of taking it under the table .

「It looks like【Salt】but it’s different?」 「This is called【Sugar】 . 」 「【Sugar】? I had many dealing in this country, I thought I know all the goods…… it seems I’ve been conceited . 」

 Apparently,【Sugar】doesn’t really exists in this country .

「Then, can I have a【Black tea】? I’m sorry, it’s a little delicacy of mine . 」 「Yes, I understand . 」


 The vice-guild master rang the bell and had a person to bring me a【Black tea】 .

「Then, excuse me . You just need to put a necessary amount of【Sugar】in the black tea . 」 「Is this something you put in a【Black tea】?」 「Well, there are also other applications . Please, go ahead and taste it . 」

 The vice-guild master tastes the【Black tea】 .

「Tsu!!? Ah, sweet!! However, this sweetness is good, on the contrary it brought out the flavor of the tea . 」 「Now, please have this together with it . 」 「This is?」 「This is a【Cookie】with【Sugar】 . 」 「N!? This is tasty!」

「How is it?」 「Is this【Sugar】made from【Honey】?」 「No, it was made from another ingredients . 」

 Apparently【Honey】seems to exist .

「For the time being, I’ll buy it at the same price as【Honey】this time . I know cooks from various areas so I’ll ask them to use it and see, depending on their reaction will decide its price next time . Will that be alright?」 「Yes, please . 」

 Finally, the【Sugar】was sold for 1000 Aurum per kg .  It was cheaper compared to the【Salt】last time, so I can have dealings with【Sugar】at ease .

「Oh-, there are also goods like this . 」

 I displayed【Lighter】,【Ball-point pen】and【Writing paper】before the vice-guild master .

「This is… I haven’t seen anything like this . 」

「This is a magic tool called【Lighter】, it can be used to ignite something . 」


 I showed the ignited lighter .

「!!!? It’s so small, is this really an ignition magic tool !!?」

「And this is a 100 sheet of writing paper . 」 「This paper is so thin and beautifully made . 」

「And lastly this is a【Ball-point pen】, this is a【Pen】commonly used for writing letters . 」 「This【Pen】has a strange shape . N? The pen point is also strange . Is it okay for me to try writing with it?」 「Yes, please . 」

「Then, I’ll have them bring an【Ink】 . 」 「Oh, please wait . 【Ink】isn’t necessary when using this type of【Pen】 . 」

「 You said【Ink】isn’t necessary!? What do you mean?」 「Then, I’ll try writing with it . 」

 Using【Ball-point pen】, I wrote a letter on the【Writing paper】 .

「 You were able to write a letter without【Ink】!! Furthermore, the line is so thin!」

 In the end, the【Lighter】was sold for 1000 Aurum apiece,  【Writing paper】was sold for 200 Aurum per book,  【Ball-point pen】was sold for 200 Aurum apiece, I sold 10 of each respectively .

 Combined with the【Sugar】, a total of 15000 Aurum was the purchase .