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Chapter 122: 122

As soon as Luo Zheng said that, she suddenly realized that she had been acting rashly and could not help but be infuriated at herself .

However, she was genuinely disgusted and she could not deceive herself any longer nor continue to pretend that everything was fine… However, Scarface was ruthless and temperamental . Wouldn’t she be asking for trouble by insulting him directly?

“You think I’m filthy and not qualified to touch you!?!”

Scarface glanced at her and said coldly .

However, none of them noticed the gloominess in his eyes . He looked just like a hunter that had found his prey and was about to capture it!

 “Zheng, look at you . You’re so insensible… Master Scarface is just showing you concern and yet, you insulted him! Besides, if Master Scarface is filthy, aren’t you filthier since you threw up in the car?”

Jiang Yutong grinned while adding fuel to the fire .

Luo Zheng tried her best to bear with the discomfort but the stench infiltrated Luo Zheng’s senses and she suddenly felt like vomiting again .

Fortunately, she didn’t have her dinner and was mostly just liquids . She did not throw up any food!

After barfing for a few times, Luo Zheng calmed herself down and tried to explain, “I meant that I’m filthy! I didn’t want to dirty Master Scarface so I told him not to touch me… ”

Jiang Yutong was in disdain of her explanation . Scarface remained expressionless and asked, “Zheng, is that really the case?”

 Obviously not!

Luo Zheng retorted in her head, though she nodded and answered calmly, “Yes, that’s really it . ”

Luo Zheng had been keeping her head low because she knew that Scarface and Jiang Yutong were definitely naked and hence, she could not bring herself to look at them!

“Luo Zheng, mission aborted . Think of a way to get out of the car . ”

A voice sounded in her ear and Luo Zheng could tell that it belonged to Chu Ci .

Now that Scarface was right beside her, Chu Ci took the risk to speak and even informed her that the plan was terminated . She was certain that the decision was made by Bo Hancheng… After all, Chu Ci had never liked her . Hence, he definitely wouldn’t be so “kind” as to let her abort the mission and leave!

Luo Zheng was a little hesitant because they were about to arrive at the underground gambling den soon .

By terminating the operation now, wouldn’t we be wasting all the efforts that we had put in? Besides, I can tell that the case about the druglord Old K is very important to Mr . Bodyguard!

At this moment, another male voice filled her ears . “Be good and alight from the car . ”

Brother Cheng…

Luo Zheng was overjoyed and decided to comply . She said feebly, “Master Scarface, I’m not feeling too well and I feel like throwing up . Could you… pull over?”

As soon as she spoke, he patted her on her back gently and asked, “Zheng, are you upset that I’m touching her and not you?”

 Luo Zheng did not feel any less nervous and instead felt even more terrified .

Luo Zheng smiled after hearing his words .

I would cry if he touches me and not Jiang Yutong instead!

In the end, she bore with the strong discomfort and forced herself to reach out and hold Scarface’s arm . “Master Scarface, I’m not upset, I just feel unwell . I’d like to alight from the car and get some rest! Will you let me, please?”

Luo Zheng deliberately made herself sound coquettish when she pleaded with him, in order not to let him discover anything unusual .

“Zheng, why are you so willful? Master Scarface still has something important to do later . How can you hamper him because of your own matters?”

Jiang Yutong chastised with a smile, pleased to see Luo Zheng in pain .

As soon as she spoke, Scarface glared at her indifferently, giving her a great shock . She couldn’t understand what he was thinking at all… they were clearly behaving so intimately just now and he should be pampering her!

At this moment, Scarface casually put on his clothes and lowered the partition to instruct the chauffeur to pull over .

Seeing how unconcerned Scarface was with her, Jiang Yutong awkwardly picked up her clothes to cover herself .

“Is five minutes enough?”

 Scarface gently asked Luo Zheng while caressing her hair .

“Yes, thank you, Master Scarface . ”

Luo Zheng answered simply and quickly got up to alight from the car eagerly .

Unintentionally, the headband sitting on her ears slid down her long hair and landed on Scarface’s hand .

At the same time, Luo Zheng heard a noise, followed by silence!

She and Bo Hancheng lost contact just like that…