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Chapter 355-364

Going Back and Forth Between Earth and The Other World with Space Time Magic Chapter 356-364

Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 356: Olga´s rampage




Olga, who turned into an orc, was attacking the people around her indiscriminately.


She was also trying to attack those who ran away.


「Stop it!」


Dosun. I intercepted and caught Olga´s fist.


It's a pretty heavy attack, but it's nothing compared to the demons of the different world.




Olga was able to catch my fist and bark at me.


「Come on, run away without delay!」


「Ye, Yess~!」


The tournament officials who were about to be attacked ran away at once.


「Older brother, what are you doing? Are you going to attack her?」


Mai-san picked up Olga´s fist as she came near and asked. I tried to use [Sleep], but it wasn't effective. Really, what shall we do? Shall I attack her?


「No, I believe we can restore her to normal, but we need to immobilize her」


「I´m not good at immobilizing someone」


Well, Mai-san´s physique is not good.


「Then, let's immobilize her together, I'll hold her right hand and you the left hand」




We pushed Olga down on the stomach and held each arm tightly.




Olga desperately tried to escape, but we managed to seal her movement somehow.


「Elder brother we were successful in restraining her, but what are we going to do next?」


「What to do now!」


I didn't think about that.......


After suppressing Olga, what are we going to do?!


When I tried to think about that.


「What? Nii-chan, what's this fuss about?」




When I thought about it, Aya appeared. It seems she came out of the waiting room after hearing the noise.


「Why! Why is there an orc on earth!」


Aya is surprised to see Olga who we are holding down.


「This guy is the Russian athlete Olga, and it's unknown why she transformed」 「Seriously!?」


Well, what did you come out for!


『Hey, you guys! get away from this girl!!』


Hmm? Who is it this time?


When I looked, it was the white-coated man.


But get away...... doesn't he understand the situation?


『Don't you see it! Because this person is violent, we're holding her down! Escape quickly it's dangerous』


The man ignored my advice and came close.


Then he took out a syringe from his chest...... it wasn't for Olga, but for some reason, he tried to give me an injection.


『Hey, what are you trying to do!』


I avoided the syringe quickly, but I had to release my hands from Olga´s arm which we caught.




Olga stood up with her freed right hand.




And shortly after, she hit the white-coated man nearby.


Dangerous! Is he dead!?


The white-coated man flew away from the punch and hit the wall. He seems to be still alive.


It may be that Olga held her strength back on this punch unconsciously.


「Emm, older brother. Why did you let go of her hand?」


Mai-san was still holding on the left hand of the raging Olga.




I caught the right arm of Olga again and pushed her down.


After all that, did we just return to how we were?


I would like to go see the injured state of the man who was beaten, but I am busy holding down and can't go to see him.


「Hey Aya, please look at the man who was hit」




Aya approached the man who was blown away and helped him.


『It hurts! It hurts!!』


The man twitched his face, with blood coming from his nose, mouth, ears, eyes and so on.


Well that's pretty bad, isn't it?


But the man took out another syringe from his coat and injected it himself in his arm.


What is he doing!?


A few seconds after the man injected himself. Suddenly he regained calmness and got up quickly.


Hey, what's that quick effect!


The man completely ignored his injuries as he grinned and laughed.


『Its a pleasant miscalculation that the power rises so far. Kukukukuku......』


Wh, what is he saying in this situation?


『But, what is it....... In order to stop her, I have no choice but to use that』


The man entered the fighters waiting room after he said so.


I´ll let him alone for now. First of all, I have to manage Olga.


「Hey Aya, please search for a rope or so, so that we can seal her movements completely」




Aya went searching for a rope. In exchange for it, Elena and Hilda came.


「Seiji-sama, are you alright?」


「I´m fine. What about the injured people?」


「The treatment is over. It seems they have been moved to another place now」


That's good.


Let's concentrate on Olga.


「Elena, can't you return her to the origin with [Recovery magic]?」


「I´ll try」


Elena is touching the body of Olga and observes the situation. And I noticed something.


「No, it feels like something is embedded」




What on earth is embedded!?




Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 357: Tie up Olga




「There was a rope~」


Aya has found a thick rope that seems to be strong. Good job Aya. With that, we can restrain Olga.


That? How do you restrain a person with a rope, what will I do? Tortoise restraint? If I´m not busy scooping over Olga, I would search for a video of how to tie and see it~


Because there was no choice, I ordinarily restrained both hands with both hands tightly bound.


Even if a bit of the rope bites into the wrists, it can't be helped.......




Finally, we did it.


「Nii-chan, you are accustomed to the way of tying up women」


Aya says something stupid thing.


「Aya, do you want to be tied so much?」


「Stop. Next time, let's try to tie up Elena-chan and play with her」


You, Aya! Serious!!!!


After that, I hope to restore Olga to normal.......


Let's try [Appraisal] again in the meantime.


In terms of status, though it hasn't changed, the status is 『???』. Is it an abnormal state that isn't known even by Appraisal?


By the way, Elena said something was embedded.


「Elena, what do you mean with something is embedded?」


「I'm not sure. There is nothing in her body. A force from the back of the body, such as something that is forcible, it feels like that. I don't know how to remove it. I'm sorry to say that」


「No, it can't be helped」


Well, what does it mean? I don't understand it. Was she embed with something in the experiment?


「Older brother」


Next, Mai-san comes up.


「Mai-san, what's wrong?」


「Somehow by Olga...... I feel the flow of a strange magic power... around the center of her head」


「What did you say!?」


Mai-san's 【Magical Sense】!


Perhaps it is the embedded one.


But it's around the center of her head! In such a place, it is impossible to cut the body with a knife, remove the foreign object and immediately heal it with recovery magic.


Perhaps, it is not only Olga, Masha and Irina are also in similar circumstances?


Hmm? The flow of magic power?


Perhaps, due to some kind of magic power, state anomalies are being maintained?


If so, won't she return to normal if the magic power is gone?


Is this the turn of '【Magic Robbery】? It is something that Yurie-san is occasionally doing when she is crazy.


I put my hands on the head of Olga who had become an orc and activated [Magic Robbery].


「Oo! Older brother isn't it a nice feeling, the flow of that strange magic power are all sucked in」


Apparently, it seems to be going well.


And the MP of Olga finally became "0".


「Ah! Nii-chan! Olga´s body is shrinking!」


As Aya says, the condition abnormality of Olga is lifted and then she returned to her former woman's appearance.


And, although she lost consciousness as it was, as a result of [Appraisal], the condition abnormality disappeared. It seems that she is just sleeping normally.


Even the rope restraining her has been solved by the shrinkage of her body.


Well, the state abnormality is healed, and there is nothing to restrain her anymore.


『Thank you for your cooperation, thanks....... Al, Already, is it okay now?』


As soon as the abnormal condition of Olga was cured, as soon as she got ok, the security guards came. You guys are late!


『I don't understand it well, but perhaps she's returned to normal due to time』


『Th, that's right. Is it okay to bring her to the medical office?』


Somehow, they are very small. Well, there is no stuff though.


『Perhaps, I think that's fine』


I think it's okay, so I answered that.


The security guards brought a stretcher to carry Olga.


『Then, we will carry Olga to the medical office』


The security guards tried to put Olga on the stretcher......,


It was just then.




Explosion sounds ring at the match venue. The big iron door at the hall was destroyed and blew away.




The gaze of everyone who was there, including us, concentrates on the door that was destroyed.




Dosun. Dosun.


Massive footsteps ring......


From the other side of the door that was destroyed, a huge creature? But it appeared slowly.


「Wh, Why are you!」


What appeared there.......


It was a 『Dragon』.




No no, that's impossible!


I didn't see it on the map until a while ago.


In the first place, why is a dragon on Earth!!




Everyone in the hall couldn't understand the situation and are just quietly standing around.


The dragon is about the size of an elephant. As a dragon, is not it a little small?


And it slowly inhales its breath.




A great roar is raised.


The whole venue trembles by the roar.


And the people who heard it fell down and couldn't move.


「Hi, Hii……」


The guard who was close to me also released a small scream.


『Kuhehehe....... That's good! No way, this [Experimental body No.1] also, to exert the power of this one! The shape was a little crazy, but that doesn't matter!』


Is it because of the injection he gave before? Doesn't that guy have even a little bit of tension?


『Come on, 【Experiment No. 1】! Let's recapture 【Experiment No. 2】!!』


The white-coated man struck the dragon's tail.


Perhaps that dragon is [Experiment No.1], Olga is [Experiment No.2].




At the next moment,


The white-coated man...... the dragon, without hesitation, bit into his head...... ouch.



Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 358: A battle against a dragon in Rio





The dragon has swallowed him whole.


It was a sudden thing. I could not deal with it.


The whole venue that saw it causes a big panic. People rushing to escape to the exits. A man who is handicapped tries to run away by crawling.


In the meantime, a baby that was held by its mother in the audience seats had begun to cry. The mom is still stunned.


The dragon, when it saw that baby, put out its tongue. Maybe, is it targeting that girl?


The dragon jumped with momentum. And with that momentum opened its mouth wide, attacking the baby and its mother.


Not good!


I moved with [Teleportation] to the dragon's side and captured the upper and lower jaws of the widely opened mouth with both hands, respectively.




The dragon suddenly closed its mouth and was confused.


「Run away now!」



I tried speaking to the mother, but she couldn't move out of fear.




「What, Nii-chan」


When I called Aya, she came straight away.


「Take the baby and mother behind me to a safe place!」


「Roger that!」


Aya embraced the mother holding the baby and moved her to a safe place.


Looking at the venue, Elena and Hilda were carrying Olga who fainted away on the stretcher. Both of them are good girls!


It seems better to move down.


「You also get down」


I pushed the dragon off from the audience seats toward the venue.


When I thrust down the dragon, I broke the handrail of the audience seat a bit, but it can be forgiven, right?


「Older brother, I will help you exterminate the dragon」


When I got down, Mai-san was about to join as an assistant.




「Mai-san can you help Aya with the evacuation of the crowd?」


「Yes, but what about the dragon?」


「Well, I will knock it down myself」


「I don't quite understand, but I can see a strong magic power around the breast of this dragon, surely that's the core of this being」


Mai-san moved toward the evacuation guidance of the general public. She has magic eyes and so she can see the core....


Well, I have to hold back until the people have been evacuated.


This is troublesome~. I could beat this guy with one blow.


I hold down the dragon for a while, the door of the venue was empty, someone came in.


「What? Where did everyone go? What about the match?」


It was Yurie-san who appeared.


「What! Yurie-san why are you here!?」


「What, older brother. Older brother it's prohibited to enter here if you aren't a participant. Besides, since a little while ago...... what are you holding down?」


Yurie-san is still unaware of the dragon. Adjusting the position of her glasses...... her eyes met with the dragon.


「DrDrDr, Dragon!? WhWhWh, what is this!?」


The dragon's tail attacked Yurie-san who was puzzled by surprise.




The tail of the dragon was received by Mai-san who appeared at once.


「Ma, Manager!」


「!!? As expected, a dragon´s attack is pretty strong」


Mai-san's hands which received the dragon's tail attack was a bit red.


「Manager...... your hands!?」


「What, that much is fine. Hey, Yurie-kun are you alright?」


「I´m fine.... But, for me...... you got hurt....... an injury......」


Around Yurie-san, something like a black mist began swirling.


「Wait, Yurie-kun. Calm down!」


「I injured my manager....... This fucking lizard! I won't forgive you!!」


A black tentacle extends from Yurie-san's skirt and attacks the dragon. And the tentacle began to wind around the dragon.


However, due to the dragon's rampage, the tentacle couldn't completely block its movement and Yurie-san struggles.


After a while, Elena, Hilda, and Aya came back after evacuating all the civilians.


「Nii-chan, everyone evacuated. So, what? Why is Yurie-san here!?」


「Why...... did everyone come back? I will keep the dragon down, so everyone run away now!」


Yurie-san is trying to hold down the dragon on her own.


Mai-san is approaching Yurie-san.


「Yurie-kun. Did you notice that you can use magic?」


「Eh yes....... Maybe the real me is a princess of a magical country. No wonder everyone is surprised. But! I think that it is necessary for me to return to the magical country, because everyone saw the magic. Thank you for being with me until now」


Yurie-san is tearful. Apparently, she noticed that she could use magic, so she was worrying without saying it to anyone.


And she seems to think herself seriously as a princess of a magical country. Why did she think so?


「Quickly, get away, I won't be able to hold it anymore......」


Yurie-san's tentacle couldn't control the dragon, and it seemed that the restraint couldn't be held any longer.


It can't be helped~.


I took out the [Famous sword inscribed by Masamune] from the inventory.......




I cut the neck of the dragon with the sword.



Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 359: The identity of the dragon




I cut the neck of the dragon.


「Eh~~~!? Dragon´s head~!」


「Well, Yurie-san. Calm down」


「What are you saying! This is where I would eliminate the dragon with my Magical girl power! Why did you cut it with a sword! In the first place, where did that sword even came out from!?」


Yurie-san, you sound very confused.


Wondering how to explain it.......


Hilda raised her voice.


「The dragon is shrinking!」




Looking at it, the corpse of the dragon who had its neck cut off shrank quickly.


And the dragon had changed into the dead body of a mouse.


After all, was the identity of the dragon this guy?


But why was the mouse a dragon?


「Older brother, there seems to be a flow of magical power still around the chest of this mouse」


Mai-san pointed out.


By the way, there was really a core around its chest.


「Well then, I will disassemble」


Hilda takes out the knife for dismantling and disassembles the corpse of the mouse dexterously. Truly [Dismantle] skill.


「There was this」


Hilda found a stone and handed it to me.


When I examine it.......



│【Magic Stone of Dragonfication】

│You can turn into a dragon when you have magic power.

│If used by a person less than level 50, they will lose their mind and become unable to return.




Dangerous!! Very Dangerous!!!


『Dragon』, you can 『Transform』!!!!!


Why was such a thing in that mouse? Did that white-coated man embed it in the mouse? From his speech, he probably embedded it himself without knowing it was such a bad thing.


I want to use it!!


But this is known to Aya, it will be dangerous! If she knew it, she would absolutely want to use it.


I have to mislead her well.


「Ah~、Hilda-kun. Is there anything else?」


「Eh? Ah, yes」


Apparently, there seems to be nothing else. Let's try this secret stone later.


「Elena. Where did you bring Olga to?」


「I carried her out of this building」


「What about Kimiyo-san?」


「Kimiyo-san was also evacuated outside」


「Well, let us evacuate to the outside, however, before that, let's say the dragon has escaped somewhere. Is that fine?」




Only Yurie-san was still saying something, but as we explained that we would explain it later, we evacuated to the outside.




After that, it was a lot of trouble.


The army came out and rushed into the hall, but after all that, the dragon wasn't found.


We had a lot of interviews, but since we discussed how we were going to answer beforehand, the dragon had fled somewhere.


However, it was not possible to confirm the safety of the venue, so the victory ceremony of the Karate tournament was done in a simple way outside.


Mai and Aya were pleased to be awarded the gold medal.


「Nii-chan, look at me! I got the gold medal!」


She was able to win and thanks to that the status was raised by a level, since she didn't use any magic and used only her pure strength. Now it is very safe, isn't it? Or not?


Well, aside from Aya, Mai-san got the job done somehow, and it can't be helped.




I was a little curious. It is about the three Matryoshka sisters.


Of the three people, two were injured and couldn't move, the white-coated man who was their manager had been eaten by the dragon, and Irina, who wasn't injured, was in trouble.


I spoke to Irina in Russian.


『Hello, are you alright?』


『Oh, you can also speak Russian』


『How are the other two?』


『They won't wake up』


『I see』


I only brought Elena with me.


『This girl told me that she wants to cure that miserable scar, so is it okay?』


『As long as you don't do strange things, its fine』


「Elena, you can do your good luck charm......」




Elena raised her [Staff of Asklepios], and while doing a movement like that, she applied [Recovery magic] to them.


『This will surely heal soon』


『Yes, thanks』


Irina has a dark face. Well, even if you say it's a fairytale, you won't believe it.


『"By the way, you. Didn't you see our manager? He is a person wearing a white coat』


『That person....... He was eaten by a dragon』


『......I don't understand English well, and I don't even understand the situation that much. What is a dragon......?』


『Dragon is a dragon, like coming out of a fantasy』


『Something like that doesn't exist』


『Well, everyone thinks so, but that dragon was brought by your manager, right?』


『Eh? Ah......, I see』


『Did something come to your mind?』


Irina was at a loss whether she says it or not.


『That man was a researcher in genetic engineering. That dragon may have been an experiment of that research』


『Well, you and the other two seemed to have been in a weird state at the time of the match, is that because of that research too?』




Irina got nervous with a sad expression.


『What are you planning to do now?』


『What do you want to do?』


『If you wish to return to Russia, I will send you to the Russian consulate』


Well, these children are also victims, it'd better do this much.


『Uuhh......, I will consult with those two when they get up』


And then!


Suddenly people in black clothes appeared and we were completely surrounded!!


Since when!?



Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 360: A Secret Show




Me, Elena and Irina were surrounded by people dressed in black, who appeared suddenly.


One of them, a woman wearing a black suit, came out with one step ahead and spoke in Russian.




Please don't talk to me in a normal way. Does that mean that my radar did not respond as they show no hostility?


『Who are you?』


『We are the US Department of State』

[EN: Originally it was "US State Department" I changed because I think it sounds better, however, since I am not familiar with US departments or that kind of stuff, I may be making an error, if you believe I've made a mistake please let me know in the comments]


Here in Brazil, I am Japanese, and Irina is Russian. Why America?


『What does the US Department of State want from me』


『There is a purpose, which is Irina-san over there. As it is a story that is irrelevant to you, can you leave?』


I know that these people are "US Department of State officials" because of [Appraisal] and they said we should leave.


『There is no evidence that you aren't bad people. Is it high, is it weak? I can't let a girl be alone』


When I disagreed with them, the people in black clothes, as soon as I thought they had a secret talk turned to this place and continued talking.


『I understand. You are already aware of some circumstances, so you know that we are going to proceed with the story and that we know the circumstances』


To know that 『We know the circumstances』...... does that mean that they had eavesdropped on the previous conversation?


『Well, I will tell you straight away. We will propose to Irina-san, Olga-san, Masha-san. If they don't want to seek asylum in America』


『He? Seeking Asylum? We?』


It's a pretty crazy story!


『We know the information that the three of them are subjects of inhumane human experiments. From a humanitarian point of view, we can not overlook such things. We are prepared to protect them if they want an asylum to the United States. How about that?』


『Emm, even if you say such a thing suddenly......』


Irina was puzzled.


I guess I'll try to interact a bit.


『I'm sorry to interrupt as an outsider, but can I have the word?』


『What do you want?』


『Are you not going to intercept the research results of human experiments done in Russia?』




Apparently, it seems that it was the mark.


『It, it certainly has its intention. However, America respects human rights to the last. We will not do anything against your will』


If you think that they are a more brute force, it is quite a polite response.


Well, after all it depends on their will.


『Irina, these guys, this is what they say, what will you do?』


Irina was struggling with trouble. No wonder, she is only 14 years old.


『I can't decide by myself. When Olga and Masha got up, I would like to consult and decide then』


Well, it's a rational decision.


『Well, why don't you go to the hospital that we prepared until those two regain their consciousness?』


『Alright. Let's do so』


As Irina decided to do so, I have no room to argue.


Let's attach a [Tracking beacon] to the three girls for the time being.


And, all three got on the cars of the people in black and went away.


「Nii-chan, what happened over there?」


「Because it is related to national secrets. I shouldn't say it」




We joined with the evacuated Kimiyo-chan and returned to the hotel.




「Now elder brother. Will you explain?」


I was stuck in a room with Yurie-san alone.


From where should I begin explaining?


「Tentatively, Yurie-san isn't a 『Princess of a magical country』」


「No, that....... Because only I can use magic, and then the dragon showed up, anyone would think that's what it is?」


I don't think so....... Well, for the time being, I should keep on tune and nod with my head.


「Ah, but it is not only Yurie-san who can use magic」




「Elena, Hilda, Me, Aya and Mai-san. Everyone can use more magic than you」




「By the way Elena is a princess of a magical country」




「Hilda is also a magical girl from a magical country」


「Hilda-chan is!?」


「Mai-san is the granddaughter of the demon king of the magical country」




「And I am a hero who was summoned to that magical country!」


「He, He, Hero!?」


Somehow, it has become fun to make Yurie-san be surprised separately.


「Then, Then, how about Aya-chan?」


「Aya is......, just an ordinary citizen who can use magic......」


「Eh!? She can use magic, but is a normal person!?」


Yurie-san is too excited and pants. And her face is close.


「Ah, Nii-chan you are with a panting Yurie-san~」


Because Aya came into the room, I was released from asking questions.


Despite being an average person, she is useful once in a while. After that, everyone gathered together and started a magic show.



Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 361: Utterly stark naked in a different world




The night after Rio's karate contest has ended. I was preparing for departure in the hotel room, alone.


「Well then, I guess I'm going to go to a different world for a moment」


I flew to the different world with 【Teleportation】.


「Oh, it's daytime here!」


By the way, the other world was the same as Japan time.


The place where I came was the nearby forest where the devil´s town was, the place I fought against that dragon a while ago.


There is no one in town anymore. There are no signs of people or devils around here.


「Good, it's a nice place to experiment」


Yes, I came here to do an experiment.


What experiment?


That is……. an experiment with the 【Manastone of Dragonification】! !


According to the result of [Appraisal], there was 『If used by a person less than level 50, they will lose their mind and become unable to return.』 mentioned.


In other words, if you are at level 50 or higher, you won't lose sanity and return to the original.


Currently, only Elena and I are over level 50. I can't let Elena do such an experiment. That's why I myself will become the test subject.


I immediately took out the [Manastone of Dragonification] from the inventory and started the experiment.




I shouted so, with a texture face.




Somehow my body gets muzzled. It is a feeling that something is starting to happen.






The next moment, all the clothes I was wearing flew away.


Even the pants are crowded with crimson clouds.


「It, It is embarrassing......」


I became utterly stark naked in the forest of the different world.


The reason why this happened is that my body is gigantic.


If I knew such a thing would happen, I should have asked Elena for the experiment.......


My body gradually grows bigger.


Not only that, the skin is becoming like scales. Is this becoming a dragon?


After a few tens of seconds. I transformed into a huge dragon.


「Crap, I'm too big!」


Perhaps this is the size of the Tokyo Government office?


Dosun! Just moving a little, the neighborhood shakes, and the animals of the forest run away.


「This is 【Dragonification】! Isn't it... na!!」


If I use this in Tokyo....... It seems I'll be getting missiles from the SDF.


「Once, I will return back to my original form」


To my mind to return to the original, my body shrunk with hennahena and returned to its original form.


Utterly stark naked...... however!!




I quickly pulled out my clothes from the inventory and put on my clothes.




If clothes break, I can leave them off in advance. However, even then, it does not change that it becomes somewhat popular.


Well then, I can't use it in public.


That's it! Let's use the mystery light like a magical girl's transformation scene!


I decided to try it at once.


First, with [Light magic], my body is enveloped in a mysterious light. Next, I quickly store the clothes that I'm wearing with [Transformation Manastone] in a magic stone, and then turn into a dragon with 【Manastone of Dragonification】!


This time it went well! I didn't destroy my clothes, and I could save a lot of time to transform.


It seems that I can transform quickly by pouring the necessary MP in one stroke into 【Manastone of Dragonification】.


After several exercises, the time to complete [Dragonification] has been reduced to only 0.05 seconds.


It seems that we can withstand practical use now.




Next, I also experimented about the ability of the dragon after transformation.


First, 『Tail』. It is a part not found by humans, but surprisingly I was able to move it quite easily.


However, it is just about swinging to the left or right and hitting on the ground. I couldn't make a fine adjustment.


Also, when I hit it on the ground, a crack appears, but this is fine, isn't it?




Next is 『Wings』. This was also easy to move.


However, it was impossible to fly by just roaring.


Funny. Because I'm a dragon, I'm supposed to be able to fly.


Ah! With a thought, I sent magical power to my wings.




As soon as I sent magical power to the wings, the weight of the body suddenly decreased, and the masses floated into the air.


Indeed, it isn't physically flying, but flying with magical power!


Somewhat rather than the feathers of birds, maybe it is something close to a witch's broom.


Once I could fly, I began to fly freely.


This feels good.......


The speed can also be quite high. Feeling that the wind slips through the body, it is refreshing and can be endured.


Turning further, further increasing the speed, the resistance of the wind was too strong, and I stopped at a certain speed.


This is where [Wind magic] comes into play.


I was able to induce the wind to flow well by magic and to achieve an unexpected speed by making the air in the traveling direction a vacuum state.


When I noticed it, and looked backward, it was a shock wave, and the ground was scooped out.


It was beyond the speed of sound.


Well, there's no one in this place, so it's okay, isn't it?




Finally, I decided to try another experiment.


It's dragon's breath.


Speaking of a dragon, it throws fire.


For the time being, I accumulated magical power around my throat, hardened the image and spit out at once.




Went out!


A tremendous flame burst out, and the forest was erased away a few kilometers in a fan shape.


This is bad! It was good that there was no one.


『Fire』 went well, so let's try 『Ice』 this time.


I imaged Ice and exhaled a breath. The place which was erased by the flame was frozen instantly.


Furthermore, I continued and tried 『Light attribute』.


It was...... a 『Laser beam』.


It was launched straight from the mouth, and the ditch with no bottom visible on the ground was completed far beyond the horizon.


Although it seems that lava-like things are visible at the bottom of the groove......, it's alright, isn't it?


Isn't it?



[EN: MC the whole chapter]



Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 362: Dried sweet potatoes and Japanese sweets




The day after the dragon experiment.


We came to the hospital where the three Matryoshka sisters are to see them.


The people in the black clothes that had been guarding them let us through easily as they understood who we were.


『Hello, are the three of you all right?』


『Ah, you were from yesterday』


Irina responds.


The other two were still sleeping on the bed, so I merely gave a small greeting.




Aya talks to Irina in English.




Irina also answers in English. But that was it.


Because it is supposed that no one speaks Russian except for me, I became the interpreter again.


『How is the physical condition of Olga and Marsha?』


『Yesterday´s good luck charm...... was effective. They´re quite fine now. After that event, they inspected various things』


『That's good』


Well, that said, I would not think that it really cured the flaw in that.


『How do you feel, Kimiyo?』


「I´m totally fine~」


Kimiyo-chan answers. Of course, I interpreted it.


『Yesterday, I hurt you very much....... I feel like I'm going high if I am fighting someone else』


Maybe, it was the influence of drugs?


「Have you been drinking something strange?」


『I don't know it. Well, if I go to America, I'll have myself examined properly』


『Hmm? Did you decide to seek asylum in America?』


『Yes, the three of us talked to each other, and we decided to do that』


I wonder if they are genuinely seeking asylum in America.


Rather than in Russia, it seems unlikely that they will be experimenting with human rights ignorance, but I have to monitor them whether it is okay or not regularly. Well yeah, monitoring is important, isn't it~.


「Emm, would you three like to eat 『Dried sweet potatoes』?」


Kimiyo-chan hands out dried sweet potatoes softly.


『What is this?』


『It's a Japanese traditional sweet, dried sweet potatoes』


『Dried potatoes and yet, they are sweet?』


Irina fearfully carried a dried sweet potato into her mouth.


『What's this? It is sweet, but it is a potato!』


『They are using sweet potatoes, so that's the reason that this is sweet』


But Irina continues to eat by munching without hearing my story, she apparently likes dried sweet potatoes very much.


『Irina, what are you eating?』


Olga who was curious get out of bed and comes near.


『Japanese potato sweets』


Irina answers while filling her mouth with dried sweet potatoes.


『Let's see』


Olga also takes one and carries it to her mouth.


『HouHou, very good!』


Olga seems to like it.


『I also want to eat~』


Marsha also came, and the three don't hesitate to munch.


「My part is gone......」


Kimiyo-chan has teary eyes.


『Do all three of you like sweet things?』


I listened to them in spite of eating too much.


『Well, it wasn't that way before, but after we fought so seriously, it made me want to eat something sweet』


Olga answered.


Perhaps, the body wants to recover the MP with sweets.


『Well then, how about this?』


I took out Wagashis.


『What is this?』


『This is also a traditional Japanese sweet』


Olga timidly refers to "Manju".


『Oohhh!! What is this sweetness! But it is delicious!!!』


With those words, the three Matryoshka sisters break out into a fight for Japanese sweets.


You guys……. You ate too much......




We had finished sending out the sympathy of the Matryoshka three sisters, before going back to Japan, we went to the town to buy souvenirs.


「Nii-chan, I want to buy souvenirs, please give me money!」


Aya, this soon.


「You can use your own money. did you properly exchange it for the local currency?」


「I have already used all of it. Tehe」


It isn't 『Tehe』!


「Elena-chan and Hilda-chan also want to buy some souvenirs, right?」


「Well, I will buy something for everyone in the shopping area」


「I will buy something for Megumi-chan」


What! Elena and Hilda are kind girls.


「Well, for the two of you..., I will give you money for souvenirs, please buy many souvenirs and distribute them a lot」


「Seiji-sama, thank you!」


「Seiji.oniichan, thanks!」


I handed over 1000 reals to Elena and Hilda.

[EN: 1000 BRL = 225 EUR = 256 USD = 202 GBP = 28 449 JPY] 


However, there was still someone else who stretched out his hand. It was Aya.


「Me too!」


It isn't 『Me too』!


Well, I also won the victory, and I gave Aya 1000 Real, as it was only special this time.


「Nii-chan, thank you!」


What, 『Thank you』!


「Ah, Nii-chan. We're going to buy some souvenirs, so you´re keeping an eye on our luggage」


If we are alone, we could put our luggage in the inventory, but Kimiyo-chan is also here, so we can't do that.


「Don't go to any strange places」




All the girls went to buy souvenirs. Only I was left behind.


I hope they don't get involved with strange guys.......



Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 363: Fight!




The girls went to buy souvenirs, and I was keeping my eyes on our luggage.......


Suddenly, something aimed at the back of my head as it is displayed by [Attack expectation range].


I didn't turn around, just bent my neck alone and avoided it.




The guy who tried to attack me from behind was suddenly avoided, his balance was broken, and he fell down in front of me.


「Are you alright? You, if I remember correctly......」


The person who suddenly tried to attack me from behind was American heavyweight representative "Charlotte" who fought Mai-san and lost the first match.


「You! How were you able to avoid it? Do you have eyes behind? Maybe a ninja?」


You attacked me, and this is the reason. I wonder what this person wants to do?


Is it me who was involved in strange things!


Along with Charlotte, there was also Emily who lost to Aya and Anne who was injured by Irina.


Emily looked fine, but Anne was wearing a bandage on her leg and a cane.


「Hey, Jap. Where is Mai?」


You still call me Jap.


「Mai-san went to buy some souvenirs. As I keep an eye on our luggage」


「Damn. Not good! Then let me hit you instead」


Uwa, that's a tiresome person.


「I have never done karate before」


「Don't argue and take this!」


Charlotte suddenly strikes down.




「Wait, what are you doing so suddenly?」


I accepted the fist of Charlotte with one hand. Even if it gets mossed again, I´m in trouble.


「You do pretty well, don't you? Let's get a little serious~」


Charlotte began to take a full-fledged karate stance.


「「What is happening here?」」


The surrounding general people gather to see the street fight that suddenly started. What do you want me to do?


「Lets go!」


Charlotte suddenly had glittering eyes, not saying anything at all, as she has set up a continuous kick. And, in line with the constant kicks, two abundant things are shaking in a rhythmical manner.


Pashi, Pashi, Pashi.


While blocking that rhythmical thing, I blocked all of Charlotte's continuous kicks.




A cry of delight came from the spectators around us.


Then, to the opening that she made just after finishing putting out continuous kicks, I got into Charlotte´s range, I turned to the armpits and punched at a spot that she couldn't stop.




Charlotte raised a short scream and stared at me with a red face.


「Are you alright? Maybe it hurts?」


「Damn it! Perverted Jap!!」


Charlotte is angry with a red face.


Did she regret so much that she was attacked by an amateur like me?


Charlotte thought that the attack just a little while ago had worked, this time, while firming her guard, she approached again.


And a compact, yet sharp punch comes close to me.


I avoided that punch outwardly, pull out an uppercut, aiming at the chin that became defenseless.


This time, of course, she avoided it.


However, my uppercut unexpectedly scratched ahead...




I thought that Charlotte made a strange scream, as she sat down with her inner thighs, concealing her chest and face and fell down.


What? Did I hit so strongly?


Speaking of which, when attacking the front of the chin, it rocks the brain and causes a light concussion, I have seen it in an anime before. Could it be that? If so, is she okay?


Really? But, rather than chin...... there was a feeling that it was something softer...... the chin should not be soft. It is strange.


「In spite of being a Jap, you're cocky!!」


Charlotte said that and ran away while crying.


「Charlotte has bothered you」


「You are strong regardless of your appearance~」


Emily and Anne also said that, before they chased after Charlotte and left.


Thus, suddenly the street fight has ended.




「Nii-chan, I´m back~」


After a while, Aya and the girls finally came back.


「You didn't get involved with strange people?」


「Not at all~」


What, only I was involved in trouble! Somehow, did a strange plague god possess me.......


Come to think of it, when you buy a light novel that has recently been released, the bad fortune is improved, the height grows, and the skin becomes...... no, I have heard the story that it is not. It's probably 690 yen, so it seems you can buy it at a famous bookstore and so on, so why don't I buy one when we return to Japan?

[EN: 690 JPY = 6,21 USD = 5,46 EUR = 4,91 GBP]


Hmm? What am I talking about?

[EN: I also ask myself that every I edit your chapters]




After that, Elena and Hilda were sent back to Japan with 【Teleportation】, before we also return to Japan.



Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 364: Dragon Riot




It took 24 hours to return to Japan from Rio.


I am tired. I want to get home quickly and have my shoulders massaged by Elena.


While considering such a thing, when I finished the procedure and went out to the arrival lobby...... the press was waiting for someone out there in large numbers.


Did a celebrity return home?


「They came!」


What? The press is rushing towards us. Is there a celebrity behind? Looking back, there is no one. What is going on?


「You are Mai Kawai and Maruyama Aya right?」




「Ah, yes」


Were the targets us!?


「Congratulations on winning the World Karate Tournament, how are you feeling right now?」


「The results of what has been practiced for many years have been fulfilled, and I am happy」


Oh, suddenly, Mai-san answered correctly. Did she think about what to say in advance?


「Eh? TV? Am I on TV? Hello, mom, are you watching~?」


In exchange, Aya.......


I have a headache.


「By the way, is the man behind you, Aya-san's boyfriend?」


「It, It's different! It's my elder brother!」


Aya. Please behave more like a university student.......


And stop doing the double peace sign toward the TV camera.


「So...... I heard the story that a dragon appeared in the tournament, but...... is that true?」


Indeed, the favorite question... is this one


「Its true~」




Stupid, Aya. A bit more information to shade off.


「Aya, how big was that dragon?」


「Emmm~. It was about the size of an elephant~」




Aya's object has been successfully heard by the press.


「At that time, what were you doing, Aya?」


「Me? ...... I saw a mother, who had a baby, was late at running away, so I helped her escape」


「And you Mai?」


「I helped with the evacuation of the people」


Mai is firmly accepted, I'm relieved. I wish Mai-san was my sister.


「Older brother, you also saw the dragon, didn't you?」


They came to my place! What should I do?


「Emm, calling it a dragon~、isnt it a big lizard~」


「Ah, cut it for now」


Eh? A great-looking man who was behind the reporter was instructing the person next to him.


Apparently, the word "lizard" seems to be NG.

[EN: "NG", for those who may not get it, is "no go" this is likely due to it being either a Godzilla reference or a mention of the secret reptilian society that controls us]


Such being the case, more than an hour after the karate tournament, I was asked a lot about the dragon.




「I, I got tired~」


Finally I came home. The time I spent aboard the airplane, was many times more tiring than when the reporters surrounded me.


「Seiji-sama, welcome back」


「Seiji-oniichan, welcome back」


Elena and Hilda welcomed us. Somehow, I just get healed of my tiredness.




I wanted to relax quickly, so in my room, I was changing to my usual jersey.




What? Something is oscillating. Is it a smartphone? No that's not right. Is it a toy that vibrates by electric power? No, I don't have that! Is it Aya?


Oh, something is in the pocket of my jersey.


Taking it out, it was a magic stone.


What? What's this, what kind of magic stone? This time I use [Appraisal].



│【Twin magic stone】

│A gourd-shaped magic stone set in two pairs.

│No matter how far away you are,

│when vibration is given to one side,

│the other vibrates in the same way.

│Rare degree: ★★



Oh, it is the magic stone which I have passed one of them to Laila. "When you want to contact, please hit it and let me know" that's what I said before.


Let's see why Laila wants to contact me, a little bit.


Looking at the situation....... Laila is striking the magic stone very hard while having a runny nose.


I wonder a little. She is struggling desperately and continues to hit while crying.


I have to go in a hurry.




I flew to Laila´s side by [Teleportation] with my jersey appearance.


「Laila, what happened?」


Laila looks back with a runny nose to the question of my sudden appearing in the room.


「Se, Se, Seiji~~~!」


Laila looks at me, suddenly rushes over and hugs me. Hey, you have a runny nose.......


Well, it's a its fine.


「So, what's wrong?」


I appease her while listening to Laila´s story


Laila, who eventually calmed down, finally started talking.


「Actually, a while ago, a dragon appeared in the far northern sky, and it was rampaging」




Well, maybe...... that, was me?


「A terrible explosion sounded, and a fire pillar went up in a distant forest which has been witnessed many times」


Well, what shall I do...... how was it witnessed......?


「Well, that...... then did any damage occur?」


「An old lady was surprised at the sound, fell down and hurt her back」


「That's all?」




Good, is it only damage?


「Such a big dragon was rampant, I'm sure it will come here, and I will end as its food. Uwaa~hh」


Laila sneezed with her runny nose and started crying. What shall I do...... it has become troublesome.


Well, I guess the dragon was me, I can say so with certainty...... I bet no one will believe it.


I need to be convinced by the words of other people. I know someone who is useful in such a case.


「Certainly, the Lord of the city of Toki can use the magic of fortune-telling, right? What about letting him fortune tell, about the dragon?」


「Th, That's right! That's good!」


After that, the fortune telling resulted that the dragon is peaceful.


Laila remained hugging me all the time until the result came out. Thanks to that my jersey... it became covered with a runny nose.




I finally came back, with further attacks towards me.


「Ah, Nii-chan! There's some slimy liquid on your jersey! Hentai!!」