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Chapter 6

Waking up, I can’t help but wonder if getting older is making me wake up early in the morning recently? It might have also been because I went to sleep early .
Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I bump into something while heading to the toilet . With a loud thump, the stack of novels I’ve piled up had collapsed and scattered all over the floor .

I love light novels, I’ve bought a large amount of them over the years . I got so many that I need to stack them into towers right next to the bookshelf . My bookshelf simply won’t fit any more . In fact, I’ve almost finished stacking the third tower of light novels .
Some time ago, there was a fairly large earthquake in the middle of the night, one of the light novel tower collapsed right onto my face . It’s still painful thinking about it .

After coming back from the toilet, I look at the light novel towers scattered all over the floor . Should I go buy another bookshelf? Or maybe I should go sell them all to a second-hand bookstore? No, no! What would I do if I feel like reading something again after selling it?


Once again, I felt like a light bulb had lit up above my head .

Everything will be solved if I just put it all in my Inventory!

Since I don’t have work today, with nothing else to do, I decided to start cleaning the room .
After a while, I finally finished storing all the light novels in inventory . An unexpectedly useful idea popped into my head . I always read light novels on the way to work . But whatever book I put into my bag, if I read it fairly quickly, I’ll end up finishing it before getting home . It would be a true disaster to read it over and over again . However, if I put all my light novels in my Inventory, such a disaster will never happen again .
The other plus side is that when I go to a bookstore to buy new novels, I will never end up buying a duplicate in my collection . Unlike the couple of times I made the mistakes when I was exhausted after a long day of work .

After I finished cleaning up the night novels, I remember a very important mission .

I must pee-AHEM
I must monitor Princess Elena!

It must be harsh opposing the King . So saving the princess is the duty of the hero!
I secretly activate my 【Tracking】 magic .

Even in another world, 【Tracking】 magic still reliably works and I am able to see Elena’s current situation .
If Princess Elena is taking a bath, her immodest figure will… such a thing didn’t happen . She was reading a book while gracefully drinking tea .
Rather than the vulgar harem light novels I read, I’m sure her book is wholesome and refined .
For some reason, me peeping feels pathetic, so I quietly stopped my 【Tracking】 magic . Well, since there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly dangerous, it should be alright .

It is still early in the morning, so I continue cleaning the room . That said, what I do is just steadily put the things in my room into my Inventory . This is so easy! Too easy in fact!

By the end of the morning, the mess in my room is gone . How many years has it been since my room was this tidy?

When looking at my cleaned room, I felt my stomach rumbling . I tried to look for something in the refrigerator, but there was only frozen pilaf . For now I microwaved the plastic wrapped frozen pilaf and poured it into a dish . I contently ate it while I sipped on wakame soup .

While eating the pilaf, I peeped on how Princess Elena was doing like I was watching TV .
Princess Elena sat down alone at a large table, having an elegant lunch while being watched over by a number of maids . It seems like there’s no time difference between that place and Japan .

After taking a break having finished eating lunch, I remembered there was nothing left in the refrigerator and decided to go to the supermarket . That said, I now have my Inventory! Even if I buy a 10kg bag of rice, there would be no problem carrying it home . Even if I buy my favourite frozen foods, I won’t need to rush home as they won’t melt once I put them in my Inventory . I don’t even have to worry about putting what I buy in the refrigerator! Do I even need a refrigerator anymore?
No, better yet, it should be even more cost effective to buy at the supermarket that sells groceries for business! The goods from there are insanely cheap but you have to buy in huge quantity . Even with the large amount, the time-stopped items won’t ever go bad in my Inventory .

Going from one supermarket to the next, I stocked up on sweets and groceries, coming back to my room with satisfaction .
Finished with shopping, I brewed some coffee and took a breather . Remembering my mission of 【monitoring】 Princess Elena, I checked the video feed .

Princess Elena is……
Imprisoned and crying……

How the hell did this happen!?!?