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Chapter 308

hapter 308 – The Magical Girl And The Female Ninja

The next morning, after sending Elena and Aya to Nepal with [Teleportation], I went to the company .
As for Hilda, since she was staying at Megumi-chan’s place, she told me that she’ll pass this time .

Now then, is it going to be alright with just the two of them?

I’ll fully monitor their situation while working .


First, Elena and Aya acquired [Nepali], which is the local language, with [Temporary Language Acquisition Magic Stone +2], and then asked a passer-by for directions and went to the refugee camp .

However, the two of them weren’t able to meet an injured person .
Strange foreign girls suddenly coming and saying things such as wanting to meet the injured people, it’s impossible for them to trust the two .

「What are we going to do, Elena?」
「I’d like to meet them in person to use recovery magic, but there’s no way . 」

「Then, are you going to give up and go back?」
「No . 」

Elena went to a location hidden from the public eye, she then transformed herself into a magical girl using the [Transformation Ring], took the [Rod of Aesculapius] out of her [Storage Bracelet], and then took a fighting stance .

「Oh, Elena-chan, you’re doing that, huh! Then, just in case, put on that mask as well . 」
「Alright . 」

Elena, after putting the masquerade-like mask on, slowly channeled her magic power .

Invoking the [Divine Protection Of The Recovery Spirit], a gentle pink-colored light spreads out with Elena as the center, enveloping the whole town .

「What’s this light!?」
「The light is spreading out from over there . 」

“What is it!”, the surrounding people, who noticed it, started making an uproar .

Isn’t this bad?

Elena is unable to move while she’s still using the magic .

「Everyone! This way!」

A citizen found Elena and shouted .
When they heard that voice, all the citizens gather .

Elena was finally surrounded .

Crap .

I was going to pretend to be going to the restroom and go to help, but…… the situation is somehow strange .

The people, who were crowding around her, knelt on the spot and started praying .

When Elena smiled sweetly at those people, the [Divine Protection Of The Recovery Spirit]’s light spread out even more, becoming one-level stronger .

A short time later, the staggering number of the people praying completely filled the space around Elena .
This, what is she going to do?

However, Elena wasn’t embarrassed, she approached the people praying and stopped in front of a woman, who had an injured face .

When Elena brought the [Rod of Aesculapius] near that woman, the Recovery Magic’s light envelops the woman and the injury on that woman’s face healed completely .

The surrounding people started praying even more fervently and it became out of control .

Even so, Elena didn’t stop and an injured person, whom she noticed, was being healed one  after the other .

As for Aya, when I tried to see what she’s doing……

She changed into an appearance of a pink ninja for some reason and was going around applying [Recovery Magic] on the people with non-serious diseases .
Why pink, and why ninja?

Somehow or other, as the level of Aya’s Recovery Magic rises, the likes of non-serious injuries, too, are being healed on the way .

Almost all the injuries and diseases are healed, and since the gathered people continue to pray around the two, it’s impossible for them to sneak out of the place .

「I’d like to get out quietly, but…… it’s troublesome . 」

「At such a time, are you going to summon that!?」

Aya hold the pendant she wore around her neck high up and shouted .


What kind of parody is this?

Well, I understood that she wants me to come .

I pretended to be going to the restroom and put on [Invisibility], I then rushed towards the two people with [Teleportation] .

「Don’t call me in the midst of work . 」

I spoke to the two people in a low voice while still invisible .

「Seiji-sama, I’m sorry to trouble you at such a busy time . 」
「Now then, onii-chan, take us to a safe place!」

Don’t [take us!] me!
Good grief .


I sent the two people home .

「Hm? We’re back home?」

「It’s already enough for today . Do it again tomorrow . 」
「Alright . 」

It’s distressful, I can’t even work quietly .

I immediately went back to the company .


Since that day, Aya and Elena went to Nepal everyday and kept casting Recovery Magic at various places .

And then, Friday night .

The [Divine Protection Of The Recovery Spirit] was spread out across five places and covered a considerably large area .

At the actual place, it seems to have become a talk about a goddess and a ninja are wandering around healing injured people at various places .

They’ll go home after they finished today’s on-site activity; Hilda was the first one to return home and looked after the house .

「I’m home, Hilda . 」
「Welcome back . 」

I finished having dinner with the four people after a long time, I was refreshed when I drank tea and had a talk with Elena and Aya .

「Elena, Aya, let’s stop the activity in Nepal for now . If it continues as it is, unrelated people, who might get the wind of it, will come . 」
「Yes . 」「Well, it can’t be helped, huh~ . 」

The two people, too, seem to understand somehow and obediently listened .

Well, a considerable number of injured and sick people had been healed, it’s a fairly good outcome .

「Elena-chan, where should we go next?」

Where should we go next!!?

「Leaving that aside, we’re going to go to the 60th floor of The Tower of Sunrise on Saturday . 」
「Ah, that’s right!」

Aya, did you forget?

「Hilda, too, come here on Saturday . 」
「Yes . 」

「Boss fight, huh~ . I’m itching to put my skills to use~ . 」

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