Nano Machine - Chapter 252

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Chapter 252
\"Yes? But the Great Meeting will be held soon…\"

The Great Meeting was going to be held very soon . Clan leaders were already gathering at the Great Halls .

\"It won't be long . \"

\"Understood . \"

Chun Yeowun then came out of the office with Marakim and Huan Yi to head into the medical room . There were many warriors from the Guardians standing guard, and there was one who was the most important one staying in the medical room now .

\"Hail Lord Chun Ma!\"

Warriors all knelt down when Yeowun appeared . They truly admired Chun Yeowun, as it was Yeowun who saved the Guardians from disbandment . With warriors shouting in unison, Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu and other doctors came out from the room .

\"Hail, Lord Chun Ma . \"

Doctors bowed and Yeowun also bowed back . All the doctors seemed exhausted, as they had spent the whole night treating a patient . Yeowun spoke to Baek Jongwu .

\"How's it going, Doctor Baek?\"

\"I am sorry, my lord . I have not found any progress . \"


Yeowun moaned . Since three days ago, Lord Chun Yujong was sent into a medical room and was being treated by the Demon Doctor, but there was no progress . Yeowun had stopped the Blood God's Reversion Art from going loose, and was able to also help Chun Yujong break out from his illusions . Yeowun thought everything had worked as he intended, but it didn't work as he hoped . The Lord woke up for a brief moment, but he was still under an illusion and repeated 'No' before he passed out again . He hadn't woken up since .

'What is the problem?'

Yeowun scanned his head with MRI, but didn't find anything strange . He wasn't sure why Chun Yujong was still under an illusion and why he couldn't wake up .

[There is no similar recorded data, so correct analysis is impossible . ]

Nano said the only way to analyze correctly was to send in a Nano machine, but it said that was impossible as it was forbidden by the program .


Yeowun looked at Lord Chun Yujong lying on the bed . He was frustrated every time he saw his father . He wanted to ask the truth and what he really thought, but he didn't know things would turn out this way . The illusion Chun Yujong saw in the end before he passed out was not his brother Chun Yujing .

'Hwa Yun… Hwa Yun… you said you'd wait for me… Ah…'

Yeowun saw that Chun Yujong wailed and sobbed before he suddenly repeated 'No' as if he was being attacked . He couldn't recognize anyone, neither Chun Yeowun or Marakim who stood by him .

\"I am sorry . My skills are out of reach for this symptom . Please punish me . \"

The Demon Doctor spoke with his head down . He was actually a very talented doctor, almost equal to the doctor appointed to the Emperor himself . If the Demon Doctor couldn't find the reason for this state, then it meant it was beyond any of the normal circumstances .

\"…It's okay . \"

It was easy to see all the doctors trying their best . All Yeowun could do was to trust his doctors for now . Yeowun then remembered the orange tag he had . It was the tag that allowed him to meet the Godly Doctor . Maybe that was necessary if he were to wake up the Lord . But it had been only three days so Yeowun decided to wait a bit longer .

\"My Lord . The meeting will begin soon . \"

\"Oh . \"

Yeowun then came back to his senses and remembered why he came here . Yeowun quickly asked Baek Jongwu, \"Doctor . Did you finish analyzing the poison that we found at the party with the Yulin clan?\"

\"Do you mean the one that had the Opium Poppy?\"

\"Yes . Can you replicate that poison?\"

\"It is certainly possible . But why…?\"

Yeowun looked eager .

At the great halls, all elders and clan leaders were gathered . Those elders who were sent out of the castle returned, so it wasn't as empty as before . Third elder Bu Churyong, Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng, Fifth Elder Hang Soyu, Sixth Elder Mong Oh, Eighth Elder Mun Yun, Ninth Elder Sama Yi, Tenth Elder Yin MOha and 11th Elder Huan Yi all sat down on their seats . Soon, a loud shout rang through the halls .

\"Lord Chun Ma now enters the hall!\"

Chun Yeowun appeared with black clothes with gold embroidery and every cultist got up and knelt down on one knee .

\"Glory to the Demonic Cult!\"

Third Elder then shouted, \"We, humble cultists, greet Lord Chun Ma!\"

And everyone repeated after him .

Yeowun was a young man, but his authority over the cult was powerful . The name Chun Ma wielded that much importance and power . With three guardians standing behind him, Yeowun walked up to the Lord's throne . Next to his throne was another throne that was also very lavish like that of the Lord's . It was a temporary throne for Chun Yeowun that was made by an Elder .

\"Hmm . \"

Yeowun was surprised to find the throne that he had not seen even in the morning . It seemed he was meant to sit there, not on the throne of the Lord . It was easy to see who was behind this .

'They just can't wait, huh?'

Yeowun turned to the elders from three clans . They sided with Chun Yeowun after acknowledging Chun Yeowun as the true Chun Ma, but with every danger settled, they were now expressing their thoughts .

'The Lord has not appointed him as the new Lord, so he cannot sit on his throne yet . '

'We have to get as much as we can beforehand . '

If Yeowun wanted to sit on the throne, then he will have to duke it out with the three clans, just like the other Lords did . Yeowun shook his head and laughed . He then lightly touched the new throne and walked past it to sit on the Lord's throne .


Bu Churyong, Ja Kinkeng and Hang Soyu frowned . They had reported this to Great Guardian Marakim of the new change, but Chun Yeowun sat on the Lord's throne anyway .

\"Hmm… Lord Chun Ma . Your seat is…\"


But before Bu Churyong can finish, the throne next to the Lord's throne immediately turned into dust . It was because Yeowun had sent energy into it when he touched it . With Yeowun destroying the new chair and sitting down on the Lord's chair, the three elders were lost for words .

\"My seat is- what?\"

Yeowun then raised his hand and Marakim shouted .

\"You may sit!\"

\"Glory to the Demonic Cult!\"

All clan leaders then sat down .


'He's unstoppable . '

The three elders were angry but they couldn't say anything . Today's meeting was a meeting to talk about strengthening the defense of the cult against future spies, and to appoint new leaders to empty spots . All elders agreed on this last night, so Chun Ma Chun Yeowun had gathered them here .

\"We will begin the Great Meeting . \"

Marakim spoke and Bu Churyong got up to announce what was decided in the Elder's meeting . It was about the change for the current Elders .

\"For the first…\"

That's when Marakim stopped him .

\"Wait . Third Elder, you may sit for now . \"


\"Before we go further, we should talk about Lord Chun Ma's coronation ceremony . \"

\"W-what? Coronation ceremony?'

It was something they had not talked about in the elder's meeting . Bu Churyong and the other two elders became dumbfounded .