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Chapter 34

「I’m off . 」 「「Take care . 」」

The next morning, I was seen off to work by Aya and Elena .

While riding the train on the way to work, I checked the situation of 『Aria-san』 and 『Azide-san』 using 【Track】 .

『Aria-san』 is living vigoriously with the children .

『Azide-san』 is travelling to an unknown wilderness while riding on a large horse-drawn carriage and is guarded by an adventurer-like men .

Oops! He’s already departed . I wonder, when will he arrive at the next town? It seems to be necessary to check on him diligently in the future .

「Good morning . 」

I greeted my colleagues and take my seat then I turned on the PC and logged in, I got tired when I saw the large number of emails I had received . After I finished moderating all the emails, I didn’t find any particular problem, so I take a break and rest .

However, I noticed something unfamiliar displayed on the PC screen, a【Warning icon】 is flashing on and off .

「What’s this?」

I asked a colleague sitting next to me about this icon but (s)he didn’t know either . Furthermore, when I had my collegue to look at my monitor, (s)he doesn’t seem to see the 【Warning icon】 .

Is it only visible to me? Is it perhaps a phenomenon related to magic?

I tried to cautiously open the folder with 【Warning icon】on the server . Once I opened the folder, a source file with the same 【Warning icon】came up . This time, I tried to open the source file . The source file is a program source for the system I used last time, in a certain part of the source, a same 【Warning icon】appeared .

I wonder, what’s in the location of the source?

I carefully checked that part .

「T-this is, a bug!!」

Suprisingly, a bug is hidden in that part . Furthermore, this bug is dangerous . It will trigger under a specific condition, once it is met, it will delete all the important folders, what a dangerous bug .

I immediately contacted the programmer to debug it somehow and prevent it from causing a fatal malfunction .

Afterwards, I found similar【Warning icon】in several locations, we were able to debug a total of 3 bugs in a single day .

「Maruyama-san, you’re on a roll in finding bugs today . How were you able to do it?」

It surprised my colleague sitting next to me .

「Actually, during my paid leave, I acquired a magic ability . 」 「You’re kidding again . 」 Well, I’m not kidding .

Apparently, the【Warning icon】is under the effect of【Vigilance】magic . It’s effective to documents such as source files, specification documents and the like, acquiring such magic is really nice . With this, can I make the system without bugs!?

The best usable magic so far is【Language Acquisition】magic . I used 1000 MP with【Language Acquisition】and learned LVL5【English】 . Thanks to that, I was able to directly read an article in【English】 . It’s also useful when directly reading the English output messages on the server .

Thanks to magic, today’s work ended early . How many years has it been since I last returned home on a regular time .


When I got home, Elena is in the living room .

She’s wearing a frilly dress and swinging a【Baton】while practicing the【Magical girl】transformation scene .

「Elena, what are you doing?」 「Se-Seiji-sama! T-this is…」 「Oh, niichan, welcome home~ Elena-chan got addicted to the【Anime】of【Magical girl】 . 」

「I’m home, where did you get a【Baton】?」 「That thing is what I used when I was in High school . 」 「Does Elena want to use that kind of weapon?」 「No, well, uh… this, I was only playing with this… Mou! Please don’t tease me . 」

Elena is embarrassed and her face is deep red .

「No no, I’m not teasing you . We need weapons if we are to become adventurers, right? So, I want to know what is your weapon of choice . 」 「I’m sorry, I thought you were . I… haven’t properly consider choosing a weapon . 」 「Elena-chan, you don’t think a【Baton】is a good weapon?」 「How do you fight using a【Baton】?」

「Aren’t there any magician weapons like【Staff】or【Rod】in the different world?」 「Oh, there is . A【Rod】with a【Gem】embedded on it is a【Magic tool】that strengthen one’s magic . 」 「I see, let’s buy a【Rod】for Elena’s weapon next time . How about you, Aya?」

「I want to use a cool【Sword】~」 「Do you want to try using a【Sword】?」

I handed a【Sword】that I【plunder】from a soldier to Aya .

「Oh, it’s heavy~」 「Eh!? Is it that heavy?」 「Yea, it’s impossible with this though it’s good if it’s lighter . 」

「Hmmm… let’s try to find Aya a lighter【Sword】in the weapon shop of different world . 」 「Yeah, let’s do that . 」

「Oh, there’s a knife, do you wanna try to use it?」 「Knife? What kind?」

I showed the【Knife】I【Plunder】from the 3 thugs .

「Here it is . 」 「This was from the guys who attacked us…」 「Oh, yes it is . Should I take it away?」 「Yea, take it away because it had bad a image . 」

In the end, I’ll take them both to look into the weapon shop later .

But, Elena’s transformation scene earlier is so cute~ I wonder if she’ll do it again~

Such a thing, I’m not thinking about it at all!