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Chapter 311

Chapter 311 – Summon Oracle

Dinner time came and we returned home .
In the end, we weren’t able to find the Devil race’s town .

「Onii-chan! Why did we return home? Let’s pull it together until we found it!」

「It’s no good to make a girl search in a forest at night by herself . 」
「I’m fine!」

「Well then, do you want to continue to search alone, Aya?」
「A-, Alone? ……on second thought, let’s stop . 」

What, you’re afraid of being alone after all?
You have a long way to go, you’re still a child~ .

「Since I made a [Tracking Beacon] fly a short while ago, the beacon will search while we’re not . 」

「Oh? A Beacon can be made to fly?」
「After I visited the mana crystal, it can fly now . In addition, the various things I can do has increased . 」
「Heh, what kind of things you can do now?」

Alright, I shall show you my greatness!

「Watch me do it~! [Summon Oracle]!」

「Seiji! To summon me immediately…… ah! Isn’t this place Seiji’s world? Whoah, amazing!!」

As soon as she is summoned, Oracle-chan flies around the entire room, clamoring .

「Ah! Oracle-chan! Welcome to my house!」

「Ah, Aya-chan! This world is wonderful, huh!」
「That’s right, that’s right!」

What are you looking so smug about, Aya?

「More importantly, can’t you help me in making magic stone?」

「Right, show me the thing called Internet~ . 」
「Afterwards . 」
「Stingy . 」

「Seiji-sama, Oracle-sama, are you going to make a magic stone?」
「That’s right~ . 」
「That’s amazing!」
「That’s right, that’s right!」

Oracle-chan is making a smug face towards Elena this time .

Somehow, it feels like Aya has multiplied into two……

「Then, how are we going to make a magic stone?」

「Do you have a Nullpo Magic Stone?」
「Yeah . 」

I take out a Nullpo Magic Stone .

「First, I will enter inside the [Nullpo Magic Stone] and then, you’ll hold the magic stone and use the magic you’d like to record . 」
「I understand . 」

Somehow or other, it seems to be like a recording .

After confirming that Oracle-chan has entered inside the [Nullpo Magic Stone], holding the magic stone in hand, I moved about 1 m forward with [Teleportation] .

「I’ve used the magic . 」
「Yeees . 」

When Oracle-chan flew out of the [Nullpo Magic Stone], the [Nullpo Magic Stone] began to shine .

「Oooh . 」

When the light settled down, the Nullpo Magic Stone became more transparent .
When I tried using [Appraisal]……

│【Teleportation Magic Stone】
│When loaded with Magic Power,
│one can move to the specified location instantaneously .
│If one possesses the skill, Space-time Magic,
│it can decrease the MP consumption .
│Rarity: ★★★★★★

It’s done!

It said……hm? [Specified location]?

I was curious and used the magic stone several times, but……no matter how many times I’ve used it, I was [Teleported] to the same place .

「Say, Oracle-chan, does the destination point of this magic stone perhaps fixed?」
「That’s right~, since it was recorded with [Absolute Reference1], the position has become fixed . 」

It has such a mechanism, huh .

「Then, there’s also a [Relative Reference2], right?」
「Oh, amazing, as expected of Seiji, you realized, huh~ . However, you better not record [Teleportation] with [Relative Reference] . 」

「I’m not going to do such a thing because if I’m unlucky, it isn’t unlikely for me to end up [inside a stone] . 」
「It’s just as you said~ . 」

When Oracle-chan and I are talking like that,

「Onii-chan, I don’t understand what you guys are talking about……」

Somehow or other, it seems to be too difficult for Aya .

「Seiji-sama, I don’t understand it that much, was the magic stone completed?」
「Yeah, it was completed . However, it seems it can’t be used like my [Teleportation], the destination point is fixed at this room . 」

「Then, if I have that magic stone, I can go home anytime instantly!」
「Yeah, that’s right . 」

I made magic stones of the same kind for the three and gave one each .

「Yehey! I will be able to go home easily from the junior college with this!! Onii-chan, onii-chan, make a magic stone that can go to the junior college, too . 」

「It’s definitely no good!」

「If you suddenly appear with magic, it will be exposed that you can use magic . 」
「Ah, I see~ . 」

Don’t “ah, I see~” me!
Aya was foolish up to this point……
It’s shameful even though she’s my younger sister .

Well, if an [Invisibility] magic stone is made, she can use [Teleportation] without anyone finding out, but stupid Aya didn’t realize it .

「Seiji-sama, I have a question . 」
「What is it, Elena?」

「With the [Teleportation Magic Stone], is it possible to go to the Dolaidos Kingdom?」

I see……
Elena, you’re saying this and that, when actually, you’re yearning for your father, the King, huh……

「Yeah, it’s possible . 」
「In that case, could you make me a magic stone that can go to the church’s orphanage in the Royal Capital?」

It was different! It wasn’t the King!

「Alright, I understand! I will make as many as you’d like if it’s a request from you, Elena!」

Elena is really a good girl!
The King is outside the mosquito net3 though!

「What about you Hilda, don’t you have a magic stone you’d like to be made?」

「The magic stone that can go to Megumi-chan’s house, it’s no good, isn’t it?」
「Yeah, it’s no good . 」

「In that case~, I’d like a magic stone that can go to Rachel-san’s, Misha-san’s and Cassandra-san’s place, is it fine?」
「If that’s the case, it’s fine . I’ll make three especially for you, Hilda . 」
「Seiji-onii-chan, thank you very much!」

「Mou, both of you are unfairrr . Why only mine is no good!?」

Aya looked like a child, who wasn’t given a candy; she threw a tantrum, throwing herself on the floor and flailing her hands and legs .

She’s completely a child……

What was Oracle-chan doing while we were having such a conversation, you said……

She was stuck to the PC, browsing through a lot of various sites while smirking .
Are you a male middle-schooler browsing through an ero-site!?

Also called Absolute cell reference in spreadsheet app .   Also called Relative cell reference in spreadsheet app .   A Japanese expression referring to the people outside of the community and so they don’t know what’s happening, while everybody else, who’s under the mosquito net, does, but it also used metaphorically like ‘x is not part of the people/things y cares about’ and etc etc .