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Chapter 79

We continued our operation to subjugate goblins . For a little while, it was a repetition of 3~5 monsters……

「Sorry, it’s a little too many . 」

There are 10 goblins that Aya had lured in . Although it’s a little too many, I think this much is fine somehow?

「Elena, Aya, take care of them you two . 」 「Yes . 」「Roger . 」

Elena invoked【Cloudburst】and Aya pushed back the goblins who tried to get away . There are too many goblins who are trying to get away from the【Cloudburst】and they can’t be suppressed by Aya alone . Finally, there’s a monster which Aya didn’t manage to handle, attacked Elena . I’d like to run and help but I bear with it and continue to watch . While Elena sends down rain using Cloudburst with【Water rod】in her left hand, she send the rushing goblin flying with【Magic rod】in her right hand . The goblin flew to where the Cloudburst is heavily raining . Even if Elena didn’t do such a thing, the goblin ceased to breathe when it was hit . Even as the Cloudburst started to stop raining, there are still several goblins who are still breathing . Elena started to send down snow . It’s a magic combo of snow and cloudburst . When the snow stopped falling, the goblins were buried under the snow and could no longer move . They became a huge mound of snow .

「I did it!」 「Again, even if there are 10 of them, it is an easy victory . 」

While Elena eat Japanese sweets to recover her lost MP, we are waiting for the next batch of goblins and then 30『Caution』mark appeared on the map . I moved to Aya’s side using【Teleportation】 .

「Aya, no matter how you look at it, there’s too many . 」 「Sorry oniichan . It seems that the goblins started to become alert . 」 「Such a thing?」

Aya and I started to make strategy while escaping from the goblins .

「Aya, take these guys and run away for a while . I will『cut off』these guys little by little and take them to where Elena is . 」 「Roger!」

I hide behind a tree using【Teleportation】and set up a barrier in front of the the seven monsters at the rear of the group of goblins that’s chasing Aya . The 7 goblins crashed against the barrier that suddenly appeared and were cut off from the leading group . I threw a pebble to those fellows silently . When they noticed me, I ran back to where Elena is with those fellows in tow . I suddenly halted my steps, turned around and took a fighting stance . The goblins and I glared each other . As I stepped back, a Cloudburst struck the goblins . The rain quickly changed into snow, not even one monster was left out, all of them were covered in ice .

「I’ll bring the next one . 」 「Yes . 」

After giving Japanese sweets to Elena, I went to get the next batch of goblins . When the following 7 were defeated in the same way, Aya returned with the remaining 16 monsters in tow to where Elena is . This number will be the deciding factor if we should proceed . While the 16 goblins confronted Aya, the Cloudburst struck the goblins . The cloudburst quickly turned into snow, even the weather turned into hailstorm . The goblins were struck by the hailstorm and were deprived of physical strength . They were easily wiped out . When I checked Elena’s status, her level rose as well as the level of her water magic and ice magic .  

「We were able to manage somehow . I feel that we can proceed with large numbers now . 」 「「Okay . 」」

The 3 of us coordinated with each other well and the goblins in the village were reduced to about half .

「Sorry, something huge is in the mix . 」

During the umpteenth time, in the 10 goblins that chasing after Aya, there’s a huge goblin with a great sword mixed in . Isn’t that the hobgoblin!? I cast slow on the hobgoblin while Aya is dodging its attacks and attacking it . Elena brought down a hailstorm and killed the rest of the goblin instantaneously . With Elena’s level up, instead of rain, she can bring down hailstorm immediately .

「Well, only the hobgoblin is left . 」 「Yes . 」

Elena created a water ball and launched it towards the hobgoblin . I also coordinated my attack with it .


The power of water ball is completely…… Since Elena has been using only Cloudburst and Snow, she wasn’t accustomed to single target attack… . . Unfortunately, the water ball attack caused it to notice Elena . The hobgoblin turned around towards Elena and swung his great sword .


I set up a barrier towards Elena at once but the hobgoblin’s attack broke through the barrier and attacked Elena!


With a dull sound, the hobgoblin’s sword was…… It was blocked by Elena with magic rod . Its momentum was neutralized by the barrier, with Elena’s level up, she managed to defend somehow .


With a shout, Elena deflected the hobgoblin’s sword using the【Magic rod】and strike its defenseless body .


As if it was carefully aimed at, Elena’s attack landed on the hobgoblin’s lower head . The hobgoblin was unable to endure the blow and fell to its knees while holding his family jewels .


The hobgoblin leaned forward and fell down, producing a loud sound . *Haa haa* Elena was panting for breath, she turned around here and broke into a smile .