Nano Machine - Chapter 286

Published at 20th of May 2020 04:15:07 AM

Chapter 286
The power difference between an entry-level of superior master warrior and a supreme master warrior was too large . Master Lee lost his life so easily at such a difference .


Chun Yeowun wiped tears off Mun Ku's face and patted her head softly .

"I'm sorry . "

"I thought you were really dead!"

Her voice was coarse from crying all night . That's when Yeowun's body dwindled .

'My head…'

His head became dizzy and sharp pain came to his entire brain .


Mun Ku helped him up and became surprised to see veins popping up over his forehead .

[Energy usage exceeded 75% of total energy stored within the body . Stopping self-targeting mode due to brain function overload . ]

With Nano's voice, the energy draining from Yeowun's body stopped immediately . The headache also subsided and when the self-targeting mode stopped, so all swords lost power and dropped to the ground .

"Ah? The S-swords stopped!"

These swords were rusted in the first place so they were already badly damaged while attacking, but after dropping to the ground, they shattered immediately .

'It was too much . . '

Yeowun held up his numb head and got up . Nano helped him, but it was his own body that did the control so it was too much of a burden on his brain and energy .

'I can only last three minutes . '

It only lasted three minutes, but it was still a monstrous ability to control hundreds of swords . On the field, there were only about 18 masked warriors left .


'Is he really a Demon God?'

The attack stopped but all masked men had lost the will to fight . A total of 80% of them had died just in a few minutes so they were too afraid to even make a move .

'I have to take care of the rest . '

Yeowun took a deep breath and tried to replenish used energy by sucking up the energy around him .


The old man was already upon Yeowun, attacking him with rage .

"Get back . "

Yeowun pushed Mun Ku away and swung his Sky Demon Sword to defend against the old man's sword . The two swords struck against each other, creating a powerful energy force gushing out within them, pushing others way into the back .

'Just by swords colliding?'

Bakgi became surprised and took steps to get away from them in order to protect Gam Rosu . Other people who protected Bakgi also got back . The old man narrowed his eyes .

'I thought he used all of his energy . '

He didn't . The old man used 100% of his energy to attack, but it was his hand that was shaking due to the tremendous energy coming in . This was due to the power difference between them .

'It's lucky Nano cut me off before I used all of my energy . '

Yeowun was relieved as he would have died to this attack if he had used all of his energy . Yeowun then swung his blade to kill the old man, just like how he did it with the other man . But the old man brought up his hand with force qi over it to defend .

"Get the Doctor!!"

The old man then roared at the surviving masked men . They then came back to their senses .

"Y-yes, sir!"

They had to get the doctor while their leader was fighting that monster . They quickly charged toward Hou Sangwha, Hu Bong, and Mun Ku . But there was one thing they didn't consider .


Yang Danwa who came at them suddenly cut his neck instantly .

"Fools . That's not possible . "

It wasn't only Yang Danwa . Yin Moha also quickly jumped to attack the masked men who were trying to attack .

'T-they are too strong!'

Yin Moha didn't even use a sword formation in dealing with the enemies . These masked warriors were powerful, but they were no match against superior master level warriors . The old man frowned .

'Ugh… this monster ruined everything! Who is this monster and these people?!'

He didn't hear anything about them . Chun Yeowun's power surely almost equaled the top five warriors of Yulin . But the old man had information about those five warriors and the Strong Nine beneath them . He had never heard of a young man like his enemy being so strong .

'Even if he's exhausted, we are outnumbered . '

The situation had turned around . There was no way for the old man to deal with all of them .

'I have no choice . I'll attack with the best skill I have to injure this monster and escape . '

The old man made a decision . He was angry that his long-prepared plan had been busted and lost many men, but he had to get away if he wanted to live .

'It's a shame I can't kill him while he used up his energy . '

He wasn't sure if he could finish Yeowun under one formation, but he had to run away now .

'Huh? He's doing something . '

Yeowun became surprised as the old man swung his sword to send Yeowun's sword down . Yeowun and the old man's two swords struck the ground . The old man then took the chance to get away, unleashing his best skill .

"Take this!"

With powerful energy gathering at the tip of his sword, the powerful sword skill was unleashed . But this sword formation was very familiar .

'This . . . '

The angles that the swords were coming in, unlike any ordinary formations . It was also not a thrust, but a slash . Almost close to a blade formation .

'Blade God's skill?'