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Chapter 92

 The next day, after our group work of creating attribute magic stones, we were having breakfast at the inn .

I saw a horde of orcs being displayed on the map, it was troubling . They probably gathered during the night .

「Oniichan, why the long face?」 「There’s a horde of orcs gathered around this town . 」 「Huh!? The orcs aren’t planning to attack this town, are they?」 「Oh, perhaps so . 」

「Are we going to kill them?」 「We’re not . 」

「Why?」 「Because the orcs moves in a wide scope, it would take too much time to defeat them all . 」

「Then, what are we going to do?」 「The only thing we can do is to report it to the Adventurers’ guild . 」


 We went to the Adventurers’ guild .

「Excuse me, there’s something I’d like to report . 」 「Yes, what is it?」

The female receptionist who seemed slightly bored, answered . Were you taking time off?

「Uh… I saw a horde of orcs in the forest . I think it would be bad if the Adventurers’ guild didn’t make a countermeasure . 」 「N?  Is that true!?」 「Yes, there’s no mistake . 」 「I understand, please wait a moment as I report it to the Guild Master . 」

The face of the female receptionist suddenly became tense, she went to the inner part of the Guild and came back after a short while .

「The Guild Master would like to meet you . I’m sorry, would you please?」 「Y-, Yes . 」

We were guided into the room at the inner part of the Guild and were greeted by an ojiisan with unkempt hair .

「You were the ones who had seen the orcs?」 「Yes, that’s right . 」

I somehow managed to describe the orcs I’ve seen on the map . *Scratch scratch* Ojiisan scratched his unkempt hair .

「I give up . ~ There’s currently a few adventurers in this town . ~」 「Has everyone gone to participate in the war too?」 「That’s right . By the way, what about you guys?」 「We are also planning to go to Shinju town . 」

「Is that so?~ Well, anyhow, we need to deal with this matter somehow or another, you guys have done well . Thank you for reporting it . 」 「*Sigh* Then, please excuse us . 」

We left the Adventurers’ guild after we made our report .

「Seiji-sama, was it fine?」 「If only I had two bodies, it would be okay . ~ For the time being, I’ll leave a tracking beacon somewhere in this town . 」 「If that’s the case, I’m relieved . 」 「Then, where should I put the beacon, I wonder? Eh?」

There’s a familiar face……

「Y-, You guys! Seiji and Aya! And Elena-sama too!」

It was『Iron wall Lela』, Lela Lyle Gewalt . 「What are you doing in a place like this?」 「That’s… that’s my line!」

「By any chance……」

I checked the whereabouts of the Aristocracy Union Knight Leader through the beacon and that guy came here in this town too .

「Did you come here to participate in the war with the Aristocracy Union Knight Leader?」 「That’s right! That aside, state your purpose!」 「We saw a horde of orcs in the vicinity of this town so went to the Adventurers’ guild to report it . 」 「What!?  A horde of orcs is approaching this town!?」 「Aa, it is so . But, most of the adventurers have gone to Shinju town to participate in the war so they’re short on hands . 」 「Hmmm……」

Lela heard that the orcs were approaching and has been lost in thought .

「Oy, what’s the matter? You’ve been lost in thought . 」

「You, come and see otousama for a while . 」 「What is it, suddenly?」 「Elena-sama as well, can you please come together with us?」 「Yes, it’s fine . 」

Lela brought us outside the town . There was a military camp established with about 500 soldiers resting . They probably traveled with haste that’s why the soldiers were considerably tired .

We were guided to the center of the camp where an elegant tent was built .

「Otousama, there’s something you have to hear urgently . 」 「What is it Lela- You, Maruyama Seiji! Why are you here!?」 「What are you saying? I was brought here by Lela . 」 「Lela, why did you bring this fellow?」

「Please listen, Otousama . According to this fellow, there’s a horde of orcs approaching Ikebu town . 」 「Orcs? So what?」 「The town’s soldiers and adventurers have gone to Shiju town in order to participate in the war, there are insufficient hands . As it is, if the orcs attacked this town, there would be casualties . 」 「It has nothing to do with me! The war has begun! It has to be prioritized above all else . 」 「But, Otousama!」 「Importunate!」

Even if I told the knight leader that this war was instigated by the goblins and orcs, it won’t change his opinion .

「Then, stay here Otousama, I’ll defend the town to death . 」 「Fine, suit yourself . I’ll lend you about 100 soldiers . 」 「Thank you . 」

As one would expect of someone who holds the alias『Iron wall Lela』, she’s also good in defensive battle, huh . Just in case of emergency, I have the tracking beacon on Knight leader transferred to Lela .

「If the business is done, we’ll take our leave . 」 「Wait, what did you come here for?」

「We’ve come to stop the war . 」 「To stop the war!?」

「Well, you should do your own work well . 」 「That’s my intention even if you didn’t tell me . 」

Afterwards, the Knight leader left 100 soldiers to Lela and headed towards Shinju town in a hurry .

「Are you really going to be okay, Lela?」 「It’s my noblesse oblige to defend the country . 」

「You’re also a pretty good fellow saying that you’ll do your best to defend the people of this town . 」 「Wa?  People? What the aristocrats should defend is the territory, not the commoners . 」

It’s hopeless!