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Chapter 77

I went back to the inn in order to report the situation of the Scab village . 「Eh? Oniichan, yobai1 this early morning?」 「Seiji-sama, good morning . 」 「Good morning, Elena . Aya, it’s called yobai if it’s evening . 」 「Then, asa hai2?」

「Aya, there’s no such thing . I’ve found the Scab village that’s why I returned quickly . 」 「N?  You’ve already found it? You’re so fast oniichan . 」

When she said「fast」with a stunned look, she seemed to be unsatisfied or something……

「There’s a horde of goblins gathered inside the Scab village . 」 「N?  Goblins!? Why?」 「Since I didn’t investigate properly, I can’t say it clearly yet . The goblins probably found the village uninhabited and settled in . 」

For some reason, I’m interested about the current situation inside the Scab village . ~

「How many goblins in there?」 「There should be around 100 or more . If we’re unlucky, there might be 200 . 」 「That many!? Then, there might be a high rank goblin present . 」 「High rank? You mean, Goblin king?」 「If the horde is around 200, I think there’s a Goblin Prince nearby . 」

A Goblin prince, huh?

「Uh . ~ Seiji-sama, I have a request . 」 「A request from Elena? How rare . What is it?」 「The goblin subjugation, will you let me do it?」 「Huh!? Elena!?」

「The Scab village’s problem is Delaidos Kingdom’s problem, if possible, I want to solve it with my power . 」

Somehow, Elena is unusually aggressive .

「Oniichan, since Elena shows so much determination, let’s cooperate . 」 「Oh, that’s right . 」 「Seiji-sama, Aya-san, thank you very much . 」

「Well then, we need it after all . 」


We went to Nippo town .

「Seiji, they’re all finished . 」 「Hello, Gamudo-san . 」

Gamudo-san showed me the finished armor sets .

「C-, Cool!」 「Of course, I put all my skills to meet your expectations . 」

My cool armor is a half-armor with kote that covered the fingers up to the elbow and boots that covered my toes up to the shin . In addition, they are all light . 3

「How is it? It’s light, right? It has a gem with weight reduction magic and defense reinforcement magic . 」 「That amazing!?」

As for Aya’s armor, it’s a breastplate with elbow and knee armor pieces . It’s just right for Aya who focused on speed .

「Isn’t this armor somewhat erotic?」 「Aya, you also need to wear normal clothes underneath the armor, right?」 「Oh, yeah . For a moment there, I thought it’s a bikini armor . 」

Aya, things like bikini armor only exists in two-dimension .

Elena’s armor is a shining pure white breastplate and boots .

「Elena-jouchan, it has magic defense and a magic that repels arrows and the like . 」 「Thank you very much!」

「How is it? Do the three of you like them?」 「「「Yes . 」」」

「By the way, how much is today’s equipment? . ~」 「*smack* What are you saying! These are the compensation for the whiskey last time . I’m not going to accept anything, even 1 Aurum in return for that . 」

「I see, it’s shame . ~ I’ve brought a whiskey again with so much effort……」 「What!?」

I took out a whiskey and placed it on the table . It’s not a luxury good like last time but it’s what I usually bought at the supermarket .

「If you don’t want to accept this whiskey then I wonder if I should just drink it?~」 「What I said earlier was a lie! I accept this whiskey!」 「……」

Looking at the wistful face of ossan, it’s unpleasant .

「It’s a joke . Because I brought this with so much trouble as a souvenir . Ah, but, it’s not like the expensive liquor last time so, please don’t expect too much . 」 「Is that so? But, even so, it’s also a whiskey . Let’s drink it quickly!」

When Gamudo-san snatched the whiskey from me, he began to pour it into the glass I gave him last time and drunk it .

「Kaaa! Splendid! Indeed, whiskey is the best!!」

If some of the words are different, it’ll become dangerous line but let’s leave it alone . 4

「Well then, we’re going to return . 」 「Oh, please come again . When you have a whiskey souvenir, you’re welcome at anytime!」 「Yes yes, I’ll come again . 」 「Bye bye . 」「Excuse us to have disturbed you . 」

We, dressed in our new armors made by Gamudo-san, headed to the Scab village .


「Is this the Scab village?」 「There really is a horde of goblins . ~」

We crouched down on top of a small hill, overlooking the Scab village .

「Elena, do you really need to go?」 「Wa, yes…… even if I’ll likely die, I’ll do my best!」 「You don’t need to exhaust yourself that much . Because, we’ll also help . 」 「Un . 」 「Thank you . 」

「But, if Elena is going to be our main attacker, we need to think of a proper strategy . 」 「Strategy?」

「No matter how you look at it, fighting all of them at the same time with that number is too reckless . 」 「But, how are we going to go about it?」

「In this case, divide and conquer is the basic . 」 「Beating the kakko?」5

This fellow Aya doesn’t seem to understand . orz

「First, Aya will lure out the goblins . 」 「Oh, I understand now! I’m going to pull the mobs . 」 「Yeah . 」

「Then, Elena will finish them off using AOE skills?」 「If there’s a large number of enemies, she has to use AOE skills but if it’s otherwise small, it might be better to use magic rod . 」 「What is an AOE skill?」 「It’s a magic with a wide scope offensive . With Elena’s channeling spells【Cloudburst】and【Snowfall】which takes away body temperature, they are easy prey . Can you do it?」 「Yes, I’ll try . 」

After deciding the strategy, we began to implement the operation goblin subjugation .

Translator notes and reference:

1Creeping at night into a woman’s bedroom . 2She tried to make a morning version of yobai . 3Half-armor is an armor protecting only a part of the body while kote is a gauntlet or gloves similar to this .   4Reference to Ro-kyu-bu! anime when Subaru said elementary school kids are the best . Thanks ReaderBot and Fein . 5What Seiji said was divide and conquer/rule(各個撃破/Kakko Gekiha) while what Aya said was Kakko Gekiha(かっこ撃破) . Kakko is a Japanese hourglass drum .