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Chapter 270

Chapter 270 – The World Where The Time Stopped


Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

「【Summon Toki】!!」

The time stopped . to

Several bullets that the boss fired had already hit Suke-san and Kaku-san .
Because I simultaneously dodged and used【Summon Toki】, I wasn’t hit .

『Seiji of the humans, it’s good that you have summoned me . 』

The Toki which I summoned wasn’t frozen .
The Toki appeared with a small form like that of a fairy
and perched on my shoulder .

「It’s good? Toki, were you waiting to be summoned?」
『Yes, I was born in this world called Earth . I’ve been looking forward to be summoned in this world . 』

According to the Toki’s story――

・Toki, which was born in Japan approximately 200 years ago, swallowed a mysterious stone, which had gotten mixed into its food, and acquired 【space-time magic】 .
・When a severe famine occurred, he led his fellow toki to take refuge into the other world and settled down over there .

The story seems to be like that .

I stood at attention listening to the story of Toki, which was perched on my shoulder .

Or rather, I can’t move??

「Err, Toki-san?」
『What is it?』

「What’s this hard wall that’s around me?」
『It’s air . 』


Ah, that’s right! If the time stops, the air also stops moving, huh~ .
Right, there’s a wall of air around me where time is frozen, it won’t budge no matter how much strength I put into it .

Because the air in the space about 50 cm around myself is moving, I can somehow breathe .

So that means, when the time stops, the vibration of electron due to temperature also stops and the temperature reaches the absolute zero point, but fortunately, I don’t feel the temperature even if I touch it and it doesn’t seem to be the case where the heat is taken away .
Probably, the exchange of energy won’t be carried out between the place where time is frozen and the place where time is moving .

「Toki-san, then I can’t do anything right now?」
『That’s not true, if it’s the【teleportation】of the same【space-time magic】, you can move during the time stop .
Also, if you touch something, you can use【teleportation】together with it . 』

「Err, what if I throw a knife or something during the time stop?」
『I think you can’t throw anything since it will hit against the wall of air . 』

「Then, a road roller?[1]」
『Sorry, I don’t understand the meaning of what you are saying . 』

Such a thing~ .

「Well then, magical attacks?」
『What can be used is limited to magic towards oneself during time stop . 』

Isn’t it~?

It can’t be helped, I used【teleportation】towards Suke-san and Kaku-san, who were exposed to the machine gun’s bullets, and moved to the first floor lobby .
The two people had already been hit by several bullets, but fortunately, since it missed the vital parts, they won’t die .
I’ll cast【Recovery Magic】on them after defeating the boss .

『Seiji of the humans, the time will soon start moving . 』
「Eh! Already?」

I went back to the boss’ room hastily and waited for the time to start moving to move behind the boss .

The Toki, which perched on my shoulder, disappeared beyond the space-time while going around with a rapid turn to go back home .
At the same time, the frozen time began to move .


The sound of the machine gun resounds again towards the space where no one is at .

After a short time, the boss, who noticed the abnormal event, let go of the trigger .
The boss tried to turn around as he suddenly noticed something .


My fist sinks into the boss’ face at the same time as he turned around .
The machine gun, which the boss carried, falls off from his hand and the boss crashes into the wall while making three revolution .

And then, the boss stood up immediately .

「You bastard!!
To attack this ore-sama, who is chosen by the heaven-!
You deserve a certain death!!」

What『chosen by the heaven』!?
There was also such a guy on this side of the earth, huh~ .

「This ore-sama will someday rule the continent; a man who has the world in his hand!!」

Although it’s good to have a big dream……
As one would expect,『world domination』is little……

The boss took out a knife from his breast pocket and was about to take a fighting stance, but……
I moved instantaneously and fully twisted the boss’ hands in the wrong way .


The boss uttered a scream at the pain .
This time, I kicked his opened mouth from below .

Each time the boss tried to move, I inflicted pain to the body part, which he was trying to move, without mercy .
I trampled on his head when he tried to get up .
I trampled on his arm when he tried to crawl .
I kicked up his chin when he tried to utter a cry .

Of course, I am using【Appraisal】while adjusting so his HP doesn’t become zero .

I thoroughly inflicted pain over and over again to the extent that he didn’t want to think about trying to move his body .
When his HP was becoming zero when I attacked that place, I healed that place using【Recover Magic】before an attack and tortured him over again .
When he fainted, I wake him up forcibly using such things as splashing water using【Water Magic】,【Wake up】and【Electric Shock】, making him used to the pain .

When I repeated such a thing endlessly, the boss completely stopped moving .

Alright .
Doing it up to here, he’d probably learn his lesson a little .

Though I went a little too far, as expected, I have gotten mad .

I dragged the boss, who became soppy, down to the first floor lobby to the extent that he would become unrecognizable .


In the first floor lobby, some of the tied-up combatants regained consciousness and were struggling to break out of the cord .

In front of those guys, I threw down the bloodstained boss, who became lumpy to the extent that he became unrecognizable .

It was a situation where one wouldn’t be able to recognize that it was the boss from the face, but one would be able to recognize that it was the boss from the clothes .
The combatants suddenly became quiet .

If this boss led everyone by charisma, even if the boss is defeated, the people left behind will continue walking and take over the boss’ will .
Perhaps, they might also support the boss’ recovery in solidarity .

However, this fellow ruled over everyone by force .
In which case, when the boss was defeated by a stronger force, the organization can’t be maintained anymore .

Right, that is the fatal flaw of ruling by force .

Well, the people, who repeatedly do such a thing, may not understand it, though……


Apart from that,
how will I make the police come after this?

Translator’s notes:

[1]A vocaloid’s road roller reference perhaps .