Nano Machine - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

A day ago, Baek Jongmeng had to quickly work on Yeowun . He tried to put needles in Yeowun so he could heal up .

'Will it be suspicious if I get better so fast?'

If Yeowun was to heal with the Nano Machine, he'd be fully healed within a day . He then became concerned . Making himself heal fast would be suspicious, but he couldn't dare to waste time and risk being left behind .

'Would it be better I just fill the time needed without becoming suspicious? Let's ask the doctor how long it will take me to heal and choose . '

Yeowun then turned to Baek Jongmeng who was preparing his needles .

"Doctor . "

"I'm Baek Jongmeng . "


"Call me with my last name too," Jongmeng grinned .

"Doctor Baek . How bad is it?"

Chun Yeowun knew his body was damaged due to Nano, but he became curious as to how the doctor saw it . He looked at Yeowun's pale face and sighed .

"Well, it will take you about two weeks to return to the academy . "


Yeowun was shocked . He knew it might take a long time, but that was too long .

"Don't be too disappointed . "

"But if it takes that long…"

"I don't know what you think of this, but I will keep your secret about learning from the Right Guardian . "


Jongmeng had witnessed the Right Guardian taking Yeowun as his apprentice . This was not allowed in the academy and Jongmeng had every right to report it to the Chief, but he didn't . Jongmeng also had a hard time in his younger days as he too was born to peasants and he faced hardships until he was accepted as a doctor for the Demonic Cult . That's why he felt sympathetic toward Chun Yeowun .

"…Thank you . I will not forget this debt," Yeowun thanked the doctor .

"It's alright . Don't mention it . "

The doctor didn't think much of it anyway because he thought that Yeowun had no other chances after becoming Submeng's apprentice . It would give him a good chance to learn, but he was already way too behind .

"Okay, lie down then . I will put the needle in you . "

Yeowun then lay back down on the bed .

[Sensing attack on the body due to the iron needle . Activating self-defense…]

'No, don't . This is a medical procedure done by a doctor . '

[Stopping self-defense mode . ]

'Can't you determine if it's a medical procedure or not?' Yeowun asked Nano .

[If you do not warn me prior to the medical procedure, any act of damaging your body will be considered as an attack . ]

'Okay . From now on, don't react to those that I take accept willingly . '

[Understood . ]

As Yeowun ordered Nano, Jongmeng began putting needles into Yeowun's body .

[Analyzing the needle-based acupunctural procedure . The needle placed over the spot is enhancing regeneration in the damaged stomach area . ]

'Oh . '

Yeowun had no interest in medical procedures, but it was fascinating to see it work .

"Take a nap while I work on this . "

Jongmeng offered Yeowun to take a nap . Yeowun then came up with an idea .

'Nano, can you heal me and pretend that I still have wounds internally to fool others like the doctor?'

[I do not understand your request, Master . ]

'I mean, if I am healed, then it will be suspicious . So, can you fool the doctor so he won't know that I'm healed?'

[Positive . It is possible to change the pulse temporarily while the doctor is checking it . ]

If that was possible, then he could heal himself . If he could fool the doctor for two weeks, this might be the best chance for him to learn about internal energy from Submeng .

'Good . Then heal me and fool the doctor whenever he checks on me . '

[Yes, Master . Activating self-healing mode . ]

After the Nano Machine began working on him, he was healed under thirty minutes . Yeowun was able to get a good night's sleep, until an unwanted guest intruded to the room before dawn .

Submeng's stench of alcohol permeated the air around the room . Yeowun looked at him with a shocked written on his face .


"Hmm? Is that a formal greeting?"

Yeowun was surprised as to why he had come so early in the morning .

"Good morning, Teacher . "

Yeowun then got up and bowed . Submeng replied, "Good . So did you do my homework?"


Yeowun, who was still not fully awake yet, was baffled . He then asked, "Wait… do you mean what you told me about the internal energy and how I should read it?"

"Yes . Didn't I tell you to memorize it all before I came back?"

Yeowun was dumbfounded . Nano had healed him, but he should have been sick in the bed without it and Submeng should've known this .

'…He is quick-tempered . '

Submeng looked at Yeowun with a suspicious glance, asking if Yeowun had not memorized it yet and Yeowun sighed .
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"Of course… I memorized it . "

He didn't memorize it of course as the Nano Machine had just scanned it for him . Submeng became intrigued .

'Oh? He memorized it while he was sick in bed?'

Submeng knew that he was being absurd . He was only here so that Yeowun could memorize it, but it was surprising to hear that Yeowun really did it .

"G-great . It is nice to hear that you are listening to your teacher . "

"Thank you . But aren't you too early?"

The sun hadn't even risen yet .

"Why? You don't like it?"

"…No, sir . "

Chun Yeowun always woke up early since he had to be awake for any assassination attempts . He just asked if there was a need to visit him so early in the morning .

"Good . Let me tell you a vital piece of information then . "

Submeng dragged a chair next to the bed and continued, "I have only two weeks to teach you . "


"I can meet you here in this medical room, but once you return to the dorm, I can't contact you . "

Learning martial arts by anyone else other than the assigned instructor was forbidden in the academy . Submeng was already breaking the rules .

"I couldn't think of that, sorry . "

"Yes, well you just joined the academy yesterday . So that's why I had to come early so that no one will know . "


"If I stay here in bright daylight, do you think people will not become suspicious?"

Submeng did whatever he wanted, but he knew what he could and could not do . And he wanted to train Yeowun more than ever .

"I have to report to the Lord in the afternoon, so I can only come before dawn to teach you . "

He had wanted to come earlier, but he had to wait until the guards and staff members loosened their patrols before dawn . He only was able to come here because the guard was dozing off .

"Thank you, Teacher . "

Chun Yeowun became thankful for Submeng doing things to this extent to teach him .

"Good . Then let's get started . "


"Didn't you just hear that I don't have much time?"

Yeowun then got up from the bed .

"Sit down on the ground . "

"…Yes, sir . "

"Come on!"

Yeowun sat down on the ground while Submeng sat behind him and placed his hand on Yeowun's back .

"It's good that you memorized my Breathing of Thousand Martials . "

"What are you doing?"

"We don't have time, so I'll rummage the breathing into you . "

"Rummage . . ? what?"

"It is what my teacher created . You don't have to fill the qi . I will do the rest . "

"Uh, Teacher?"

"Hang on . Don't scream . "

And before Yeowun could speak, powerful internal energy flew into Yeowun . A jolt of pain spread throughout his body .


"Shut up!"

It almost made him scream in pain . The internal energy then flowed through the entire body . Yeowun did not notice this, but Nano who always activated self-defense mode did not work on this pain .