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Chapter 297

Chapter 297 - Heading off alone

Work was over, I went to fetch Elena and Hilda up and went home .

「Welcome home onii-chan, Elena-chan and Hilda-chan!」 
「「We’re home . 」」 
「Aya, you seem to be happy, huh . 」

「That’s because, the exams are finally over!」 
「I see, in other words, it’s summer vacation, huh . 」

「Right! Sum~mer va~ca~tion~!!!」

Aya is delighted over summer vacation… are you a grade school student?

「That’s why~, take us out to have fun, onii-chan!」

「It’s no good because there’s still the matter about Nancy and the others . 」 
「S-, Such a thing~…」

「Seiji-sama, what are we going to do about the conquering of the [Tower of sunrise]?」 
「Because there’s the matter about Nancy and the others, huh~ . 」

「Onii-chan, I want to go to the [Tower of sunrise] too . I’m the only one who remains to be low-leveled . 」

Hmmm, it’s a point that makes me waver .  
I can’t restore Yurie-san to her previous self if we don’t make progress in the conquering of the tower… 
(There’s no one saying that there’s no need for her to return to her previous self, is there? Right?)

Having said that, it’ll be troublesome if something came up while we’re advancing in conquering of the tower .

「Seiji onii-chan, I’d like to stay and guard Megumi-san . 」

Somehow or other, Hilda seemed to have been getting along with Megumi-chan a lot .

Alright! It has been decided!

「Hilda will guard Megumi-chan, while Aya will guard Ringo and Elena will guard Nancy and her mom . I’m going to conquer the [Tower of Sunrise] alone . 」

「Only onii-chan, it’s unfai~r . 」 
「You and Ringo are friends, right?」

「T-, That’s… that’s right, but… leveling up…」

「Such a thing as leveling up, you can do that at anytime, right? Since it’s the long-awaited summer vacation, how about you invite Ringo, Mai-san and Yurie-san to go out and have fun somewhere?」 
「U~n, that’s right, huh . I’ll do that . 」

「Elena will be guarding two people, but prioritize in guarding Nancy than her mom . 」 
「Okay, leave it to me . 」

「Hilda, practice dancing and singing while guarding her since I’m going to pay for the lesson fees . 」 
「Yes . 」

「Eh? What? Dancing and singing?」

Aya butted in .

「When Megumi-chan was attacked by bad guys, Hilda drove the bad guys away with her dance ability . Right, Hilda . 」


「It’s good, huh~ .  
I’d like to learn dancing, too~ . 」 
「When Nancy and the other’s safety is guaranteed, we’ll learn dancing together . 」

「Ah, because you can acquire Dance Skill when taking lessons in dancing, there won’t be a loss in acquiring it . 」

「Seriously? That’s good! Hilda-chan, show us your dancing!」

「Y-, Yes . 」

Hilda nodded bashfully and showed us the [Evasion Dance] that she had just acquired .

By the way, since I set up a barrier blocking the sound on the floor, it won’t cause any trouble for the people below the floor .

「Wow, amazing, amazing! Hilda-chan is wonderful!!」

After that, Aya and Elena were taught how to dance by Hilda until dinner was ready .

On the next day, Saturday, we went off on our own way .

Aya meets up with Mai-san, Yurie-san and Ringo and sees a movie .  
Hilda goes into the lesson with Megumi-chan .  
Elena goes to Nancy’s place .

Since Nancy and her mom said that they were going to a [bouldering] gym, Elena went to accompany them, too .

[Bouldering] is a free climbing sport performed without using ropes .  
It seems like it’s fun .

After seeing everyone off, I went to the different world and came to Masamune-san’s place at the Demonkind’s town .

「Hello~ . Is the sword done?」

「Ou, Seiji, it’s done . 」

Masamune-san brought the sword .

「This fellow’s name is [Brown Belt Sword] . 」

I thought the next one to the white belt is black belt, but brown belt, huh~ .  
Is it black belt after this?

│[Brown Belt Sword] 
│The sword that has become the proof that the sword art has been approved .  
│Absorbs the user’s habit and becomes strong .  
│Ability: Raises the power of [wind blade] .  
│   Raises attack power towards monsters with attribute .  
│Rarity: ★★★★ 
│ Lightning-attributed monster subjugation  0/30 
│ Ice-attributed monster subjugation  0/30 
│ Darkness-attributed monster subjugation  0/30 
│ Light-attributed monster subjugation  0/30 

Some ability has increased .  
[Raises attack power towards monsters with attribute], huh~ .  
Let’s try it out later .

The trial seems to be similar when it was still White Belt Sword .  
It becomes Lightning, Ice, Darkness and Light, and the subjugation amount has increased from 10 to 30, too .

Well, if it’s this much, I will be able to manage somehow or another .

I thanked Masamune-san and headed off to conquer the Tower of Sunrise .

Conquering the Tower of Sunrise from the 45th floor .

It was a metal-walled-labyrinth-like place and the atmosphere was completely different from the other floors so far .

It completely feels like I’m on board a spaceship .

When I try to touch the wall, a strong, tearing static electricity is generated many times .

The enemy was an extremely strong [Orc] .  
Every one of those [Orcs] has hair standing on end, they look like they have evolved into [Super Saiyans], don’t they? 
For the time being, let’s call them [Super Orcs] .

The Brown Belt Sword was frightfully sharp, the [Super Orcs] were chopped up one after another .

I climbed up the tower while checking on everyone’s situation once in awhile with [Tracking Beacon], I took a break once I got to the 50th floor .

The [Super Orcs] seemed to be [Lightning] attributed and of the Brown Belt Sword’s trial, the [Lightning attribute subjugation] was cleared with 30/30 .