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Chapter 75

The things inside the karate club’s training room were scattered about due to Aya’s tornado .

「But, how did this happen? It’s like a wind swept through this place . 」 「It’s not me, it’s Aya’s fault . 」

「I’m sorry . 」

That was rare, Aya obediently apologized . Aya began to clean the training room up alone but Mai-san and Yurie-san helped her without saying anything . By the time they finished the clean up of the training room, the three people became really close . Aya acknowledged the strength of Mai-san, and they seemed to become a complete kohai and senpai . Visually, it doesn’t look that way at all…… Yurie-san seemed to like Aya in various meaning, other than doing skinship somewhat a bit too much, she gave off a good manager-like feeling .

Then, the three people get along with each other and enjoyed a new member welcome party at a ramen shop . In the end, Mai didn’t ask about Aya’s magic .


When it was almost evening, Elena started her activity at last and went to the shopping district . She came to see how the obaa-chan of the Japanese sweets shop were doing . But, the attitude of the people who come and go at the shopping district is a little strange . They seemed to be more amiable to deal with than usual .

Upon arriving at the Japanese sweets shop, innocent faced is working hard in making Japanese sweets .

「Hello! How is obaa-chan doing?」 「Elena-san! I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to properly say thank you this morning . 」

Innocent faced looked slightly different from usual, he deeply bowed to Elena courteously .

「No no . So, is obaa-chan fine?」 「Yes, her condition has already improved to the extent that she wanted to work immediately . I’ve told her to sleep well today so she’s sleeping at the back . 」

This guy, isn’t his atmosphere somehow changed too much?

「Is it fine if I go and see her?」 「By all means, you’re welcome here!」

Elena went to the room at the back, in there, obaa-chan was sleeping on the futon .

「Obaa-chan, how are you feeling?」 「Oh, if it isn’t Elena-chan! How could I ever thank you for saving the life of this senile old woman . 」

The obaa-chan jumped out of the futon and bowed deeply while sitting in seiza . The attitude is as if the God has visited .

「Please don’t say that you’re a senile old woman . Because I love obaa-chan’s sweets very much, please rest well and recovery quickly . 」 「You can take no matter how many Japanese sweets you want . 」

Somehow, the obaa-chan is also feeling deeply grateful to Elena . Had we really gone too far? But, it’s not something that can be exchanged with life…… In the end, Elena returned home with a lot of Japanese sweets from innocent faced .


That week, there was nothing strange happened in particular . Aya spent all her time training with Mai at the karate club . I looked at her status at home and her【Body techniques】had become level 3 . Elena remained as usual, she cast good luck charm at the shopping district and came back with lots of things . It seemed that the goods that she was getting were becoming more and more luxurious . As for director, he was asking me persistently on when will the next sample be available, I avoided it properly with『Monday next week』 . Rather, has that 1 already been used up?


With those, weekend came . Per usual, I confirmed the current location of Nancy who tours around the Earth and Azide-san who travels around Delaidos Kingdom .

Nancy visited Thailand and India . Currently, she’s about to depart from India . As for Azide-san, he’s about to depart from Ikebu town to Shinju town .

It seemed, I will be able to go to Shinju town next week . After solving the issue of Delaidos kingdom’s war, I wonder if it’s fine to travel abroad?……

「Well then, let’s investigate the village that was destroyed by the demon lord’s army . 」 「Yes . 」「Ye~s . 」

We teleported towards the【Ikebu town】 .

Although I didn’t notice when I was here previously, there are quite a number of stern-looking soldiers wandering about . What are these guys?

While thinking about the soldiers, we head towards the『Adventurers’ guild』first . I inquired about the village which was destroyed by the demon lord’s army . The village name is『Scab village1』, it seems that it was located a few days to the north . Although there’s a proper road, there seems to be a lot of monsters that appears frequently so there’s now a few people going to that place . I also inquired about the tower of sunrise but the information that I obtained was about the same as the one I got from Azide-san .

Anyway, I tried to check on the request board and there was this D rank request . ┌─<Subjugation request>── │【Orc】subjugation (repeatable request) │Contents: Subjugate 1【Orc】monster . │ Bring in the【Orc’s tusk】as the subjugation proof . │Reward: 100 Aurum └─────────

Seriously, there are more than 100【Orcs】inside the inventory . I think we could rank up to C rank immediately when I turn in these tusks? Well, there’s no particular meaning in raising rank so not for now .

It seemed that the only request for E rank is still only the【Wolf】subjugation as before .

, we went to the『Merchants’ Guild』 . As usual, there’s a shortage of wheat . I sold the 25kg wheat flour which I used a little bit in the church last time . Although, it’s in the condition where I used a bit of it, it was still sold for 2,500 A . When I asked about the shortage of wheat, it seems that the aristocrat who governs the Ikebu town gathered all the soldiers for war . It seems there’s not enough wheat to secure the food of the solders .

, we went to the『Craftsman’s Guild』and sold 12【Stimulat potion +3】 . The【Stimulant potion +3】were sold for 2, 000 Aurum per vial, totaled 24, 000 Aurum . With this excessive money, we don’t have to worry about luxury… . . , we looked for【Purple nettle】and【Holy water】which were the ingredients for【Curse healing potion】that I’d like to make but we didn’t find both of them . I have to get them somewhere .

Because as we gather information, we went to places we could go around the town, we found a temple-like building .

「Elena, isn’t that a temple?」 「Yes, that’s the temple of『Oracle』 . That temple doesn’t enshrine a mana crystal but a huge flat rock called Monolith . 」 「I see, there’s also a temple of mana crystal unexpectedly . 」2

After not getting a particular valuable information, we decided to hold a strategy meeting during lunch at the dining room .

「Well, our goal is to go to the scab village but that’s where the problem lies . 」

「Usually, we could go to that place by borrowing a carriage…」 「We won’t be able to return till tomorrow even with a carriage, it’s a little troublesome . 」

「How about running?」 「I’ll become a hindrance . 」 「Not, If I run alone . 」 「Are you going to go by yourself, Seiji-sama!?」 「No, Aya and I will run in turns . 」 「Me too!? But, taking turns?」

「Because I can use【Teleportation】to drop off and pick up Aya at any place when it’s time for the shift . 」 「I see . Well then, is Elena going to remain here?」

「I-, I will also run . 」 「Sorry but Elena can’t use any speed magic like【movement speed reinforcement】,【Tailwind】or【Quick】……」 「That’s right……」 「Elena, when Aya and I came back tired, we’ll rely on you to recover . 」 「Yes, I understand . 」

Our determined strategy was Aya’s turn will be in the afternoon while mine will be at night .

「Aya, I don’t think you would get lost since you only need to follow this road all the way to the north and be careful with the monsters, okay?」 「Un, leave it to me!」

We saw off Aya who departed from the north exit of the town triumphantly . There’s a low possibility of encountering a dangerous monster during the day, with Aya’s speed, it will be easy to escape . I will noticed it using【Vigilance】when it gets dangerous then I could go there and help using【Teleportation】 .

Elena and I rented a room in the inn . I decided to take a nap while Elena stayed quite inside the room .

Translator notes and reference:

1Sekabu village, I thought Scab would fit because it was destroyed and it’s like a scab? lol . 2Okay, I’m confused about this part, maybe a typo? .