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Chapter 9

 We arrived together at the Fountain Plaza in the castle town with 【Teleportation】 .

「Here we are . 」
「T-this is amazing! We are already outside the castle!」

 Elena looked at our surrounding excitedly . The nearby people were surprised from us suddenly appearing .
 I took Elena’s hand and quickly walked towards the main street .

「Seiji-sama, why are we in a hurry?」
「Since we’re gaining a lot of attention . 」
「Ah, because I was kidnapped we should not be standing out . 」
「Right, right . 」

 For some reason, Elena began to giggle .

「Hmm? What’s so funny?」
「Well, for Seiji-sama to kidnap me . It’s somewhat amusing… giggle」

 Seeing Elena giggling like that, I also couldn’t help find our situation amusing .
 Elena and I giggled as we walked down the main street holding hands .

 Many people passed through the main street . Occasionally I spotted some cat-eared people mixed in with the crowd . As expected, so there are those kind of races too~

「Oh right! We have to search for an inn!」
「Indeed, I nearly forgot about it . 」

「Elena do you know where we can find an inn?」
「My apologies, I do not know . Ah, I’ll ask someone about it . 」

 Saying that, Elena asked the oba-san selling vegetables at a stall of the location of the inn . The stall’s oba-san was taken aback by Elena’s refined speech and manners .

「The inn seems to be over that way . 」

 Guided by Elena, we headed to the inn .

「This looks to be the inn . 」

 When we both arrived at the inn, I noticed a serious matter .

「Come to think of it, I don’t have any money from this country . Elena, how much money do you have?」
「My apologies, I do not have any money as well . 」

「What a problem… is there anywhere we can sell something for money?」
「I will go ask someone . 」

 Elina suddenly spoke to a nearby oji-san, questioning him .

「There seems to be a merchant guild that way . 」
「Elena, thanks for all of this . 」
「Not at all . 」

 Elena smiled at me sweetly and guided me to the merchant guild .

「This looks to be the merchant guild . 」

 This place somewhat seemed like a bank made out of wood . For now let’s enter .

「Welcome! What kind of business do you have here today?」
「I heard this place purchases goods, is that correct?」
「In that case, please register first . 」

 We were guided to the registration window by the clerk .

「Hey there, welcome to the merchant guild . Registration for the guild right? Please fill in this form here」

 The busty onee-san greeted me with a business smile . After registering, I inquired about what they were buying .

「At the moment, since we’re lacking 【Salt】, we’ll buy it at a high price if you have any . 」
「【Salt】? In that case, I do have some . 」

 When the receptionist onee-san wasn’t looking, I took out the 【Salt】 I bought from the supermarket out of my Inventory and placed it on the counter .

「T-this is 【Salt】!?」

 Huh? Was there a problem?

「Please excuse me, please wait a moment as I need to call for an 【Appraiser】」

 The busty onee-san ran off to call someone .

「Is there anything weird with this【Salt】?」

 I asked Elena .

「This 【Salt】 is pure white isn’t it?」
「The 【Salt】 in this country isn’t white?」
「The 【Salt】 I have seen is a bit more grayish and more coarse . 」
「Oh I see, they normally use rock salt here . 」

「Also, this pouch is very beautiful and transparent! There are also magic runes drawn on it . What kind of pouch is this?」
「Ah, I see, there isn’t any plastic here . Also, they aren’t magic runes . They are the characters of my country . 」
「『Plastic』…? What kind of animal… is that?」
「It isn’t an animal, rather it’s a petroleum product . Though I don’t know how to make it yet . 」

 When we were talking, the receptionist onee-san came back with person who seemed like her superior .

「Th-this is【Salt】!? P-please excuse me! Since I will need to cast 【Appraisal】 on it, can you put a little bit on this small dish . ?」

 I opened a hole on the edge of the plastic, pouring a little bit of 【Salt】 onto the small dish .

「○△◇×・・・ 【Appraisal】!」

 Oh, this magic again .

「T-this, S Rank!?」

 【Appraiser】-san fell down in surprise . Elena and I exchanged glances .

「P-please excuse us . S-since this is S Rank 【Salt】, we are unable to purchase this large amount right now . 」

 【Appraiser】-san took out a small vial .

「F-For filling this vial, how about we purchase it for 10,000 Aurums?」
「Then let’s go with that please . 」
「Okay . Please excuse me, I’ll be taking the amount . 」

 【Appraiser】-san took out a small spoon and began to transfer the【Salt】 to the vial with his trembling hands .

 【Appraiser】-san was drenched in cold sweat after finishing the extremely stressful work .

「Here is the 10,000 Aurums . Please confirm the amount . 」

 The pouch we received contained 100 gold coins . The gold coin was about the size of a gold medal with 『100』 stamped on it . Though I don’t know exactly how much 1 Aurum is worth, I wonder if I can use this 100 Aurum gold coin in a small store .

「Excuse me, could I get 1 gold coin in a smaller denomination?」
「Yes, I understand . 」

 I exchanged one 『100』 Aurum gold coin for 9 silver coins with 『10』 stamped on it and 10 copper coins with 『1』 stamped on it .

 Having received this much money by selling just a little 【Salt】, I left the merchant guild with a pleased face .
 When I left the guild, all the guild staff lined up and greeted me off . I know this is the guild’s service, but isn’t this overdoing it?

 Having left the merchant guild, it’s time for me to head to the inn! My 【Vigilance】 magic suddenly reacted and a map appeared . A 『Yellow Dot』 was displayed on the map .

Hm? 『Yellow Dot』?