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Chapter 121: 121

Jiang Yutong held onto Scarface’s arm and snuggled into his embrace .

 Seeing this, Luo Zheng remained calm without any other emotions .

 It was not that she really wanted to stay composed but rather, she could not bring herself to behave intimately with a man like Scarface!

If he were Bo Hancheng, she would have pounced on him long ago .

Scarface put an arm around Jiang Yutong who pretended to be shy and exclaimed, “Master Scarface, you’re so naughty!”

She then glanced at Luo Zheng provocatively, as if she had gained victory .

Luo Zheng smirked and could not be bothered to give him a response .

However, at this moment, Scarface suddenly looked up at Luo Zheng and asked in a gentle and mellower voice, “Zheng, do you feel cold?”

 Luo Zheng’s heart skipped a beat . Although she felt cold, she shook her head and said, “Thank you for your concern, Master Scarface, I’m not cold . ”

In other words, she wouldn’t hug Scarface no matter how cold she was!

“Get inside the car… ”

Scarface let go of Jiang Yutong and ushered her into the car .

Jiang Yutong’s face stiffened but had no choice other than to get inside the car .

Scarface then walked towards Luo Zheng and removed his coat .

Luo Zheng’s heart wrenched up and urged herself not to retreat and stay calm instead… However, Scarface stepped forward and put his coat onto her body instead of touching her .

Luo Zheng froze and was about to take it off . “Master Scarface, I’m not cold . Isn’t she feeling cold? Let her have it… ”

“Wear it!”

 He ordered in a low voice .

He then looked at Luo Zheng, as if he had vicariously seen someone else through her . He added softly, “She’s just a plaything . You’re different from her . Do you understand?”

 Luo Zheng was truly dumbfounded and she was not just acting .

What does he mean?

Before she could mull over it further, Scarface reached out and grabbed Luo Zheng while getting inside the car . The three of them sat in the spacious back row .

As soon as Luo Zheng got inside the car, she struggled to retract her hand and sat beside the window quietly .

Scarface did not force her and instead held Jiang Yutong in his arms while seated opposite Luo Zheng .

To be frank, Luo Zheng was interested in observing them .

Anyway, her identity now was a girl from City That Never Sleeps and hence, she did not have to pretend to be pure and innocent . She could just gawk at them openly .

However, Jiang Yutong was not shy at all and instead stared at Luo Zheng smugly while sucking up to Scarface .

She found it strange too, since Luo Zheng was obviously the one whom Scarface had chosen .

However, he did not intend to touch Luo Zheng at all… She had no idea if she was overthinking it but she somehow felt that she had been objectified by Scarface, unlike Luo Zheng .

Luo Zheng was just like a saintly girl whom Scarface had to pamper… The thought of it made Jiang Yutong feel extremely uneasy and she refused to acknowledge her conjecture!

The two of them seemed to be getting hanky panky .

Luo Zheng overestimated her tolerance . She initially thought that it would be a feast for her eyes but to her surprise, the more she stared at them, the more disgusted she felt .

She felt particularly repulsed when Scarface kept gazing at her, as if he were pretending that Jiang Yutong was her!

The thought of it made Luo Zheng feel a cold chill of disgust down her spine .

She then looked out of the window and stopped staring at them .

At this moment, the driver put up the partition in the car, not at all surprised by what was going on .


 Ten minutes later, Luo Zheng finally couldn’t stand it any longer .

Unbothered by the fact that she was still in the car, Luo Zheng turned pale and bent forward before throwing up .

Scarface glanced at Luo Zheng and his eyes lit up when he saw what happened .

He then stopped and pulled Luo Zheng over . “Zheng, are you feeling unwell?”

 Luo Zheng felt even more repulsed by his revolting voice . She smacked his hand away in a moment of recklessness and exclaimed, “Don’t touch me, it’s filthy!”