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Chapter 150: 150

Blood spurted out of her wound immediately .

There was a deep cut in her pale arm, which affected her beauty .

“Luo Zheng, you’re out of your mind!”

Bo Hancheng’s eyes turned gloomy and he stopped hesitating . Instead, he stepped forward and tried to snatch the dagger back .

Despite being overwhelmed with pain, Luo Zheng still insisted on holding onto the dagger before shunning and dodging from his hand… Perhaps because of the blue poison, her body was heating up rapidly as if something was spurring her on from within her .

Her mind turned blank and she grew giddy, almost losing her rationality .

Fortunately, the pain in her arm agitated her senses and she finally managed to sober up . “Brother Cheng… Listen to me… listen to me…”

Luo Zheng staggered forwards and swayed unsteadily, though she was still staring at him stubbornly .

Seeing this, Bo Hancheng hurriedly retracted his hand and grabbed hers . He questioned coldly, “What do you want to say? Speak, I’m listening . ”

He thought that Luo Zheng was hurting herself because of the blue poison that eroded her rationality .

To his surprise, Luo Zheng suddenly looked up and smiled radiantly when she saw the corpse on the ground . “Brother Cheng, even if we have to be embroiled in a murder case, you can’t go to jail! So, this is the best solution… ”

Initially, Chu Ci was still pondering about how he should solve the issue .

He gasped in shock when he saw Luo Zheng harming herself . At this moment… he suddenly understood something and his eyes were full of disbelief .

He thought, she definitely isn’t acting . Seems like she has really given up on Xi Mubai and is now courting Third Brother .

“Brother Cheng, hurry and leave, I’ll stay behind . When the police arrive later, I’ll tell them that someone threatened me and tried to violate and kill me! So, he stabbed me during the scuffle and I accidentally killed him out of self-defense… ”

Feeling a little drowsy, Luo Zheng paused for a few seconds before continuing, “According to the law, I would only be charged for justifiable homicide and that shouldn’t warrant too heavy of a sentence . Besides, I’m underage, so I probably won’t go to jail! Even if I do, the jail term wouldn’t be too long . Besides, Grandpa will definitely help me . The Luo Family is one of the four richest families in Beijing and they might just release me… ”

It turned out that she was harming herself because she wanted to create evidence!

She was doing all of that just to help him clear his name and be free of any crime . It was such a silly solution but… she was sincere, enthusiastic, and straightforward . How could he not care about her?

“This solution definitely works! How did I fail to think of that… ” Chu Ci snapped his fingers, feeling enlightened all of a sudden .

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt a gloomy aura coming from Bo Hancheng who seemed just like a devil that was crawling out of hell, making him shiver .

Perhaps, he had no choice but to admit that Luo Zheng was completely different from what she used to be like in the past! Her solution sounded feasible but there was no need for her to do it herself!

She is either doing it on purpose to deliberately show Third Brother that she cares about him so that he will be touched and let her stay… or she really cares about Third Brother and said those words without consideration for herself .

In the past, he would definitely think that it was the former… but after seeing how she had taken the poison in place of Bo Hancheng, he felt that the latter was more possible!

However, Third Brother has just arrived in Beijing not too long ago and yet, Luo Zheng stopped loving Xi Mubai so quickly . Even if it were love at first sight, isn’t it a little too quick?

“Luo Zheng, you’re so silly! I don’t need you to do that…”

At this moment, Bo Hancheng said coldly after some silence .

However, at this moment, he tugged the corner of his shirt to rip off a piece of it and wrapped it around Luo Zheng’s bleeding arm… He then bent forward to pick her up steadily and gently .

Coincidentally, the car arrived in time and he carried her towards it .

However, when he walked past Chu Ci, he exclaimed heartlessly, “You shall handle the rest of the matters! Chu Ci, if you mess up again, it’ll be the end of our cooperation… ”

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