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Chapter 265

Chapter 265 - Shinkansen

Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

「Being alone is lonely,
 Seiji, stay for the night . . . . . . 」

Since Nancy is like that,
everyone[1] decided to stay for the night .

The room assignments of the suite’s four rooms are:
Nancy in the first room,
Aya and Ringo in the the second room,
Elena and Hilda in the third room,
and I will be using the fourth room alone .


In the dead of the night,
I started to get up secretly, so that everyone wouldn’t notice
and began to act .

The aim is, of course-!

the suspicious individuals watching outside of the hotel .

I took out a certain『magic stone』from the inventory .


When I shouted so like an idiot―
my body transformed into an appearance of a ninja .

I’ve prepared the『Japanese ninja man transformation set』whether such situations would come or not .

Is it necessary to shout at the time of the transformation, you say?
I’m sure that it's necessary!!
Sorry, it’s a lie . I just wanted to try it .

I concealed myself using【Night Shade】
and moved using the【teleportation】towards the suspicious individuals who were watching us at the vicinity of the hotel .


「Why do I have to do a simple job like this . 」
「Stop complaining and stand guard silently . 」
「Don’t speak to me conceitedly in particular about the general principle . 」[2]

They were probably Chinese,
two tough-looking men were arguing inside of a station wagon .

For the time being, I acquired『Chinese language』using language acquisition .

「It’s impossible for the target to appear at a time like this!」
「No, there’s a man who is together with the target, that fellow isn’t an ordinary person .
 He noticed that we are tailing them .
 The possibility that he will come to see how the land lies here in the middle of the night should also be taken into account . 」

The person who seems to be the leader is sharp!
I’m Seiji-san . I’m right behind you!

When I used【appraisal】to these men, their occupation was『mafia』 .
That sort of guys, huh . . . . . .
Now, what to do .


When I cast【Sleep】magic on the two men,
they looked surprised for a moment,
then, both of them fell into deep sleep immediately .

Afterward, I attached『tracking beacon』on the leader-like person,
it’s alright for the time being, huh .

Beside these two people, there were also two suspicious people on the lookout inside each of the two more station wagons and【Sleep】was cast on each of them .

Still, since I couldn’t attach『tracking beacon』on all of them, I only attached one on the leader alone .
The beacon attached on the adventurer in Ikebu town was instead taken off .


Since the pursuers were sleeping soundly, I was able to sleep soundly with a peace of mind until morning too .
The suite’s bed was soft, fluffy, and comfortable .

In the morning too, luxurious breakfast was brought in the room,
and everyone ate with great relish .

「Seiji, are you going to bring us to Kyoto today?」
「Yes, the schedule is to stay overnight in Kyoto and return tomorrow night . 」
「I see, I’m looking forward to it~ . 」

We finished eating breakfast,
and checked out rather early .

「Ah, I'm going to the restroom for a bit . 」

I said so and rushed towards the toilet cubicle .


And then, I disappeared using【transparencification】of【Light magic】, moved using【teleportation】to the three station wagons where the suspicious individuals were sleeping, cast【sleep】magic again and went back .

Because it’s unpleasant if they continue to follow us to Kyoto and it would be a problem if they tail Aya and Ringo who will remain in Tokyo .

And then, I went back to the restroom and returned to my original form .
I joined Nancy and the others and was able to leave the hotel openly .

Aya and Ringo went to the Junior College and Vocational School,
while we went to Tokyo Station .


「So this is Tokyo Station!?
 It’s a cool-looking station, isn’t it!?」

Nancy was in eager admiration of the red brick of the Marounochi Exit station building .

We went to the ticket window, the two seats near our two reserved seats were already bought .
When we requested, we properly got a four-people seat ticket .
We can spend the train trip happily with this!


Nancy seems to be boarding a Japanese train for the first time .

「When you came to Japan before, you didn’t board a train?」
「Because I took a taxi from the airport and only went back and forth between Seiji’s company and the hotel . 」

The『Shinkansen』will be the first train she boarded, huh!
That’s a wonderful experience in itself .

It seems to be Hilda’s first time to board a train too,
Passing through the ticket barrier, Nancy was accompanied by me while Hilda was accompanied by Elena .

「Since the ticket will come out there when you put it in, take it . 」

Such things is being explained .
It seems to be a serious event when Elena boarded a train for the first time .


We pushed our way through the crowd of people
and somehow managed to arrive at the『Shinkansen』’s platform .

「It seems Japanese station has a lot of people, it’s dizzying . 」

Not just Nancy,
but it seems Elena and Hilda too have gotten considerably tired pushing through the crowd .

After waiting for a while, the『Shinkansen』entered the platform .

「What’s this train!!?」

All three of them were surprised to see the streamlined railway cars .

「The『Shinkansen』looks cool, right?」
「Yeah! It looks just like an airplane!」

The dustmen onee-sans finished their job and we boarded the train .

「It's also very clean inside!」

The three of them continued to be excited during their first time on the Shinkansen .

「It’s this seat . 」

I turned the chairs around so that it became a four-people seat .

「Oh!! The chair turned around!!」

Nancy is too surprised to everything .

Since it was weekdays, it was considerably less crowded .
The Shinkansen departed calmly as most seats remained in reserve .


「It’s very quiet and fairly fast, isn’t it?」
「There’s still some way before our destination,
 it will become faster when it passed by the Shin-Yokohama . 」
「It will become faster!?」

Leaning forward so that they can see, Elena and Hilda are watching the scenery from the Shinkansen with intense concentration while sticking each other’s cheek .

After a short time, it passed by the Shin-Yokohoma and began to pick up speed .

「F-, Fast!」

As the speed grew faster, Nancy continued to be surprised .

「It’s so fast, won’t it derail?」

「The derailment accident of the Shinkansen with on-board passengers is the accident where it received a direct hit of a magnitude 6 . 8 earthquake in 2004 and it has only happened once . 」

「Magnitude 6 . 8!!?
 How many people died at that time?」
「The casualties caused by the derailment are zero . 」
「Zero people!? How come!?
 Hm? Wasn’t there a major earthquake in 2011?」

「During the major earthquake in 2011,
 there was only one railroad car which was being tested that derailed,
 of the twenty seven operating Shinkansen, not one derailed . 」

 But, wasn’t it an earthquake that caused a terrible damage?
 How come??」
「A something called【Earthquake Early Detection System】is installed on the Shinkansen, so it will stop before the shaking of the earthquake comes . 」

「Ho e~~!!」

Umu, because Nancy said that she wants to board the『Shinkansen』, I prepared[3] beforehand . . . . .

I’m totally like a railway company’s secret agent .

Translator's notes:

[1]This has ellipses( . . . . . . ) furigana .

[2]Their dialogues are written in Chinese, though it become Japanese after Seiji acquired Chinese language .

[3]He studied/researched .