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Chapter 76

 I woke up from my nap and checked the time, it seems the sun will set soon . Elena is quietly reading a book .

「Morning, Elena . 」1 「Seiji-sama, good morning . 」 「Sorry, you must have been bored . 」 「No, I’m the one who proposed the investigation of Scab village . This much is completely fine . 」

「I’m going to fetch Aya now, please wait a moment . 」 「Yes . 」

When I confirmed Aya’s location, the distance she covered was about 1 day by carriage . As expected of Aya . When I looked at the video, Aya was clad in wind and rushed through with break neck speed .


As I appeared next to Aya, she suddenly halted her advance . She turned around this way and lowered herself into a fighting stance .

「It’s me!」 「What, it’s just onii-chan . 」

「How was it? Was there any monster appeared?」 「There were some who appeared but I ignored them and kept running . 」

「You didn’t defeat them?」 「Even if I defeat them, I’m not onii-chan so I can’t carry them . 」 「Come to think of it, you’re right . 」

I’ve returned to the room at the inn with Aya .

「Aya-san, welcome back . 」 「I’m back, Elena-chan . Onii-chan didn’t do anything strange to you, did he?」 「I didn’t!」 「Seiji-sama slept through the day . 」 「Whaaat! Worthless . 」

「Please don’t say such stupid things . Since I’m going to run now, you two behave yourselves . 」 「Kay~」「Yes . 」

I left the two people and arrived at the location where Aya had reached a little while ago using【Teleportation】 .

「Well, let’s run . 」

I started running with【Movement speed reinforcement】and【Quick】 . The wind feels so good . The scenery of the forest from the left and right passed and vanished behind me . I didn’t get tired no matter how much I run . The only problem is that it’s hard to run because of the uneven ground . Can I somehow take care of this with magic?

I tried to generate a carpet of ice just slightly ahead of my feet . If only I have Earth magic, I could probably level the ground but the only magic I can use right now to make a flat foothold is Ice magic . With the my running momentum, I get on the carpet of ice . I quickly slid aboard the ice and stopped just by sliding a little . If I’m wearing ice skates, I could probably go a little further . But, it was slippery so I couldn’t move from there . Since it can’t be helped, I break away from the carpet of Ice using【Teleportation】 .

「I see, there’s【Teleportation】!」

Though it’s too late, I tried to advance using【Teleportation】to where I could see ahead . The result was no good . The『The transfer scope for visible area』that I could teleport to is at most 500 m . When transferring to long distances, I couldn’t use【Teleportation】continuously . I could teleport about 10 m in succession but when I used【Teleportation】while running, my running momentum after the teleport will be gone . If I use 10 m【Teleportation】continuously, it would be quicker if I run .

Since it can’t be helped, I continued to run using only【Movement speed reinforcement】and【Quick】 . I also need【Wind magic】as expected, when running this way, the wind resistance can’t be ignored . When there’s an obstacle that suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, I could correct my trajectory using wind gust and avoid it . Speaking of which, I could pass through the enemy’s body using【Lightning flash】 . If it’s a trifling obstacle, can I use it to pass through? I decided to try .

While running for a while, a tree fell down on the road .

「Now!【Lightning flash】!」

When I used【Lightning flash】, my body turned into lightning and passed through the fallen tree .

「I did it! Success!」

N?  Wait a sec?  Can I run faster if I use【Lightning flash】continuously?

I gave it a try . It’s really faster .

「What was the trial and error until now for!?」

I kept on running using【Lightning flash】continuously . Faster faster! Without wind resistance, I passed through the obstacle in straight line . When I got carried away and intensely used【Lightning flash】to advance, I suddenly felt tired . I stopped using【Lightning flash】and tried to use【Appraisal】on myself, my MP almost hit the bottom .

「Uwa, it’s my first time seeing my MP decreased to this extent . 」

While running normally, I took out a Japanese sweet from the inventory and gobbled it . The Japanese sweets recover a huge amount of MP as expected, my MP recovers rapidly . The recovery amount of sugar candy in particular is absurd . I kept eating Japanese sweets since a little while ago but my stomach didn’t feel full no matter how much I ate . Why!? Perhaps, it was usurp from the stomach when I’m recovering MP .

While eating Japanese sweets and running using lighting flash,『Caution』suddenly appeared on the map . Besides, their number is huge! They far exceeded 100 .

I timidly approached and tried to check the situation . Inside the human village, a horde of goblins are gathered . It seems that the goblins somehow took over the Scab village . Wasn’t it destroyed by the demon lord’s army!?

Translator notes and reference:

1It says ohayo, not sure, I thought it was afternoon?