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Chapter 299

Chapter 299 - Something waiting at the top?

On sunday, the next day, we continued to work separately .

I’m going to conquer the Tower of Sunrise .  
Since I’ve already conquered up to 55th floor, I may be able to climb up to the top by the end of today .

Aya has gone out to have fun with the three people, Mai-san, Yurie-san and Ringo today as well .  
It seems that their destination for today is [Disneyland] .

Elena is going to accompany Nancy and her mom to a [Sunday worship] .  
The two people seem to be dedicated Christians .

It seems Hilda is going to be with Megumi-chan today as well, but I haven't asked where they are going yet .

There’s no movement yet coming from Gold and [Ai-san], who tried to steal information .  
Do they have no intention of doing anything?


When I climbed up the 56th floor of the Tower of Sunrise……

there was suddenly a [Dragon]!

So there was a [Dragon] in this world, huh!

When the dragon cried with a deep voice, it breathed out fire .

It’s sea of flames as far as the eye could see .

Well, I move to a slightly remote position with [Teleportation] and observe the situation, though .

Since its level was also high, would bringing Aya and the others be a right choice?

When I try to observe it carefully, since there’s only 1 scale that has different color on its back, I try to quickly stab it with the Brown Belt Sword .

The dragon raised a frightful, scream-like cry and writhed .

It’s tenacious, huh~ .

I poured [Lightning] onto the Brown Belt Sword, which was stabbed in the scale with different color .

The [Dragon] convulsed with twitch twitch and finally stopped moving .

[Your level went up to 61 . ]

Oh, my level went up by 1 .

I got caught up the moment and went around to look for other [Dragons] to kill .  
In the end, there were only 3 [Dragons] on this floor together with the first one .

I only killed 3 of them and my level went up to 63 .

I obtained 3 bodies of a dragon . I wonder if I will be able to use it for something later?


On the 57th floor, there was a lot of will-o-wisp monsters with [Taiji Diagram]-like pattern of light mixed with darkness; it wasn’t so strong as they just madly attacked at random .

Nevertheless, since I defeated quite a lot, my level went up to 64 and of the Brown Belt Sword’s trial, the [Darkness-attributed monster subjugation] became cleared with 30/30 .


On the 58th floor, a lot of shining, ice-crystal-like monsters attacked .

My level went up to 66 and of the Brown Belt Sword’s trial, the [Ice-attributed monster subjugation] became cleared with 30/30 .

It’s seems like it’s going awfully well .


It’s finally the 59th floor .  
1 more floor to the top!

The 59th floor……

was just a vast [wasteland] .

And then, the sky is filled with black clouds and it looks like it will start raining any time .

However, there isn’t any enemy at all .  
What’s happening?


A lightning suddenly travels away from the black clouds…

that lightning……

materialized and became an enormous, shining [Dragon] .

γ€ŽHow wonderful, a human arrived up here . 』

γ€ŒI-, It taaaaalked!!」

P-, Perhaps, it can grant wishes? 
If it can, I wonder what should I wish~ .

Girl’s pan1… 
No, it’s nothing .

γ€ŽIf you can defeat me, you will receive the privilege to meet [that gentleman] at the top . However, I’m not easy to defeat . So, fight with caution . 』

Seriously? As expected, the top is on the next floor, huh .

And then, someone is waiting at the top .

When I hardened my resolve and held the Brown Belt Sword, the shining dragon rushed on straight ahead .


When I spread out a [Barrier] that insulates [Lightning] in front of me, the dragon changed direction in order to spring back up from the [Barrier] and attacked from above .


When I dodged with a back step, the dragon slammed into the ground with an unchanged momentum, it burst open and was smashed into pieces .

It won’t end with this, right?

It seemed to be different .  
The shining dragon wasn’t smashed into pieces, it seemed to have only split apart and as they were small, each of them moved around at a frightful speed .

So many small dragons form a rank and fly in circles around me, drawing a magnetic-force-line-like pattern; they look for an opportunity and attack individually .

Individually, their offensive ability may be low, but their attribute is obviously [Lightning] and if I received a direct hit, I will be paralyzed and will received a successive attack in that interval .

So, I can’t afford to receive an attack by even one of them .

I attack one of the dragon, which has become small, with the Brown Belt Sword as a test and that one burst open, but it seems to have practically no effect on the dragon as a whole .

Hmmm, it’s troublesome .

The small dragons, in order to block my escape route, attacked over and over again .  
I managed to dodge somehow with [Attack-prediction Sphere] and [Teleportation], but it will get nowhere with this .

γ€ŒAh . 」

It read the transfer point of the [Teleportation] and surrounded my escape path .

Dangerous, I can’t dodge this!

γ€Œ[Summon Toki!]」

Using my trump, [Summon Toki], I stopped the time .

γ€ŒIt seems you’re having an extremely tough fight, huh . 」

I’ve been rescued by Toki .

For the time being, I surveyed the surroundings after getting away from the situation where I was surrounded by small, shining dragons using [Teleportation] .


When I surveyed the surroundings carefully, I found out……

that one of them was a dragon with different color and was slightly bigger than the other ones .

Perhaps, this fellow is the [nucleus] .

I swung the Brown Belt Sword down at the [nucleus], but just before the Brown Belt Sword hit the [nucleus], the stopped time was released .


The dragon’s core was split into two .


The dragon reverted back to its original dragon form……

and then, it burst open, turned into light and disappeared .

γ€ŒI won!」

At the spot where the dragon disappeared, a big [Magic Stone] was dropped .

β”‚[Magic Stone of Nuclear Fusion] 
β”‚A magic stone that constantly generates 1GW of electricity .  
β”‚There was a safety device that functions in order for someone acquiring Lightning Magic 
β”‚to never receive an electric shock .  
β”‚Rarity: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 

What on Earth is thisssss?!!!

GW, it said, but what is it? 
Is it Golden Week??

However, it’s precious, huh .  
After just a short time, 1 . 2GW……

If so, then De Lorian could pass through time, but……

What should I use such a thing for? 
Building a power plant or something?

For the time being, I kept the [Magic Stone] into the Inventory and finally, I started to walk towards the 60th floor .

He was about to say pantsu, I think .