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Chapter 278

Chapter 278 – The Problem of the Design 1


Translator: Jei

On my way home from the company, I went to the Weapons and Armors shop of the dwarf,『Gamudo-san』in the Nippo town .

Because the designs, which Nancy’s mom and Ringo drew up, were too unique, the silver’s strength wasn’t sufficient, so I came to consult with Gamudo-san for a new metal .

「Hello . 」
「Yo, Seiji . Did you bring a liquor again?」

「Is liquor your favourite phrase…… . ?
Well, I’ve brought one, though!」

I held out a 96% alcohol strength vodka that I brought .

「Ou, thank you as always . 」
「Since this liquor is a strong one, please be careful . 」

「Don’t say such a stupid thing!
Liquor is something like a water for dwarves,
don’t lump me together with the humans . 」

Is it really going to be alright……?
Well, it’s fine since the person himself said that it’s alright .

「By the way, I’ve come today because there’s something I’d like to consult you with for a bit . 」
「Consultation? What is it? Weapon? Armor?」

「No, It’s a consultation about metal . 」

I asked about a metal which can be used for accessories .

「Umu, if it’s that, then mithril might be good?
Its strength is higher than silver and its affinity with magic power is good, too~ . 」

It’s only going to be used as an accessory in Earth, so magic power won’t be used, though~ .

「Then, may I have some mithril?」
「Since I’ve always get amazing liquor from you, I’d like to give you, but……I wonder if there’s some of it left . 」

Gamudo-san went inside to get mithril and returned immediately .

「Sorry, there’s only this . 」

The one Gamudo-san brought was a scrap of mithril around the size of a 100 Yen coin .

「Where can I go to get mithril?」
「Because of the war with the devil-kin, most of the materials have been taken and changed into weapons and armors . ~
You mightn’t find it anywhere else unless you go to the Shinaga’s mines . 」

Shinaga, huh . It’s where the Fire and Light Mana Crystal is located and Hilda’s hometown, but I’ve passed by it last time .

「Understood, I’ll go there now . 」

「I’m sorry that I am unable to help even though I got the liquor .
Ah, that’s right! I have to try this liquor . 」

Gamudo-san said so and downed the vodka with *kui*……


and fell backward just like that .

「Wai-! Gamudo-san!!
Isn’t it like water for dwarves!?」

I carried Gamudo-san to bed and nursed him .

For me, a dwarf, to fall because of a liquor!! It’s a blunder of a lifetime .
Annoying…… . but, just another mouthful . 」

He seems to be quite alright .

I left Gamudo’s shop and decided to go home .


Since I stopped by at the different world on my way back from work on a weekday, it had become late at night, I went back home without going to Shinaga .

「Onii-chan, were you able to get a good metal?」

Aya greeted me .
Elena and Hilda seems to be taking a bath .

「We’ve talked about if a mithril might be good, but I was only able to get this . 」

I showed Aya the scrap of mithril .

「If it’s something made of mithril, isn’t there a few?
For instance, onii-chan’s sword . 」
「It’s no good since I’m using it . 」

「You’re not using it recently . 」
「I will use it in case of emergency . 」

「Then, what would you do?」

「I might be able to buy some if I go to Shinaga town . 」

But if it’s you, onii-chan, can’t you create a mithril?」

Create? Metal?

「Alchemy doesn’t exist, it’s impossible to do such a thing . 」
「Is that so?」

Is it really so?
I said it myself, but I felt like there might be some possible methods .

But, what’s a『Mithril』?

For now, I tried to appraise it .

│A silver containing magic power .
│It possessed strength of steel .
│It will not darken nor become dim .
│Rarity: ★★★

Umu, silver seems to be the raw material,
but when I channeled magic power into silver, it doesn’t become mithril .


「I’ve come up with something good . 」
「You will be able create mithril?」
「I don’t know yet . 」

I hold the scrap of mithril in my hand……


I decomposed the mithril using【Lightning magic】 .

*para para……*

The resultant silver powder and transparent powder were there .

When I appraised the silver powder, it was『silver』 .

And then……
when I appraised the transparent powder――

│【Powder of Magic Stone of Nullpo】
│A powdered Magic Stone of Nullpo .
│Rarity: ★★

「Are you serious!?」
「What’s the matter, onii-chan?」

「It seems I will be able to make mithril with silver and Magic Stone of Nullpo . 」
「Ooh, yehey!」

I tried to【decompose】a large amount of 『Magic Stone of Nullpo』 .

*Para para……*

I did it!
The【Powder of Magic Stone of Nullpo】was completed .
Afterwards, when I mixed this with silver――

The『pure silver』, which I made by【decomposing】silver coin, and the【Powder of Magic Stone of Nullpo】were properly mixed and were put together using【Metal Control】 .
I had a little trouble turning back something powdery into metal, but……

The mithril was completed .
However, its quality is a little poor .

When I used【Appraisal】, it became『Mithril -1』 .
Umu, did I get the quantity wrong?

I changed the quantity little by little and repeated the experiment in various ways .
In the middle of the experiment, Aya got tired and went back to her room .

And then, it was finally completed!

『Mithril +3』

It was a perfect quality .

Although it’s very light, it’s strong and has better hue than silver .
It’s certainly a perfect metal .

Just you wait and see, Nancy’s mom, I will make an accessory with this perfect metal!!

Well, the problem of the design due to Ringo and Nancy’s mom isn’t only this……

『【Smelting】magic acquired .
【Alloy making】magic acquired . 』

Translator’s note:

[1]Not sure what happened to electrolysis電解, but the author used 分解 throughout the whole chapter .