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Chapter 84

 The next day, after the great invention of the century with magic stone of Biribiri was invented . When I went to work, I was called by the director before I managed to sit down on my desk . While holding my bag, I was brought to the『President’s Office』 .

「Excuse me . 」 「Oh, you’ve come . 」 「Ano . ~ for what reason did you call me?」

「Actually, it’s about the medicine sample……」

Medicine sample… it’s about the【Stimulant potion】!?

「Director! Did you mention it to others!?」 「I’m sorry, just……」

Certainly, it wasn’t forbidden to tell it to others but of all the people he could tell it to, he told it to the president……

「Actually, the President has shown great interest in that medicine and there’s a probability of a huge contract to be made . Depending on the circumstances, a project and backer inside the company……」

Mixing up official business with personal affairs is serious and will also bring too much trouble . I don’t quite understand but……

「Therefore, I want you to get those samples periodically, can I rely on you for that?」 「Though I promised Director with 1 per week, I could get another one . 」

「If possible, I want you to prepare two of them a week . 」 「Two?」 「As an important client, I will personally become test subject in advance . No! Rather than for me, I’ll sacrifice myself to become the test subject for the sake of our company . Don’t misunderstand because I need to become energetic 24 hours!」

Somehow, I’ve become tired……

「I understand, I will try to somehow procure two of it separately from Director’s in a week . 」 「Ou, I see I see . 」

The President was smiling from ear to ear .

「But, I hope you won’t divulge this to others carelessly anymore . 」 「I understand . 」

The President suddenly became serious .

「……By the way, did you bring some vials today?」 「Please wait a moment . 」

I pretended to be searching my bag and took out 3【Strength recovery potion +3】and【Stimulant potion +3】from the inventory .

「Hohou, so this is the sample which recovers strength, according to this fellow……」 「Please be careful about drinking it excessively . 」 「Oh, I understand . 」

As the President replied, he took something out from the desk and held out a brown envelope to me .

「As for this, it’s not much but please keep it . 」 「Thanks . 」

I received it casually but in that instant, I had an intense foreboding .

When the Director and I left the President’s office, in passing, I saw the President making a phone call to somewhere . Is it his wife? That reminds me, the President’s wife passed away when he was young and remarried . Well, it has nothing to do with me .

「Iyaa, I’m sorry . 」

As the Director said so with a smile, he hastily put away the 2 vials I gave him inside his suit pocket and passed a brown envelope to me .

Then, after returning to my desk, I immediately went to the rest room and checked the contents of the 2 brown envelopes . Inside the Director’s envelope, there were about 15 Yukichi Fukuzawa while there were about 50 inside the President’s envelope . 1


I unconsciously let out a weird voice . No matter how you look at it, this is too much!


 Since the work in the afternoon has also been settled, I peeped into Aya and Elena which has become a daily routine .

Elena was surrounded and playing with small children in the park . It was so heartwarming . There were also the children’s mothers too who were talking about something to Elena . When I tried to listen to the audio, words such as『Allergy』,『Atopy』and『Good luck charm』can be heard .

Elena cuddled one of the children and did something . Sure enough, she’s using magic . Well, since there wasn’t any sudden change in appearance, I think it’s fine……

Aya is having a conversation with her seniors in the practice room of the Karate club . Apparently, they’re talking about cosplay .

「Aya-chan, cosplay!?」

Yurie is very excited for some reason .

「Elena-chan is a young lady who is homestaying in our house and she wants to participate in a cosplay convention . 」 「What does she look like?」 「You want to see a picture of her?」

Aya showed her seniors a picture of Elena taken with her smartphone .

「Kyaa~! Cute!! She’s like a doll!」 「Right . ~」

Said Aya with a somehow smug look .

「I want to meet Elena-chan without fail . 」 「Well then, do you want to come to our house now? My pervert oniichan has a hobby of peeping, but since he cause no harm, it’s fine . 」

What the hell! It’s regrettable that I couldn’t retort . What kind of thing is ‘I caused no harm’!? Well, I would be in troubled if I cause any harm .

「Let’s go! Captain will also come along . 」 「Aya-kun, is your oniichan there? I want to meet him . 」 「Well then, it’s decided . 」

All told, everyone in the Karate club will come to the house . Since it can’t be helped, while on the way home, I stopped by the supermarket and bought a high class melon . Well, I also have a large amount of extra income .

Translator notes and reference:

1About ¥650k or US$5 . 7k?