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Chapter 323

Back and Forth – Chapter 323: Yuusha Banzai

TL: Suidish

I who knocked down a dragon,
went towards the two chatting spirits, and then regrouped with everyone else .


「「Yuusha Banzai!!」」

What is this?


Elena rushes towards me and kisses me on my right cheek .
What does this mean?

「Princess Elena kissed the hero!」

Like, everyone,
got excited .


Was this an aftereffect of the【Fear】state which was induced by the 【Dragon’s Roar】?
Did the dragon seem like an extremely strong enemy to everybody, could this have been caused by 【Fear】?


「Nii-chan, were you injured?」

Aya is worried about me……
Is she faking it?

「Nii-chan, what’s with the funny faces?」
I was born with it! (T/N: 「生まれつきだ! そんな事より、なんか出迎えが盛大だけど、どういうことだ?」)
Such a magnificent reception,
what is this?」

Aya pointed toward Lyle Gewalt and said a strange thing .

「That uncle,
advertised nii-chan as a 『Yuusha』」

So he’s the cause of the uproar!
I’ll need to teach him lesson later……


「By the way, nii-chan,
This makes me feel uncomfortable,
『There』, you know?」
「Aa, Lightning Spirit and Earth Spirit」

「I’m jealous~
I want a spirit too!」

Are you a child or something!

「Do you see a 【Wind Magic】 of Level 5,
Spirits, sign a contract with me?」
「Yeah! ?」

Because I did the trial with the Spirit by the trial of the sword,
that time, Does everybody challenge it?


「Yes, there are things that Oracle-chan can help with after this,
It probably will be good to also call aitsu . 」

I call Oracle-chan .

Called the spirit!!!」

What is this commotion?

Can Oracle-chan be seen by ordinary people too?


As always, Oracle-chan was overflowing with happiness,
She seems dignified today,
It’s almost like she’s acting, because of the crowd .

The nerve on her .

I can’t control them at all…… .


After some time had passed,
the uproar had settled down since then,
I decided to send those of whom we had saved, to their respective cities .

「Seiji-sama, is this number of people not hard to do by yourself?」

Elena is worried .

「Naïve child, it’s fine .
Truthfully, there is a trick to it . 」
「What’s the trick?」


The secret is the magic stone of 【Teleportation】,
I make a stone for each city, I allow everyone to help me .

I, along with Oracle-chan, use 【Teleportation】 to go to each city once,
at the same time, I will instantly make a magic stone of 【Teleportation】 to that city .
After which, it is time to return home, of which I have also made a magic stone for,

I give the people with a lot of MP, 2 mana stones, this is to help us with transportation of the people .


That was the plan, but……

At the moment, the magic stone of 【Teleportation】,
Requires 1000MP per use .

Not many people have over 1000MP besides our group,
Just 3 people from the magician corps, and 5 from bunmi . (T/N: Not too sure on this, here’s the raw,  リルラ、魔法使い部隊の3人、ブンミーさんの5人だけ。)


Even so, a majority got picked up in the end,
I had everybody help with about half of them,
while licking the candy Hilda had created,
I managed to deliver everyone to each city, somehow .


「fuu-, I’m tired~」

When the transporting is completed I looked around,
I noticed that everybody was tired from using a large amount of MP .

It was just Rondo and Lyle Gewalt, whom didn’t have enough MP to help with the transporting of the others .

Rondo turns round and pats the back of each of the magicians corps members, but,

Lyle Gewalt had an unpleasant look, a smirk of sorts, and approached me .

「By the way, Seiji-dono」
「stupid, lord!?」(T/N: Again not sure on this, 「ど、殿!?」)

Even though I’m used to abandoning him!?
what, he’s giving me the creeps .

「What is it?」
「That is a convenient magic stone, but ~
Can you hand it over?」

「I refuse .
or, perhaps I should say,
you’re being impudent

「What did you say,
I do not mean『Give it to me』 for personal use .
Yes, this is for the Kingdom of Delaidos .
For that, shouldn’t you cede?」(T/N: Again not sure,  ドレアドス王国のために、ここは譲るべきではないかな?」)

What is this 『shouldn’t you cede?』!

However, I am not a demon .
If it is 『for the Kingdom of Delaidos』, it should be fine .


Rondo, Lela, and Bunmi-san,
assemble for a while

「What is it?」「You, What is it?」「What is it?」

The 3 people gather .

「This is a 【Magic Stone of Teleportation】, but
because I no longer have any use it, please distribute it between you 3」

「Oh, good! ?」
「Se, Seiji!」
「I am grateful」

The devil stone has 2 or 3 three points in each town, (T/N: Not sure,  魔石は、各街へのものが2,3個ずつあるので、)
It should be enough for 3 people .


「B, By the way,
Where is mine?」

Lyle Gewalt asked with a sour face .

In the first place, will it not be unusable by you?
You can ask the person who can use it
Is it not for the Delaidos Kingdom?」

「Th, That is……」

Lyle Gewalt had a face like melted money (T/N: This line is pretty unreadable,  ライルゲバルトは、FXで有り金全部溶かしたような顔をしていた。)


「Well then, we are leaving .
Please come and visit again some time . 」

Rondo, accompanied by Mischa and Rachel, came to greet us .

I exchanged a firm handshake with Rondo .

「A, if you come to play……」
By all means, bring Aya……」
「Saa, Rondo-sama, we will return home!」

Rondo was pulled by Misha,
and I decided to go to the city of Nippo using the 【Magic Stone of Teleportation】 . (T/N: I decided to change the sentence a little bit, because it originally didn’t fit with use of the comma used on the previous line . I was unsure whether to put Japan or Nippo, because, iirc there is a city called Nippo, corrct me if I’m wrong)


「Well, will we also go home?」

Both, Bunmi-san and Cassandra-san shook hands with me, and returned home .


「You should go to .
Hurry up」

Lyle Gewalt declares .

If you want to go home, why do not you go back?」
「Are you telling me to return home on foot?!」

Are you telling me to return you using 【Teleportation】 . (T/N: 俺に【瞬間移動】で送れと言っているのか。Honestly I’m struggling with this chapter . )

「Moderate exercise is good for health, you know? 」

Lyle Gewalt glares at me,

「Otou-sama, I will send you」

Lela chimes in .

「Oo, my daughter is so kind .
On the contrary, you are like a demon . 」

Lyle Gewalt scowls at me .

Is that so? Is that so?, If you say so,
I have to answer your expectations .


「Oi, Lyle Gewalt!
The price for hiring this mercenary is 1 million gold .
Pay properly」
「I, I know that」

「Don’t shirk payment……
Boasting your daughter Lela, (T/N: Unsure here,  お前の自慢の娘リルラを攫って、)
If you don’t do it, I will her a『Slaves』」
「Wh, Wh, What was that!」
「I have to be Seiji’s slave!!?」(T/N:「わ、私が、セイジの、奴隷に!!?」)

Lyle Gewalt’s face is red with anger .
Lela, is also for some reason, red in the face .

It’s just a joke,
And yet they are so mad…… .