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Chapter 4

『Level rose to 10 .
 【Body Techniques】 acquired .
 【Body Techniques】 is now level 2 .
 【Sword Techniques】 acquired . 」

 I didn’t kill him, however it seems my level and skills rose by defeating Lyle Gewalt .
 I immediately checked my status .

│Name: Maruyama Seiji
│Occupation: SE
│Condition: (Temporary Language Acquisition)

│Level: 10
│HP: 247 (+157)
│MP: 2277 (+157)

│Power: 24 (+15)
│Ability: 74 (+14)
│Endurance: 24 (+15)
│Magic Power: 228 (+16)

│【Space-Time Magic】
│ (Level: MAX, Rarity: ★★★★★)
│【Information Magic】
│ (Level: MAX, Rarity: ★★★★)

│【Body Techniques】★NEW
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★)
│ • Leg Sweep
│ • Counter

│【Sword Techniques】★NEW
│ (Level: 1, Rarity: ★)
│ • Vertical Slash

 Various things seemed to have increased . I was level, however my status seems to considerably exceed Lyle Gewalt . If we were to fight again I’d likely win by a large margin .
 However, fighting against an opponent in slow motion, for my level and skills to rise so much, 【Space-Time Magic】 is pretty good~

 While flauting the sword dripping with Lyle Gewalt’s blood I’m holding, I slowly walked in front of the king .
 The king was scared and pale .

Now, what do you think of this, king?」
「What are you doing! Capture this guy everyone!」

 However, no one moved .

「Y-You’ve got it wrong . Thay guy Lyle Gewalt did it on his own……」

 He just said to 『capture』, what an unsightly excuse .
 I 【Playback】the video and audio of the conversation between the king and Lyle Gewalt that I heard before with【Tracking】 .

『Lyle Gewalt, I’ll give this job to you』
『Yes my king, what kind of job is it?』
『I’ll attract that guy’s attention, you’ll kill him with a slash from behind』
『Understood, please leave it to me』

 It was my first time using the skill so I made a little mistake controlling it and ended up playing it with a high volume . It wasn’t on purpose, really?
 The video was projected with three dimensions in the centre of the room .
 The conversation between the king and Lyle Gewalt played back with high volume . When the playback finished, the people in the room became noisy .

「What was that just now!?」
「A video and audio recording of your conversation with Lyle Gewalt-san」
「Video and recording you say . . 」
「King, you had clearly said to『kill him with a slash』」

 The king’s faced turned pale and he began to tremble .

「I am the king! I’m free to do what I want with the life of the likes of a commoner!」

 You’re angry at me!? Japan is a democratic country so I’m not a commoner .

「So you’re saying that for me to survive I need to destroy this country? To destroy this country…… isn’t killing the king the quickest way?」
「Y-Y-You’re saying you’ll kill me, the king!?」
「There’s no choice other than to do so for me to survive right? Honestly I don’t want to do such a thing, however I have no choice」

 I slowly approached the king .

「S-Stop! Someone! Kill this guy!! H-Hurry up! SOMEONE!!!」

 However, no one moved .
 As I approach closer……


 The king let out an ugly scream and fled .

「【Barrier】! 【Barrier】! 【Barrier】! 【Barrier】!」

 I put up 【Barriers】 around the king, surrounding his every direction .

「W-What the hell is this!? An invisible wall!? I can’t get out!!」
「And where do you think you’re going? King~」
「S-Stay away! I SAID STAY AWAY!」

 The king was completely terrified, but then I came up with a good idea .

「R-Right! Don’t you want to go back to your original world?」

「Kukuku, if you kill me, you’ll lose your way to go back to your original world!」
「I see, so that’s what you mean」
「If you get it then quickly let me out of here . And then defeat the Demon Lord . Hurry up!!」

「No way in hell!」

「I don’t believe you’d keep your promise at all . Also, I haven’t met this Demon Lord you speak of so I don’t know if they’re evil or not . You seem much more evil to me don’t you think?」
「That’s a stupid thing to say . I’m more evil than the Demon Lord!? I am the King!!」

「Try remembering what you’ve done! You abduct me to this country that I’m unrelated with, you try to trick me into a slave, you attempt to kill me with a surprise attack when that fails, and on top of that you have me go defeat the Demon Lord to return home . Who in this world would be more evil than you?」
「You call me the hero, but as a hero that acts like hero, don’t you think I should subdue the greatest evil in this world? Everyone else here, what do you think?」

 Abruptly questioning the people around, they became noisy .

「I’m evil and should be subdued by the hero!? I am the king! There’s no way I can be evil! Don’t you think so everyone!?」

 However, the people around were still noisy but there was no one that answered the king’s question .
 No one answering shocked the king and he fell to his knees .

 Did I go a little too far?
 I decided to quickly finish up .

「King! I’ve decided to spare your life this time, however if you make the same mistake again I won’t show any mercy at that time . I’ll always be monitoring you, keep that in mind . Now then, farewell!」

 After I putting away the blood covered sword into the inventory, I departed the place using 【Teleportation】 .