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Chapter 398: 398

Chapter 398 FightBack

Mu Qingshan feels better now . He wears his flawless smile again .

“Warrior Lin, may I ask you a question? How could you be so sure that there were gangsters in the village last night?”

Mu Qingshan’s smiling face distracts Lin Luoran for a moment . She remembers another person who is just like him, Liu Zheng . He was taken away by the crazy Taoist . Is he in the Laying Foundation period now?

Lin Luoran is only distracted for a moment; just in a blink of an eye, she soon smiles mysteriously .

This smile dazzles Mu Qingshan . He doesn’t merely want to ask Lin Luoran such a trifle that why she could know there was an ambush . Mu Qingshan knows a warrior with the ability of internal force outbreak definitely has hearing beyond ordinary people’s imagination .

What he really wants to ask is the fake village mayor who was caught last night .

Lin Luoran puts him on shafts . After bumping all night, the man still has not waked up . Lin Luoran then kicks him . The fake village mayor rolls a few times on the ground and wakes up with confused eyes .

A moment later, he has realized that he is now a captive . He feels terrified thinking of Lin Luoran’s martial arts .

Lin Luoran sees his rolling eyes and laughs, “Are you trying to make up some nonsense to fool us or run away?”

The fake village mayor makes a panic look but Lin Luoran ignores his flattery . She lifts the carriage curtain and boils water to make tea .

“If I were you, I would explain everything clearly instead of escaping at this moment… I think you haven’t known it yet . After the Mu caravan left last night, hundreds of cavalries came out from the city . No witnesses have escaped from the village you stayed in . All of them were burned into coke… ”

The fake village mayor looks pale . He is staring at Lin Luoran, who is making tea leisurely .

With a pot of boiling water, the tea leaves swirl around in the cup . The water changes color, and the aroma of the tea overflows . Lin Luoran’s face does look real in the mist, but her voice is low and extremely clear .

“The young male leader is wearing a silver mask . He has a pointed chin and thin lips . Am I right?”

The fake village mayor collapses completely and falls to the ground .

They are some gangsters, but the villagers are mostly real couples .

For example, “Mrs . Village Mayor” is his wife, who has been with him for many years .

“I don’t know who he is . Villagers of Black Breeze only rob money and do our business . Even the Bedazzle Powder is from him . I only heard others calling him Master Seven . Seven may be his ranking in the family . When it comes to social status, we are just mountain bandits who have no chance to meet noble people . How can we know… ”

The fake village mayor is murmuring . His name is Zhang Dahei, one of the gangsters nearby who leads about two hundred people . It can say that he is the local power . Zhang Dahei was entrusted with robbing the Mu caravan, but he would never know his own men would die for this business .

Lin Luoran just looks at sad and repentantZhang Dahei sitting there on the ground .

After drinking morning tea, she turns to Mu Qingshan, who is in a dilemma and says, “Mr . Mu, I don’t care for whom you are transporting these arbalests to . I just want to tell you that a young man ranked seven in his family has the nerve to bring the army out of the city for killing you . You may know his identity, and there must be a spy in your Mu family . The original route is full of danger now . ”

Mu Qingshan can’t hold his perfect smile anymore . This is a big thing, and he dares not tell Lin Luoran the truth, but Lin Luoran’s last proposal is apparently beneficial .

Changing the route is not a big problem . He hesitates because if the route changes, the support from the Mu Family will not be available .

Can they merely rely on Warrior Lin, who looks slim and tall, to handle all difficulties?

Mu Qingshan is hesitating when Lin Luoran tells him another big news .

“I hate cruel people, but now there is a tail behind our team . Should I solve it for you, or you want to fight back? ”

Fight back?

Mu Qingshan knows the identity of the young man in the silver mask . He is not a man who Mu Family can handle .

However—when they chose to support the other side, they have already been destined to become the enemy of this young man . Everything will end only when one side is dead .

They even sent out the army . He is sure that they really want to destroy the Mu Family .

Mu Qingshan feels it is really ironic . The king is still in his prime, but they dare act this way . If they are really that good, why don’t they learn from the other nobleman and fight against the enemy? Aren’t they staying in the capital city just to take advantage?

Merchants’ social status is low . However, if people own big caravans like the Mu Family, it will be totally different . Mu Qingshan travels all around the world, and he is not a timid person . Lin Luoran’s proposal is very attractive to him .

Mu Qingshan can’t kill the man . However, he doesn’t think frustrating that man is a big deal .

“Is there any way to fight back without hurting too many people? After all, those soldiers are just following orders… ” Mu Qingshan is a little embarrassed because he knows his request is a little demanding .

Unexpectedly, Lin Luoran smiles mysteriously and nods to him .

Guards of the Mu caravan receive a strange task after breakfast .

Their leader suddenly sends them a few thin pages of paper with some vivid plants painted on it, and they are separated in a few groups to search for these plants . Everyone feels really strange . They were just attacked last night . Shouldn’t they leave this place quickly? Why do they pick up these useless plants?

At first, they think it is the idea of self-willed Mu Feiqiang . When they know that it is Warrior Lin’s request, they are still curious, but do not hesitate in action anymore . Last night, Lin Luoran showed herself greatly . These people had usually talked that Warrior Lin only got paid but done nothing . However, her martial arts made them feel so embarrassed, and now they admire her so much .

This is an era of masters . Strength is what values most, and martial arts mean absolute right .

The Mu family works together to find plants in the mountains . Even Mu Feiqiang and Zhang Dahei get a few pieces of paper and join in the search .

The former does it because she owes Lin Luoran but doesn’t know how to back down . The latter is probably driven by the resentment of his people being used and then killed .

Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind can almost cover a small hill totally, so she is not afraid that Zhang Dahei runs away . She just gives him some white paper with plants . Lin Luoran now feels relieved and puts down the carriage curtain . She starts to take a good rest .

Zhang Dahei feels overwhelmed because of her trust . His fingers holding the paper turn white .

After an hour, the people of the Mu Family come back one after another . Everyone has got more or fewer herbs, and Mu Feiqiang has got the most . She doesn’t care about the soil staining her dress and uses her dress to take back a bag of herbs .

Lin Luoran is amused by this little girl’ ‘s unnatural look . She waves at her .

Mu Feiqiang feels awkward and guilty when Lin Luoran staring her . After a long time, she finally says, “Well, thank you for last night…”

Lin Luoran is still staring at her expressionlessly, and Mu Feiqiang blushes . She has already thanked her . What does this female warrior want!

Before Mu Feiqiang is about to turn around and leave, Lin Luoran thinks it’s enough to make fun of this little girl, so she smiles .

“Don’t you want to get it back in person about last night’s humiliation?”

Mu Feiqiang is Miss Mu, who has been spoiled and raised like a treasure since childhood . She has hardly suffered in her life . Mu Feiqiangwas defeated by Lin Luoran on the county street, but she is fine about it because her strength is obviously worse than Lin Luoran’s . However, she was poisoned with Bedazzle Powder and ridiculed by the two disgusting gangsters last night . Mu Feiqiang didn’t say anything . However, she always feels so sick whenever she thinks of the eyes of the two gangsters—can she avenge herself?

Mu Feiqiang now totally forgets how she thinks of Lin Luoran earlier . She nods excitedly .

Lin Luoran brings a large wooden bucket and pours some warm water in it . She asks Mu Feiqiang to crush various herbs and then put them in hot water according to a certain proportion .

Mu Feiqiang holds her breath . Is Warrior Lin also a pharmacist?

Lin Luoran looks only in her early 20s . How can she know so much . ?

Lin Luoran keeps an eye on how Mu Feiqiang is going and turns her head to Mu Qingshan, who is like to say something .

“Do you remember the steep canyon we passed through when we went up the mountain?”

Mu Qingshan nods . He has already known what Lin Luoran wants to do . That place is extremely narrow so that carriages can barely pass through . People chasing after them on horses will definitely pass through that place .

Is it an eye for an eye?

Mu Qingshan looks at his niece . Under the instruction of Lin Luoran, she has made a pot of potion herself . It is really unbelievable that the young Lin Luoran is a pharmacist with amazing martial arts .

However, is his niece Feifei reliable—

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