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Chapter 143: 143

Upon hearing his words, Scarface glared at Bo Hancheng coldly . “Third Young Master Bo, you’re really shrewd eh!”

 “You flatter me . ”

 Bo Hancheng observed his surroundings while replying to Scarface briefly .

“Master Scarface, hurry and retreat! Any later and you might fall in the hands of the police…”

 His loyal subordinate urged .

Scarface looked at the crowd before turning to look at Bo Hancheng . “Third Young Master Bo, you must remember, these people… have died for you! Kill them all…”

 Everyone panicked and flew into a frenzy . Horror was written all over their faces and they were afraid of dying .

Scarface laid the order because he wanted to induce fear within the people and make things difficult for Bo Hancheng .

“Kill him, if you want to stay alive!”

 As soon as he said those words, everyone turned to look at Bo Hancheng murderously .

Greatly startled, Luo Zheng immediately shielded Bo Hancheng by standing in front of him, losing her temper at Scarface .

Scarface was pleased with her reaction .

The “Blue Vixen” that Li Mazi had given him not too long ago, came in handy at this juncture .

However, before he left, Scarface stopped in his tracks and glanced at Luo Zheng . “Zheng, if you stay here, you’ll definitely die! As long as you leave with me, I can forgive you and forget about everything that happened before this! Are you willing to leave with me?”

 No one expected Scarface to show Luo Zheng some pity at this moment .

Even Luo Zheng could not help but be shocked . Why does it seem like Scarface… truly loves me? She wondered .

Luo Zheng did not reject him immediately and seemed to be considering it .

Upon sight of this, Bo Hancheng’s eyes turned gloomy and he frowned while subconsciously clenching his fists .

At the next moment, Luo Zheng suddenly walked towards Scarface .

Great, Luo Zheng!

Bo Hancheng thought to himself in a self-deprecating manner, feeling rather disappointed .

He could have stayed in hiding right from the start since he was Scarface’s target .

Hence, he had taken a huge risk by choosing to stand out!

He knew that very clearly .

Yet, Luo Zheng suffered the harsh beatings and scoldings by the crowd all because she did not want to betray him… He did not want to seem like a coward and allow her to suffer the pain that she did not deserve .

Hence, he ignored Chu Ci’s persuasion and lost his cool . He then stepped out of his hiding place .

Seeing how disheveled and wounded she was, and the smile that she was still trying to force… he decided to ignore everything else .

For the first time in his life, he wanted a woman really badly… even though she was just an underaged girl and was not considered a woman yet . He still would not change his mind!

 Yet, in the blink of an eye, she seemed to be leaving with Scarface for the sake of survival . How ironic .

He definitely would not allow her to betray him . No one can enter his life and then just leave irresponsibly!

Just as Bo Hancheng frowned and was about to grab Luo Zheng to stop her from leaving,

Luo Zheng stood in front of him and yelled at Scarface, “As long as you don’t harm Brother Cheng, I can leave with you!”

Everyone was flabbergasted . Scarface barked in a low and rumbling voice, “No! Impossible!”

 Bo Hancheng was the reason he had to flee and go into hiding, which caused him so much misery . How could he not hurt Bo Hancheng?

Luo Zheng was not surprised by his answer . She took a step back and held onto Bo Hancheng’s hand… she unclenched his fist and interlocked her fingers with his . “In that case, I can’t leave with you too!”

 As soon as Luo Zheng finished speaking, she looked up into his gloomy eyes and exclaimed, “Brother Cheng, don’t be afraid! Regardless of whether we survive, I’ll stay with you . You’ll no longer be alone…”