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Chapter 318

Chapter 318 – Rescue Operation


「Hey! The people in the distance listen to my voice, the people in the vicinity come closer and watch carefully . I am the well-known [Golden Armor], the feudal lord of Nippo town, named [Rondo Warstar]!1 You heinous Devils! Fight a duel with me without trying to avoid it!」

Outside the cave which serves as the exit/entrance of the Devil race’s town, Rondo raises hell with a loud voice using the [Megaphone] I lent him .

But, why the historical drama style?

Also, the language that Rondo is speaking is [Devil Language] .
Somehow or other, the region around here seemed to have been recognized as the territory of the [Devil race], so he was able to acquire the [Devil Language] with [Temporary Language Acquisition Magic Stone +2] .

Surprised at the very loud volume of the [Megaphone], the Devils come out from the cave one after another .

Alright, with this opportunity, I……


I teleported towards Bunmi-san, who was concealing himself in the biggest slave POW camp, with [Teleportation] .

「Bunmi-san, how’s the situtation . 」
「Oh, it’s Seiji-dono, huh . There’s no changes here at the moment . However, it’s really hard to converse when you couldn’t see the people talking to you . 」

I had the 3 people, Bunmi-san, Cassandra-san and Hilda turned their bodies invisible with [Invisibility Magic Stone] and had them watch over the POW camp .
That [Invisibility Magic Stone] was made beforehand .
By the way, I had the three people hold hands in order for them to not lose each other .
By the way of the by the way, Cassandra-san is the center .

「Seiji, how long are we going to wait?」

Muu, it’s Cassandra-san, huh, it’s really hard to converse when you couldn’t see the one talking to you .

「Rondo is attracting the attention of the Devils right now . Please wait a little bit more . 」
「Un . 」

After waiting for a while, the movements of the Devils became lively, of the 10 or so people standing guard, around half of them went outside the town .
They are probably going towards the place where Rondo, who is raising hell outside the town, is as reinforcements .

「Alright, it seems good now . Everyone, split up and take on the remaining guards . 」

There are 5 Devil guards in total; 1 of them is sitting in the guardroom while the rest are patrolling on the walls in pairs .

Cassandra-san and Hilda will take on the fellow in the guardroom .
As for the 2 pairs patrolling on the walls, Bunmi-san and I decided to take on a pair each .

The first to move are Cassandra-san and Hilda .

Hilda covered the one, who seemed to be taking a break, in the guardroom with a sack from behind and then surprisingly, Cassandra-san tied a rope around him using that opportunity, neutralizing him .

Hilda uses a small [Fire Magic] in the POW camp’s open space, signaling that their strategy has succeeded .

Bunmi-san and I started to move simultaneously at the signal, while I put the 2 of them asleep with [Sleep] magic, Bunmi-san mowed the other 2 without hesitation .
As expected of Bunmi-san .

After annihilating the Devil guards, the 4 of us removed the [Invisibility] magic and appeared before the captured people .

「Everyone, we came to help!」
「Seriously!? I didn’t think that help will come . 」

When I called out to the captured people, the Humans shouted in delight .

『I’m the Demon Bunmi! My fellows who fell into the enemy’s hands, I came to help you!』

『Ooh! We’re saved, it’s Bunmi-dono!』

The Demons, too, seeing Bunmi-san’s figure, shouted in delight .
Is Bunmi-san perhaps a celebrity among the Demons?

「Well then, everyone, since I will take you to a safe place with magic, join hands in a circle, 20 people at a time . 」

There are probably around 500 Humans and around 60 Demons?

I start to shuttle them outside the Devil race’s town with [Teleportation Magic], 20 people at a time .

This number of people, even I may get a little tired……


It was then when I’ve transferred about half of them over……


A sound, which seems to have come from whistle of sort, resounded in the area .

Hearing the sound of that whistle, Devils gathering at the POW camp can be seen .

「Not good, we’ve been discovered . Bunmi-san, Cassandra-san and Hilda, please prevent them from approaching until I’m done transporting them . 」

「Count on me!」「Leave it to me . 」「I’ll do my best!」

While the 3 people were holding back the Devils, I have to hurry shuttling the people out .

\Ironically, the tall walls that prevent the slaves from getting away were conversely blocking the Devils’ assault .

Bunmi-san stands imposingly in the middle of the entrance with a daunting pose while Cassandra-san and Hilda will cover him from the rear, is their battle formation .

The enemies coming front the front were cut down by Bunmi-san while the enemies, who were trying to pass through the sides, were blown away by Cassandra-san and had their bodies covered in flames by Hilda .

The Demons and some Humans that were captured made an offer to fight, but all of those who have fighting ability have [Slave Collar] attached on them, thus unable to fight .

After shuttling repeatedly for a while, I somehow managed to transport all of them into a safe place .

「Rescue, finished! Let’s go to the next camp . 」

Looking at the crowd of Devils that have been thinned out, I called out to Bunmi-san and the others and used [Teleportation] towards the next camp .


「Mai-san, are you alright?」
「I just tidied everything up……or so I thought . It seems the next enemies have come, I’m off for a bit . 」

At the place, there were several knocked-out Devils scattered about .

「Then, Hilda and I will be going ahead first towards the place where Aya is, Bunmi-san, Cassandra-san, I’ll leave this place to you guys . 」
「Roger!」「Un . 」

Entrusting the place to the 3 people, Hilda and I used [Teleportation] towards the place where Aya is .



The moment we arrived at the place where Aya is, a coarse scream of a Devil echoed out .
It was the moment that the Devil, which received Aya’s vital strike, fell face down, holding his butt .

「Aya, are you alr…it looks like you are, huh . 」

「Ah, onii-chan and Hilda-chan, were you worried about me and came to help? It’s tiring as they are slightly numerous, but I’m still alright~ . 」

Aya, though surrounded by numerous Devils, was going around performing Vital Attack at the Devils with stab, stab while avoiding their attacks with fast movements .

Whenever a Devil’s vital was stabbed, “hooray!”, cheers erupted from the people, who were captured at the POW camp, watching at a distant location .

Aya, while responding to such cheers with a smile, repeatedly ‘danced wildly unmatched2‘ .

「Hilda, since I will get these people out of here, I leave assisting Aya to you . 」
「Yes, understood . 」

When Hilda went up to help Aya, a huge flame tornado formed at the location where Aya was ‘dancing wildly unmatched’ and a magnificent applause erupted from the spectating people .

「Alright, everyone, I’m going to get you guys out of here with magic~!」

I persuade the people, who were being impossible asking to spectate some more, and shuttle the 100 or so people there to a safe place .

「Haah, I’m done rescuing everyone~ . 」

「Sigh, the audience has disappeared . 」

Aya lost her motivation as soon as the audience has disappeared, leaving the Devils alone, she ran away towards me with Hilda .

「Onii-chan, quickly, let’s escape . It’s a bit exhausting . 」
「Since there’s one more POW camp remaining, hold on for a bit more . 」
「Yes . 」

I, along with Aya and Hilda, went towards the last POW camp, which were being defended by Bunmi-san and the others with [Teleportation] .

Self-intro of samurais during war in ancient times .   無双(musou) lit . means matchless/peerless .