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Chapter 309

Chapter 309 – A New Magical Girl?

Saturday morning, we went to the 59th floor of the Tower of Sunrise .

「Wait for a moment here, everyone . 」
「Eh? What is it?」

「It’s dangerous if the boss does an area attack1 or something like that . 」
「U-, Un . 」

It seems like Aya also understands .
I head towards the 60th floor by myself .


「Sloww!! Why didn’t you climb up immediately!?」

A small girl, who looks like a high-school student, was floating .
Although I say small, it’s not the age, but the size .

「What are you?」

「What do you think I am? 」

I don’t get it……

It’s because the [Appraisal] isn’t working .
When I tried to use [Appraisal], the magic failed .

The shield that the devil tribe has also obstructed the magic, but this time, it seems to be different again .

It seems like the [Appraisal] magic itself is not invoking for some reason .

And then, from this fellow, I sense some kind of pressure for some reason .

「When at the extent that the [Appraisal] doesn’t work, it pathetically makes you tremble, doesn’t it!?」

Shit, the information has been seen through .
Just what the heck is this girl!

「If the girls waiting down below see the current you, they may feel disillusioned . 」

You’re even aware of Aya and the others!?
Did expressly leaving them down below backfire!?

「Hey, Maruyama Seiji-kun of ○○ corporation . 」

What did you say!?

To even know such a thing, how!?

「Well, enough messing around……」

Is she coming!?
Boss fight!?

「A quiz! Who am I?」

Q-, Quiz!?

Whatever, let’s take a guess .
There were several hints from our conversation so far .

「You are…… [Information Magic]’s Spirit, right?」

「A big check!!2 How did you know?」

「There are eight towns in this country . One in each cardinal and ordinal directions respectively .

There are mana crystals of attribute magic in the cardinal directions and in the three among the towns in the ordinal directions, there are mana crystals of non-attribute magic .

And the only mana crystal unconfirmed――

is just the Ikebu town’s .

Then, the mana crystal that I haven’t found yet among the magics that I know is just the [Information Magic]’s .

From the things I’ve mentioned above, I’ve inferred that there’s a mana crystal of Information Magic in Ikebu town .

And if there’s a mana crystal in Ikebu town――

That place, a place where no one has ever reached before, there’s only this top floor of the [Tower of Sunrise] .

And in there, was an existence, who knew all of my information, there’s no one like that except the [Information Magic]’s Spirit . 」

「Check, check, big checkーー!! Amazing, precisely as I expected, the information analysis ability is cut above the rest!」

When the Spirit said so, that pressure of sort enveloping the place vanished .

「How is it? The terror of not knowing what kind of person your opponent is, did you understand?」

「Yeah, I didn’t expect it, although this time’s [Appraisal] didn’t work, such a situation where the [Appraisal] is being used by the opponent, it’s so scary . 」

「That’s right, that’s right~ . Did you understand the dreadfulness of [Information Magic]?」
「Yeah . 」

「Yes, there’s an understanding person, it’s such a happy thing~ . The people of this world don’t understand the dreadfulness of something called [Information Magic] that much, you know~? Same goes with my fellow Spirits, too and there’s even guy, who said I’m useless~ . 」

I see, I was being tested if I understood the value of information, huh .
Being an SE isn’t just for show!

「Well then, let’s do a proper self-introduction . I’m……[Magical Girl Oracle-chan]<3!」

「It’s a lie!」

I reflexively tsukkomi’ed with the fastest speed .

「It’s not a lie~ . I can use magic~, and I’m a girl~, and my name is [Oracle]! See? It’s [Magical Girl Oracle-chan], right?」

It’s a somewhat troublesome Spirit~ .

「Then, uh, there’s something I’d like to ask [Oracle-chan-san], but is it okay?」

「It’s fine~ . It’s that black thing on Yurie-san’s thigh, isn’t it?」

「Amazing, as expected of Information Magic’s Spirit, you know everything, huh . 」

「I don’t know everything, you know~ . 」

If not everything, she’ll probably say that she knows every nook and cranny, won’t she?

「Now, now, more importantly, form a [Spirit Contract] with me . 」

There’s somehow a bit of reluctance, but oh well, I’ll be able to strengthen [Information Magic] .

When Oracle-chan-san kisses my forehead……

『[Information Magic] has become level 6 . 』

the so-called announcement was heard .

Yes, I did it!

「I want to visit the mana crystal next, but is it okay?」

「The mana crystal is this way . 」

When Oracle-chan-san gently flew and approached a wall, the entire wall split into left and right, exposing a mana crystal shining in golden color .

「Well then, go on . 」

Urged on, when I touched the mana crystal……

『Information Magic was updated to the latest version .

[Vigilance] updated .
Perception range was expanded .
Opponents causing danger will now be automatically [Appraised] .

[Map] updated .
It’s now possible to import information if it’s an authentic map .

[Appraisal] updated .
It won’t be sensed with magic power perception anymore .
Guilt was added to the read information .

[Concealment] updated .
It now blocks tracking by means of magic .

[Tracking] updated .
It’s now possible to remotely control the beacons .

[Language Acquisition] updated .
Languages are now acquired automatically .

[Increase Skill Mastery Rate] updated .
Increase rate has increased .

[Summon Oracle] was added . 』

Amazing, there’s like a lot of things!

First is the [Map], there are lots of [authentic map] on Earth .
Isn’t it possible to import all the information of Google Map!?

Next is tracking .
Moving the beacon?

When I tried it for a bit, it seems that it can be controlled like a drone .
Its travelling speed is slow, but this is quite convenient!!

Finally, it’s [Summon Oracle] .

「Oracle-chan-san? What kind of magic is [Summon Oracle]?」

「What’s that!!? Just now, [chan-san], you said . If you don’t call me [Oracle-chan] properly, I won’t tell you!」

Troublesome~ .

「Oracle-chan, please tell me……」

「Alright! I’ll tell you then . My magic is…… the magic that loads magic power into a magic stone, producing a new magic stone . 」

「Oh, that’s great!」

Isn’t it creating various magic stones as much as you like?