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Chapter 116: 116

To everyone’s surprise, Luo Zheng did not sing, dance or show any intentions of seducing him .

She served him a cup of hot tea like a wife who had been waiting all day for her husband’s return .

 Slightly stunned, Scarface stared at the hot tea and asked, “Is this tea for me?”

 Jiang Yutong was puzzled at first but she proceeded to feel amused . This is City That Never Sleeps… since the guests are here, they are obviously out to choose a lover . What is she pretending to be? A demure and virtuous wife!?!

 Auntie Hong frowned and thought to herself that Luo Zheng was being unruly . She then smiled and said, “Master Scarface, Zheng has only arrived two days ago and she hasn’t undergone any training yet so she doesn’t know how to serve men! Don’t be angry, I’ll get her to leave now… ”

“Who are you to intervene when I’m choosing a woman?”

Scarface glared at Auntie Hong coldly with a menacing expression .

Auntie Hong immediately fell silent, not daring to utter another word .

 Just as the complacent Jiang Yutong was about to step forward smugly, Scarface looked at Luo Zheng again and his impatience surprisingly faded . “Is your name Zheng?” he asked in a gentle tone that was rather rare of him .

 Remaining in position, Luo Zheng answered, “Yes, Master Scarface . ”

 “What would you like to perform?”

Scarface asked again with a dull luster in his eyes, full of curiosity like he had finally found another prey .

Luo Zheng remained composed and answered smilingly, “Master Scarface, Auntie Hong is right, I’m just a newcomer and I don’t know how to serve you! If you don’t mind, I can play a piano piece… ”

 “Are you going to play the piano?”

Scarface stared at her beautiful face and suppressed his heartbeat .

He then glanced at Auntie Hong and asked, “What’s the matter? Is there no piano here?”

Auntie Hong immediately understood what he meant and hence, frantically exclaimed, “I do, I do . I’ll get someone to bring it here immediately!”

She then swiftly made her way out of the private room and heaved a sigh of relief .

What kind of a taste does he have?

The girls that I’ve trained personally are all seductresses . They’re sexy, sultry, beautiful, gorgeous and of various different types… Who would have thought that Scarface would be impressed with Zheng instead!!?

Scarface was still scrutinizing Luo Zheng who was dressed conservatively, unlike the other girls . She was calm and collected, with no intentions of seducing him .

He thought, not bad, she really is something!

 Luo Zheng was still holding onto the teacup and even after a long time, she was still elegant, graceful and solemn like a painting .

Scarface began to get more and more satisfied . When he reached out to grab the teacup, he wrapped his hand around hers .

Luo Zheng’s pupils constricted and she instinctively retracted her hand .

At the next instant, the teacup fell onto the ground and shattered into pieces while the hot tea scalded Scarface’s hand . There was water all over the floor too .

Seeing what had happened, Luo Zheng almost wished she could slap herself for ruining the great image she had painted!

However, she had really subconsciously retracted her hand .

Her disgust towards men had long become instinctive!

 Luo Zheng responded quickly after turning stiff for a few seconds . She quickly pulled out the paper towel, and gently wiped the water away from Scarface’s hand… only to see that his hand had turned red and swollen from the hot tea, which was a bit shocking .

 Despite feeling anxious, Luo Zheng remained calm and apologized weakly, “Master Scarface, does your hand hurt badly? I’m really sorry, it’s all my fault . I’ll clean it up and pour another cup for you… ”

Before Luo Zheng could even finish, a voice berated her, “Look at you, you’re so clumsy that you scalded Master Scarface! If you can’t even perform such a trivial task well, what else can you do? ”