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Chapter 142: 142

Before they could even react, Luo Zheng’s expression changed and she immediately scurried forwards .

What she was worried about the most, still happened in the end!

Although she felt happy about the fact that Bo Hancheng had stepped out because it meant that he did care about her… she was more infuriated than anything else!

 She thought, I clearly told him not to come out, why is he so disobedient!?! That makes my sacrifice go in vain!

 “Brother Cheng, why are you showing yourself? Leave! Hurry and leave…”

 Luo Zheng frantically pushed Bo Hancheng away in exasperation . Her cheeks were all puffed up and she looked extremely adorable .

Bo Hancheng ignored her words and simply stared at her .

He realized that she was in a disheveled state, covered in bruises and welts . Blood was also dripping from her forehead and staining her delicate face .

“Brother Cheng, what are you waiting for?”

 Luo Zheng was bent on shielding him and escorting him out .

She was determined even though the chances of escaping were slim!

However, he stood rooted to the ground, refusing to retreat regardless of her nudging .

Luo Zheng barked angrily and anxiously, “Brother Cheng… ah! Don’t touch…”

Before she could even finish speaking, she felt a sudden pain on her forehead as Bo Hancheng pressed his finger against her bleeding wound .

“Does it hurt?” He asked softly and ambiguously .

If it were not for the fact that he was Mr . Bodyguard, Luo Zheng would have rolled her eyes at him .

I got a cut on my forehead, how could it not hurt? I’m not made of metal!

However, she did not want him to worry so she shook her head anxiously and said, “Brother Cheng, it doesn’t hurt . You’d better hurry and leave…”

 “Leave? It’s so rare of Third Master Bo to be here! How could we not catch up?”

 Scarface spoke coldly .

Some people stepped forth immediately and surrounded Bo Hancheng .

Luo Zheng’s heart sank and she felt that they were doomed!

“Bo Hancheng, you’re such a fool!” Luo Zheng hollered at him angrily .

Upon hearing her words, Bo Hancheng looked into her eyes to see that they were all full of himself .

Regardless of how stone-hearted he may be, he still felt sympathetic towards her . He rubbed her head gently and said, “Little imp, you’re the foolish one!”

 Not waiting for Luo Zheng to process his words, he shielded her and asked Scarface, “Should I call you Scarface, or Old K?”

 Everyone including Scarface, was shocked to hear his words .

Luo Zheng’s eyes widened in shock and she stared at Scarface in astonishment . She suddenly sunk deep into thought .

She was more or less certain that Scarface was the drug lord Old K!

 She was certain about that, not only because she trusted Bo Hancheng, but also because her intuitions told her so… Although she had only spent a short amount of time with Scarface tonight, she could tell that he was intelligent, vicious, and ruthless .

Scarface’s face stiffened for a few seconds and he suddenly sneered, “Third Young Master Bo, are you too obsessed with nabbing Master K that you’ve gone bonkers? How could I be Old K!?!”

 “You know very well, whether you’re Old K or not . ”

 Bo Hancheng answered calmly with composure .

Scarface’s face grew sullen and his heart skipped a beat… In the past, when he was still in Britain, he was almost captured by Bo Hancheng .

He had no choice but to leave his home country and flee to Beijing .

To his surprise, he had merely had one showdown with Bo Hancheng and yet, the latter already recognized him!

He decided then that he could not let this man leave this place alive!

 However, he thought that killing Bo Hancheng would be too easy of a punishment and he wanted to see Bo Hancheng being put through a living hell… anyway, it would be up to Scarface to torture him once he landed in his hands .

“Do you really think I’d be so stupid as to court my own death by coming here alone?”

 Bo Hancheng retorted sarcastically, seemingly able to read Scarface’s mind .

At the same time, his subordinate hurried in and reported softly, “Master Scarface, bad news . There seems to be people surrounding us outside! There is also news of the police making their way down here now…”