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Chapter 268

Chapter 268 – Infiltration of the mafia’s hideout 1

Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

I brought Nancy to my house .
It seems like the mafias haven’t learned about my house and are unaware of it . .
It’s a blessing that the director didn’t spit out the location of my house, huh……
Or, does the director not know where my house is……?

For the time being, I have to hide Nancy .

「Here’s my house . 」
「This place is Seiji’s house, huh .
I heard that Japanese houses were『Usagi-goya[1]』, but……
it’s not to that extent!」

Umu, is it being praised?

「Ah, did you bring Nancy along?」

Aya greeted us .

「Yes, in order to understand Japanese culture, I think it would be good for her to see our everyday life . 」
「Despite saying such a thing, onii-chan, if you bring her to the house to do something strange…I’ll beat you to death!」
「Do what!?」

Be that as it may, it saved me the trouble now that Aya was here .

「Aya, I’ll leave Nancy to you for a bit . 」
「N? What do you mean?」
「There’s nothing wrong in particular,
because I’ll go out for a bit, Aya, you protect this house in the mean time . 」
「U-, Un . 」

Our conversation have become somewhat flag-like .
Aya looks strange, too .

However, why does the person, who has to be rescued, have to be the director~ .
In cases like this, it should always be a cute girl who has to be rescued .

I, leaving Aya and the others, left the house .


That guy, who have a tracking beacon attached, is still on the lookout for us in the Tokyo Station .
If this fellow went back to their hideout, I could’ve known what the situation is over there . Well, it can’t be helped .

I transformed into『Japanese ninja man』in the park’s toilet, used【teleportation】towards the mafia’s hideout after going invisible using【Night Shade】and infiltrated it in secret .

When I arrived at the room where the aforementioned mafias got tortured……

there was a person .
Who is it!?

I was surprised for an instant, but I couldn’t be noticed since I went invisible using【Night Shade】 .
When I calm down and looked at the person again――

It was a girl .
Moreover, she is tied to a chair in the center of the room and is even gagged .
And, there’s no one other than the girl .

Who’s this!?
When I used【appraisal】just in case, she seems to be an ordinary person .
Is it a person who has been kidnapped in a separate case?

Well, let’s set her free later .

I left the girl and look for the room’s exit .
Somehow or other, this room seems to be a basement, there are stairs to go up and a massive, iron door on top of the flight of stairs .

The iron door seems to be locked from the outside, and it seems that it can’t be opened easily .

Well, anyhow, it looks like a mafia’s hideout, so it’s fine to wreck the door open, right?
I used【Metal Control】of【Earth Magic】, deformed the door’s lock part and succeeded in opening it .
Now then, where’s the director?

The other side of the door seemed to be the first floor and there were about 30 mafia combatants(?) on the lookout .

And then, from the window, a garden can be seen .
There’s no two chickens and the likes in the garden[2] .
A sturdy-looking wall surrounds every direction . Is this a fortress!?
And, about 10 combatants are on the lookout in the garden .

I tried to search in order to not be noticed by all of the combatants, but the director wasn’t on the first floor .
However, I found the stairs to the second floor . I wonder if he’s above or beyond this?

When I went up to the second floor……

there was the boss .
And, the director, too!

The boss seems to be considerably irritated and vents his anger on his subordinates .
The director’s hands are tied up behind his back, he is blindfolded and his face is swollen up where he was hit .

Now then, let’s rampage!

I, who was still invisible, gave a dropkick towards the combatant who was guarding the director .


The combatant somersaults and rolls over the floor .


When the boss, and the surrounding combatants were preoccupied with that person, I put a hand on the director’s shoulder and moved to the basement using【teleportation】 .

「Uwa!? What the!?」

Since the director is blindfolded, he didn’t understand what happened at all .
The girl seemed to have noticed us, too, because of the director making a noise .

「Uuuu . 」

The girl, who is still gagged, is groaning *Uu, Uu* .
Sorry, I will come back to rescue you later .

I left the director and the girl and went up to the first floor .


「What the heck!?」
「Where’s the enemy!?」

In the first floor, the combatants were getting ready for battle .

「Japanese ninja man・have arrived!!」

I took the【Night Shade】off, showed my appearance and introduced myself .

「Haa? What the hell are you?」

D-, Damn . The combatants got creeped out .
Even though I chose a cool line and pose with great effort……

「I-, I’ve arrived……」
「Are you on medication?」

The bald, fat combatant is worrying about me and approaches .

Shit, making a fool of me is a heavy sin!

I hit the bald, fat combatant on the stomach, sending him flying .


The bald, fat combatant vanished, he went rolling on the floor, broke through the windowpane, and tumbled down in the garden .

「Everyone, come! Come! It’s a suspicious person!!」

Is this a historical drama!?
Well, anyhow, this person wanted to surround me!!
You should’ve done so properly from the beginning!

I was completely surrounded by the combatants .

「We don’t know who you are, but don’t think you can come back alive!」

Ooh, scary, scary .
That is to say, you have the resolution to be killed, too?
Well, I’m not going to kill you since I’m kind .

One of the combatants surrounding me made a kamikaze attack with a knife .
They probably intended to gauge my strength using the lowest underling .


When I held the knife which had been struck out between my fingers, the guy wasn’t able to move the knife anymore .
I kicked the guy away .


The guy, who has been kicked, vanishes and crashes into the wall, but he still tries to stand up .
Did I went a little too easy on you? It’s difficult to adjust, huh .
「You left this thing behind . 」

When I threw the knife, it grazed over the guy’s ear then pierced into the wall .


The guy looked ghastly pale and sank down to the floor .
And then……


With a dry sound, red blood filled the floor .

Translator’s notes:

[1]Lit . means ‘rabbit hutch’, but it also makes a derogatory reference to cramped housing in Japan .

[2]A joke(probably) about the Japanese tongue-twister: 庭には二羽鶏がいる (niwa ni wa niwa niwatori ga iru) which means “There are two chickens in the garden . ”