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Chapter 313

Chapter 313 – Acquiring Japanese Language

While having dinner, I was watching the state of the [Tracking Beacon] searching for the Devil race’s town .

「Onii-chan, the Devil race’s town wasn’t found in the end, what should we do?」
「Since I have work on weekdays, I can only survey the area with [Tracking Beacons] . 」

「Shall I survey the area?」
「Aya, could you return here without [Teleportation Magic Stone]? If something happen, what will you do?」

「Riled up . 」

According to the appraisal result of the [Teleportation Magic Stone], if one possesses the skill, [Space-time Magic], it can decrease the MP consumption .

I should ask [Toki] if Aya and the others can acquire [Space-time magic] .

After having dinner, I summoned [Toki] in my room .

「Mu? You don’t seem to be in the middle of a battle, but what’s your business, Human Seiji?」

「Honestly, I want to have my friends acquire [Space-time Magic], but I want to get your permission . 」

I wonder what’s wrong, [Toki] had been lost in thought .

「It’s probably impossible . 」
「Impossible? What do you mean?」

「You should’ve probably experienced studying about space and time, right?」

Hmm, studying about the space and time?

Come to think of it, I do this type of examination often at work .

With regards to [Time], I often test the performance until the processing is completed .
Afterwards, I handle a great deal of data in time with night batch processing1, review the database design to improve the processing speed, review the logic of the processing itself……

And with regards to [Space], I’ve been in charge of systems related to cartographic information and GPS .
Afterwards, I studied about things like 3D polygon display, too .

「Don’t tell me, [Space-time Magic] can’t be acquired if one hasn’t studied this type of things?」
「That’s right . 」

I see~ .
This seems to be a bit impossible for Aya and the others .

[Toki] went back apologetically .

Well, there’s nothing to be done for something impossible .
Until Aya’s MP exceeds 3, 000, I won’t allow her to act alone over there .


Then, changing the mood, I summoned [Oracle-chan] after [Toki] .

「Woohoo, it’s Seiji’s world~ . Can I use the internet again?」
「After you help me in making a magic stone . 」
「Woohoo . 」

This fellow, she suddenly became easy to handle after knowing the amusement of the net .

「So, what kind of magic stone are we making today?」
「I plan to make a [Language Acquisition Magic Stone] today as a test . 」
「Alright . 」

[Language Acquisition] assigns and implements two elements, the [language to acquire] and the [acquisition level] .
If this is made into a magic stone, are both elements fixed? Or is it different?
The objective this time is to ascertain that area .

「About [Language Acquisition], is it possible to reacquire a language you’ve already acquired?」
「It’s possible~ . 」

「Alright, well then, let’s try it out with Japanese language acquisition . 」

I have Oracle-chan enter inside the Nullpo Magic Stone and executed the acquisition of Lvl 5 [Japanese language] .

│[Language Acquisition Magic Stone]
│When loaded with Magic Power,
│the specified language can be acquired .
│When one possesses the skill, Information Magic,
│it can decrease the MP consumption .
│Rarity: ★★★★★★

It’s completed .

If I make Elena and Hilda use this, the level of the two’s Japanese should rise .
Let’s try it out right away .

「Elena, Hilda, try out the new magic stone I made . 」
「「Yes . 」」

I first handed the magic stone to Elena .
It’s because I don’t know how much MP it will consume .
That’s why Elena, who has a lot of MP, is the first one to try it .

「Ah, Oracle-chan has come . Welcome . 」

Aya heard our conversation and came out of her room .

「Alright, well then, try using the magic stone very carefully . 」

Elena focused her mind and poured Magic Power into the magic stone .

The magic stone worked without a problem and Elena acquired the level 5 Japanese language .

When I tried to appraise her, the MP consumption was 2, 000 .
The MP consumption has become twice of the amount when I used it .
Is this because the level of Elena’s Information Magic is low?

「How is it, Elena? Aren’t there any changes?」
「Uh, Seiji-sama, what kind of magic stone is this in particular?」

「That reminds me, I forgot to tell you what kind of magic stone it is! This is a [Language Acquisition Magic Stone] . Aptly named, the level of your Japanese should’ve become 5 . 」

Elena opened the books about science and the like that she has always been studying and started reading them .

「Seiji-sama, I can also read the complicated kanji characters smoothly!」
「I see! It’s a success . Well then, what about writing the characters?」

「I’ll give it a try . 」

Elena took out a notebook and started writing .

「Let me see…… about that, I can write the characters very skillfully!」
「Yes, somehow, it reached the point where you can tell what character is which!」

There was also an ability to write characters skillfully in Language Acquisition, huh!
I didn’t know that .

Hm? Wait .

I also wrote characters on the notebook as a test .

「Ah, onii-chan, was your handwriting this good before?」
「No, it became good just now . 」
「What do you mean?」

Somehow or other, it seems that the previous level of my Japanese didn’t reach level 5 .
Even though I’m a Japanese…… oh well, it can’t be help since it’s a complicated language!

When I explained it to Aya,

「Me, too!!」

and then, she selfishly snatched the magic stone from Elena and poured magic power into it .

「Ugh, my head……」
「It’s the overuse of magic power . 」

When I tried appraising her, Aya’s MP had been decreased by around 1, 700 .
Since the level of Aya’s Information Magic was level 2, it seemed that the MP consumption adjusted according to the skill’s level, becoming lesser than when Elena used it .

Afterwards, I had Hilda use it, too and the four of us succeeded in raising the level of our Japanese to level 5 .

「Hey, onii-chan . Make a Language Acquisition Magic Stone for English, too . 」
「Go study!」

「T-, That~ . 」