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Chapter 32


「There’s something I want to say to you Aya . 」 「What is it?」

「If you want to become an adventurer, I won’t stop you but, when you’re going to do something dangerous, I’ll come with you, deal?」 「Yup . 」

「I’m on a paid leave until tomorrow, so I’ll be working again the day after, which means, I’m not available during weekdays except on weekends, we’ll go to the different world on Saturday, and return to Japan on Sunday . 」 「Oh, I see . 」

「We can only go out on weekends if we’re going to become adventurers . 」 「Thank you, well then,『Weekend heroes』it is . 」

「What’s with that naming? Today is already late and we can’t go to different world anyway, so we’ll go to the different world next week, good?」 「Y-yes, it can’t be helped . 」


After a while, Elena finally woke up . 「Eh? Seiji-sama, I-I fell asleep?」 「Ah, because you’ve exhausted your magic power to heal my wound, so you’ve become tired and fell asleep . 」

Then we’ll talk about our【Activity Plan】for the future .

「So we’ll become adventurers in the world over there on weekends, and Aya will get ready to go to Junior College properly . 」 「「Yesss!」」

「Elena, is there something you want to do in this world?」 「I want to know more about【Japan】 . 」 「【Japan】?~ What about it?~」 「I want to be able to use【Chopsticks】from now on, and I want to be able to speak Japanese even without【Magic stone】 . 」 「I see, I have to think of a good method . 」

「I want niichan to help me with moving . 」 「Come to think of it, we don’t have enough futon . 」 「More than that, I also don’t have a change of clothes . 」 「Change of clothes? Didn’t you bought clothes over there?」

「No, I don’t have spare underwear!」 「Oh, I see, it’s like that, you didn’t sort out that place earlier, for the meantime, Elena…」

Pikon! I came up with a ‘killing two birds with one stone’ method .

「Elena, I’ll have you watch an【Anime】DVD!」 「Why【Anime】?」 「What’s an【Anime】?」

「Foreigners learn more about Japan through【Anime】, don’t you think it’s an excellent motive?」 「Well, it’s better than nothing . 」 「I’d like to see【Animation】 . 」 「Then, wait here, I’ll go and prepare . 」

「Is this black square-like picture frame is【Animation】? I’m interested to know what is this for some time now . 」

「Well, you’ll see first, push the 【Open/Close】on the DVD . 」 「Oh, something came out!」

「And then, you set the DVD of 【Anime】here . 」 「It’s a seven-colored-shining-disc-like thing, beautiful . 」

「Then you press the 【Open/Close】once again . 」 「Oh, the seven-colored-shining-disc-like thing entered . 」

「Then you switch ON the LCD TV . 」 「The black frame is starting to emit a faint light . 」

「Lastly, you press the 【Play】button on the remote control . 」 「Woaa!! a picture was projected, I can hear music from somewhere, Aaa!! The picture moved!!! This is an amazing magic!!」

「See that, the show starts when the picture begins to move, you’ll understand a little of Japan when you watch this . 」 「Alright!」

「Aya, let’s move your things for the mean time… Argh! Why are you watching, Aya!」 「I’ve watch this anime movie with niichan, it feels nostalgic~」

「Hey Aya, aren’t you going to move your things? I-it’s useless, they’re already watching it, well, let’s do the moving after watching this . 」

After the after that, Elena and Aya had watched three DVD . Meanwhile, I used 【Teleportation】 and 【Inventory】to finish Aya’s moving alone .

Our parents became suspicious when they saw that Aya’s things suddenly disappeared in her room, I cover it up well on the phone .

I mean, aren’t you ashamed to let me bring your underwear!