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Chapter 307

The next day, Elena started her practice of [Invisibility] magic .

Since I have work, I can't help her with her practice .

Hilda, too, went to Megumi-chan's place .

Aya, who's staying at home, helps Elena with her practice .

「Elena-chan, do your best!」

「Yes . 」

Elena channels her magic and……

「Elena-chan, stop! Stop! Your clothes have become transparent!」


I hurriedly tried to check the video,

but due to the [Privacy Policy], the video was cut off and became sound only……

This is bad, if the magic failed at a critical moment, the result will become unrecoverable .

As expected, I can't leave it to the likes of Aya .

I will help her practice carefully when I get back .

The video remained disconnected even after that, Aya can be heard shouting something like "the upper-body!" and "the lower-body this time!" I wasn't able to concentrate on the remaining work .


「Ah, Seiji-sama, welcome back . 」

When I finished work and went home, Elena greeted me .

Elena, what-!

a [bare-midriff-look] that was .

What an er…outrageous appearance you have!

When I took a look at it carefully, only around the waist part of her usual clothes has become [transparent] .

I see, it becomes like that when you were practicing [invisibility], huh .

However, if I were to let her know that her navel is showing here,

the navel……

that's not it, even though she's practicing really, really hard, she might stop .

When I was hesitating on what to do,

「Is there something wrong, Seiji-sama?」

Elena, seemingly worried, look on my face .

Ah, Elena's navel is so close……


Aya came out of the bathroom .

「Ah, onii-chan, welcome back . 」

「I'm back . 」

「I was diligently practicing [invisibility] with Elena-chan just now, ah, Elena-chan! Your navel is showing!」

「Eh? Kyaaa!!」

Elena was so embarrassed that she sat down .

「Seiji-sama, why didn't you say something!」

「No, I'm sorry . 」

「Pouts, I'm so embarrassed that I'd like to disappear……」

The moment Elena said "I'm so embarrassed,"

she really disappeared .


「E-, Elena-chan? W-, Where are you?」

Aya and I looked for Elena, but she's nowhere to be found .

「Eh? What's wrong with the two of you?」


From the spot where Elena was a moment ago,

only Elena's voice is heard .

「Elena-chan, are you there?」

Aya tried to reach out towards the direction where the voice was heard with a grope .

「Elena-chan, you're here!」

「Aya-san, what's wrong?」

「There's nothing wrong! Elena-chan, the [invisibility] has succeeded!」


She's invisible so I can't see it, but Elena seems to be confirming if she really does invisible .

「I did it! With this, I can go to help the people in trouble!」

Elena is overjoyed……probably .

I can't see it, though .

And then, something invisible and soft clung to me .

「It's Seiji-sama's assistance!」

The invisible Elena hugged me in great joy .

I stroked the overjoyed Elena, who's still invisible, on her head .

It feels somewhat strange .


While having tea to calm down for a moment, I started the conversation .

「With that, who do you plan to treat, Elena? The rich people, who have lots of money? Or else, politicians or someone like that?」

「About that, I talked about it with Aya-san and came up with something . 」

When Elena said so, she held out a piece of printed-out paper .

Uhhh, what is it, what is it?

『A magnitude 7 . 8 major earthquake occurred in Nepal . 8, 000 people dead and 14, 000 injured . 』

「You're saying you'd like to go to Nepal and volunteer?」

Aya and Elena nodded with uh-huh .

I thought she was going to make money with recovery magic, but it was different, huh .

When I try to think about it, Elena has no reason to do such a thing .

「But how do you plan to go there?」

「Can't go there with onii-chan's [Teleportation]?」

When I tried to check the map, I'm able to go to the neighboring country, India .

It's because Nancy dropped by at that country during her round-the-world trip before .

It's too far, though, even the nearest among the places that we could go to head towards Nepal is 1, 000 km away .

Even if we move at the speed of light, it's a distance that would take about an hour .

After searching for an airplane going to Nepal on-site, we would be able to go there if I put a [Tracking Beacon] on someone boarding it, right?

Considering the time difference, it's around evening in India right now, huh . Let's go there for a bit and check if there's an airplane going there .

「Wait here for a moment since I'll check if we would be able to go there . 」

I flew towards New Delhi in India .

First, I acquired [Hindi], which is the local language and checked whether there's an airplane going to Nepal at the airport, then I put a [Tracking Beacon] on someone who was just about to board the plane and went back home immediately .

「It seems that we will be able to go there . I put a [Tracking Beacon] on someone heading to Nepal . 」

「As one would expect of onii-chan . 」

「Seiji-sama, thank you very much . 」

「Then, I will go together with her tomorrow, too . 」

「You're going, too, Aya?」

「Isn't it better than Elena being alone?」

I'm more anxious with that than Elena being alone .

「Is Hilda-chan going to stay overnight at Megumi-chan's house today as well? Don't we have to invite Hilda-chan?」

「As for Hilda, I’ll contact her . 」

With this and that, Aya and Elena are suddenly going to Nepal .

With work, I can't move that much during the day, is it going to be alright?