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Chapter 10

As his desires began to fade, his rationality was restored and he stared at her with a sullen expression .

There was a smile hanging on her tiny face .

Her smile was a little too glaring .

Bo Hancheng suddenly grabbed her neck and tightened his grip… Her neck was extremely slender and it was as if it would break once he tightened his grip a little more .

Luo Zheng suddenly felt suffocated but she never once struggled .

Although he was strangling her, he did not seem to have any murderous intent . Is he… into sadism?

He suddenly let go of her while his mask shone mysteriously .

“What are you afraid of?”

He asked softly in a cold and aloof manner .

Yes, he is indeed crazy . He almost strangled me to death and yet, he is still asking such a question!

Luo Zheng panted and answered, ‘I’m not afraid! Brother, you’re just joking with me . What should I be afraid of?”

“Hah, a joke?”

Bo Hancheng quipped calmly and the cloudiness in his eyes made him look rather mysterious .

Is she feigning ignorance or is she plain stupid? How dare she think that I am joking!?!

He suddenly grabbed her chin and warned coldly, “Girl, I don’t care where you’re from but you’d better not get up to any tricks!”

Luo Zheng nodded obediently like a porcelain doll .

Bo Hancheng pressed his thin lips together and turned around to leave .

He had managed to pull through the various relapses in the past few months… but this time did seem much easier than before!

However, he decided to leave the bathroom in order to avoid any accidents .

“Brother… ”

She called in an alluring and charming voice .

Bo Hancheng stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at her pretty face . She asked hesitantly, “Can I… borrow your bathroom? I’d like to alleviate the effects of the aphrodisiac . It won’t take up much time . I’ll be done in a jiffy!”

“It’s up to you . ”

Bo Hancheng looked away and walked out of the bathroom .

He initially stayed behind because of the relapse but since the relapse was over, there was no need for him to stay any longer!

He could not guess how she was going to relieve herself .

After he closed the door of the bathroom, she said, “Thank you . Brother . ”

After making sure that he had left, Luo Zheng struggled to get up and proceeded to close the door of the bathroom . She then heaved a long sigh of relief .

Being reborn is so good . I get to act young, obedient and warn men to stay away from me .

However, she was indeed rather tensed up when he was in her presence just now . She could still suppress the effects of the drug just now… but now, she finally relaxed and began to feel overwhelmed by the effects of the medicine that made her feel a desperate need to be filled up .

Rashes began to break out on her skin and she felt a strong urge to scratch them .

Due to the fact that she had experienced it before, she knew that the allergic reaction was not exactly dangerous, even though it would be hard for her to pull through .

Luo Zheng licked her lips and looked at the basin .

She caught a casual glimpse of a blade that belonged to a men’s shaver .

Since she had to stay awake in order to get past the effects of the aphrodisiac… the best solution would be to stimulate her senses with pain!

Luo Zheng removed the bathrobe and dipped herself inside the tub .

In the next instant, she picked up the blade and began to cut her arm… as if it did not belong to her at all . She watched as the fresh blood flowed out of her wound and dripped into the bathtub, staining the water .

Luo Zheng smiled and hummed a melody .

It is so good to be alive . I even traveled back in time to seven years ago .

Xinlei, my best friend, how should I repay you for the destruction that you brought upon me!?!