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Chapter 329

chapter 329: Northern Mountain Bandits




「Kyaa!! What a terrible sight!」


As soon as we arrived at school, Nancy´s mom screamed . Several adults who are supposed to be teachers are injured, and some children are also injured .


Especially, there is a man with a severe injury, and he doesn't move as if he is dead .


That man is in danger .


「Jennifer-san, it's dangerous . Please come down」


Lily is wary of her surroundings while protecting Jennifer-san . Is this person an escort after all?


I approach the person who is seriously injured while also be wary of the vicinity .


『Are you okay?』


There is no reply, very dangerous . I can not use magic in public, but I can't abandon this person .


I used [Recovery magic] so as not to be noticed as much as possible . The scratches in the range that can be seen from the outside have the bleeding suppressed a little and priority is given to internal organs damage .


However, this scar is caused by a gun . Moreover, several hits . Why do bandits do this?


At that moment, Nima-chan brought the vigilante people, and so the treatment of the injured people began .


I leave the treatment to them and return to the village chief and Nancy´s mom .


「Are those who are injured safe?」


Nancy´s mom is anxious .


「I think they are fine」


「Well, I hope so . . . . . . . 」


First of all, I need to gather information .


『Village chief, what's this all about? Why would the bandits do this?』


The village chief started talking with a shabby face .


『At first it was a [Caterpillar fungus]』


【Caterpillar fungus】? Ah, that herbal medicine . . . . . . .


『What happened to the 【Caterpillar fungus】? 』


『The 【Caterpillar fungus】can be taken from the northernmost mountain . For that, some guys illegally took over the border . . . . . . . and the police started to crack down on them .   To oppose it, those fellows started to arm themselves and eventually began to attack villages . . . . . . 』


I see . . . . . . . It's because of them that the mine of [Nullpo Stones] is occupied .


「Jennifer-san, this place is dangerous . Let us return to a safe place」


Lily-san proposes to evacuate . As expected of Lily-san, she had to think about the safety of Jennifer-san first .


「Well, leave the village to the village people and let us evacuate」


「Well, let's do that」


If it's decided, I will speak to the village chief .


『Village chief, I am sorry but we will evacuate』


『That's right, we can't afford to put a customer in danger . So let me introduce you to Nima』


We were guided by Nima-chan and rushed to the accommodation .




『The two women, please use this room and the man that room here . Well then, I will return to everyone . Never leave the rooms until safety is confirmed』


Nima-chan is a solid girl . Maybe the grandchild of the village chief?


I entered the assigned room and locked it from the inside . Jennifer and Lily-san have been attached with a [Tracking beacon] in advance, so I will know if danger comes close . Now I am worried about the people in the village .


I changed to my usual ninja outfit and used [Teleportation] to the school .




The injured have already been carried and collected in the nearby temple . As the evening was approaching, I hid my figure using [Nightshade] and went to see the injured people .


The person who was the most seriously injured seems to have been okay, but he hadn't regained his consciousness yet . According to the story that I was eavesdropping, it seems that the children were attacked and he protected them with his own body which made him get injured . He seems to be a respectable person .


The children who were sleeping after being injured are cured with [Recovery magic] by me . They will be surprised later, but it can't be helped, as I can't bear to see the children hurt .


A red dot appeared on the map when I finished treating the children .


They seemed to have appeared again without bands .


I guess I'm going to peek a little .




In the forest near the school . Two bandits were hiding holding a gun .


『Look, there's nobody in the village observing us!』


It's not Dzongkha, it's words of the neighboring country . As expected those guys are from another country .


『Don't say such a thing, it's useless because the boss says to bring another girl back』


Another woman?? No way!! Were the women already taken away!?


I must hurry!!




I made the bandits collapse by using 【Blitz】, took their weapons and tied them up with a rope .


『Hey, guys, wake up』


I splash water and forcibly wake them up with the magic of 【Wake up】 .


『Wh, What, you!』


『Ni, Ninja . . . . . . 』


『Hurry up and tell me where your hideout is!』


Bumb, Bumb!


『Hii!! Hi, hideout . . . . . . not a problem . Only life is lazy~』


It was easy as I threatened them with【Blitz】 .


『Relax, take a rest』


Bumb, Bumb .




They had a good night's sleep and I headed for their hideout's location that they had given me .




Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus