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Chapter 5

 I transferred to a certain place using 【Teleportation】 .

「Hello, Princess」
「H-Hero-sama! So you were safe!」

 Right, I had come to the room of Princess Elena who I left 【Tracking】 on .
 Well, I thought I should say a farewell to this person at least .
 Princess Elena seemed to be crying alone in the room, there were still traces of tears remaining .

「Thanks to the princess who warned me of the danger, I managed to avoid being killed . I wanted to say a few words of gratitude so please excuse my rudeness for entering your room without permission」
「Not at all, it’s my father’s fault you got involved in this kind of thing . I’m really sorry about this . Are you hurt?」
「I’m fine, not a single scratch」
「As expected of Hero-sama, you’re really strong」

 I’m a little embarrassed with the Princess saying such a thing . Her age is about 15, 16 perhaps? I’m 30 years old so isn’t that a double score! No, calm down me! I shouldn’t be a lolicon .

「Um, Hero-sama, is something the matter?」
「Ah, no, it nothing . Oh, come to think of it, I had something to ask you Princess」

「Umm… if possible, could you call me 『Elena』?」
「Then, Princess Elena」
「Just 『Elena』 is fine」
「Ok, got it . Then Elena, can I ask you a question?」
「Yes, Hero-sama」

「Hmm, rather than 『Hero-sama』, could you call me 『Seiji』 instead?」
「Then 『Seiji-sama』」
「Well, I guess that’s fine…」

「Then about my question, in regards to the 【Demon Lord】, what do you think?」
「The 【Demon Lord】?」
「Yeah, what the king said sounds kind of false, so I wanted to hear your impressions」

「Well let me see~ I don’t really know much about it, however a little while ago I heard one of the frontier villages were destroyed by the 【Demon Lord’s Army】」
「A frontier village? So it was destroyed rather than occupied? Was that village some kind of important village?」
「It wasn’t occupied, it was destroyed without a doubt . As for the village, it should be a very ordinary village」

「Hmm, I wonder why the 【Demon Lord’s Army】 bothered to destroy such an ordinary village?」
「Come to think of it, I wonder why? I didn’t consider it up to there . I’m sorry」

「There’s nothing for you to apologise for . The 【Demon Lord’s Army】 destroying the village seems really doubtful, they didn’t seem to have any incentive to」
「Well, thinking about it again, it does seem a little strange . From now on let’s both think about what the truth is」

 Her face seems full of determination, but is that alright? I’m worried that it will be something in conflict with that king .

 Hmm, seems like I need to use this 【Tracking】 to monitor Elena regularly .
 D-Don’t get the wrong idea . I-It’s not like I’m using 【Tracking】 so I can peek on her alright! Worried, it’s because I’m worried .
 Who the hell am I making an excuse to? It’s about time to go home .

「It’s about time for me to go . Now that this much has happened, I can’t act for this country…… but take care Elena」
「Yes Seiji-sama, you take care too」

 After I said my farewell to Elena, I used 【Teleportation】 while calling to mind my own room .


 It seems like 【Telelportation】 from another world to Earth is a success, I had returned to my room .
 Feeling relieved coming back to my room, I suddenly grew hungry so I decided to eat cup noodles .

 I went to the living room, opened up the stock of cup noodles and poured hot water in from the electric kettle .

 However! The hot water ran out midway! This is a pinch!

 I can’t eat it as it is now, on the other hand if I go boil hot water, during that time the lower half of the cup noodles would absorb the hot water and become soggy . To overcome this pinch, I put my brain of high gear .


 I felt like a light bulb lit up on top of my head .

「Right! I can put it in my inventory and stop its time!」

 I put the cup noodles filled midway with hot water into my inventory, then made its time stop .
 Then quickly boiling the hot water with the kettle, I took out the cup noodles I put in my inventory and poured hot water in it again .

「Please work」

 I waited 3 minutes like I was praying, then took a slurp of the noodles with chopsticks after quickly removing the lid .

「Alright! It didn’t go soggy!!」

 I overcame the greatest pinch of my life and continued eating the cup noodles that didn’t go soggy .
 This isn’t just a single victory against cup noodles . When the cup noodles I eat later on run out of hot water midway, at that moment the world’s greatest crisis will be completely conquered! I ate the cup noodles while being moved to tears .

 Hm? I feel like I was in a much greater crisis a little while ago? Was it my imagination?

 Being filled, I quickly grew sleepy so I crawled into bed and went to sleep .