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Chapter 113: 113


Luo Zheng frowned . Scarface was extremely picky when it came to women . She even had to put up a performance to attract him!

The City That Never Sleeps…

Staring at everything around her, Luo Zheng’s eyes glistened and she subconsciously clenched her fists .

In the previous life, she had visited the City That Never Sleeps before with the eldest son of the Gu Family, Gu Changye… Unfortunately, the memory of that wasn’t too pleasant and hence, she never wanted to remember it .

Soon, Luo Zheng and the woman boarded the elevator to go to the 11th floor!

They arrived at the private room and Luo Zheng covered her face when the glaring light shone at her eyes .

She then raised her head and got a great shock .

There were 20 to 30 girls in the room, all of whom were fair and dressed in maid outfits . It was a complete feast for the eyes .

There were even some girls whose maid outfits were extremely revealing and barely covered their private areas .

Luo Zheng was dressed demurely compared to them!

“Aunt Hong, this is the stand-in I’ve found, her name is Zheng! Look how beautiful she is . She’s mixed blood too! I can’t bear to give her away… ”

The woman introduced in a sultry voice which made her seem like a completely different person from before .

She was just like a… pimp . Yes, like a pimp!

Luo Zheng could not help but shudder in disgust . If she wasn’t born in the 21st century, she would have thought that she was getting sold to a brothel!

She first looked at the numerous girls who were striking poses with their eyes full of joy and excitement .

Of course, there were also some who were staring at her with animosity .

At this moment, Luo Zheng had no choice but to be sure that they were all willing to do it!

Luo Zheng suddenly felt a strong sense of competition . Although she was pretty, the girls were not that far behind either . She feared that she would disappoint Bo Hancheng if she did not stand out from the crowd .

 “She’s a newcomer? She’s beautiful, but she hasn’t trained professionally yet, I’m afraid she doesn’t know how to serve guests…”

Auntie Hong scrutinized Luo Zheng and remarked apprehensively .

 Any girl who entered the nightclub and chose this industry was trying to get rich and find herself a wealthy man!

However, there was a rule that they had to follow . Those who have been selected by the guests and bought by them, would never be able to return to City That Never Sleeps to make a living again, because there was only one chance .

 “Auntie Hong, this little girl’s family is poor and short of money, just do some merit by letting her stay and try… ”

The woman was almost making Luo Zheng out to seem like the sole breadwinner of her family .

Auntie Hong smiled and said, “Which one of these girls here aren’t doing this for money?”

 However, she felt that Luo Zheng was really outstanding and most importantly, elegant, clean and fresh . She reckoned that Luo Zheng might be what the guest wanted .

“Is she still a virgin?”

 Auntie Hong asked .

Luo Zheng felt disgusted to be objectified but had no choice other than to nod obediently and answer, “Yes, I am . ”

“Well! Who knows if she’s had reconstructive surgery? Fancy her pretending to be pure and innocent!”

One of the girls gibed arrogantly with folded arms .

Although the rest of the girls did not speak, they seemed equally disdainful .

Luo Zheng was speechless . What kind of mindset is this? I don’t get it at all!

“Yutong, the guest is arriving soon . Hush!”

Jiang Yutong was trained by Auntie Hong herself, and the latter had always had high hopes for her . Hence, Auntie Hong was more forgiving towards her .

Auntie Hong glanced at the woman and said, “I do trust your taste! Zheng, stand here… ”

“Thank you, Auntie Hong… ”

Luo Zheng remained obedient and proceeded to stand in the designated position .

 Auntie Hong then strutted around in her stilettos and continued, “I have taught you what you need to know . As for whether you get chosen or not, it will depend on your own abilities… ”