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Chapter 178: 178

Chapter 178: Why Don’t You Adore Me Anymore?

He was filled with resentment that refused to leave his heart .

Unfortunately, Luo Zheng looked up at him smilingly and asked, “Senior Mubai, why should I hate you?”

Why? Yeah, why should she hate me!?!

Xi Mubai could not figure it out, so he wanted to ask Luo Zheng about it . However, he did not get an answer from her .

Luo Zheng was distant even though she was smiling mirthlessly .

He was suddenly overwhelmed with pain in his heart again .

He initially wanted to have a good chat with Luo Zheng and remained calm even after getting slapped by her four times… However, she managed to ruin his composure with just a few words, causing him to lose his rationality .

“If you don’t hate me, why did you change?”

Xi Mubai asked while keeping his eyes fixed on Luo Zheng’s starry eyes .

Luo Zheng probably guessed what he was asking, but she still pretended to be ignorant . “Senior Mubai, since when did I change? I’m still me!”

“But you no longer… ”

Xi Mubai was about to say “You no longer adore me!” in a moment of recklessness .

However, he had no choice but to eat his words .

If he were to keep questioning her, it would seem like he really cared about her!

He clearly detested Luo Zheng to the core and never had feelings for her . Shouldn’t that be the case?

Yeah, but I’m full of doubts, not only because of the dream but because of reality!

She should be infatuated with me, she should be infatuated with me!

She used to woo him for three years and even said that she would continue pursuing him for the rest of her life… she wrote love letters to him, confessed to him through a broadcast and followed him everywhere he went .

How can she suddenly change and stop being in love with me? How can she act like we’re enemies!?!

Luo Zheng, how could she do that!?! How!?!

“Luo Zheng, you can’t change!” Xi Mubai exclaimed without hesitation .

Both Luo Zheng and himself were shocked!

Xi Mubai began to wonder if he was going crazy because his words were absurd to him . Whether she changed or not, had nothing to do with him!

He thought that Luo Zheng probably didn’t understand what he meant .

However, she cocked her head sideways in an adorable manner and snorted with laughter that was like music to his ears .

“Can’t change? Senior Mubai, do you mean that I should keep harassing you like I used to?”

Luo Zheng’s voice was clear and crisp, with a tinge of innocence .

“I… ”

Xi Mubai held his breath and stopped himself from continuing .

“I used to be a man-obsessed retard to you, right, Senior Mubai?”

All of a sudden, Luo Zheng smiled, seemingly finding there to be nothing inappropriate with what she had just said .

Hearing this, Xi Mubai choked again and said with a frown, “I… ”

He wanted to deny it, but how?

What she said was indeed true and he really thought so too… In fact, he still thinks so!

“Senior Mubai, surely you can’t be thinking that the old me… is better?”

Luo Zheng seemed to be sneering when she was looking at him derisively .

Somehow, Xi Mubai felt his heart racing continuously and it was as if it did not belong to him .

“Huh? Senior Mubai, is that the case?”

Luo Zheng questioned overbearingly while smiling alluringly .

“No… ”

Xi Mubai briefly answered before looking away, not daring to stare at her again .

With the opposite sex, Xi Mubai had always been a gentleman and would keep a distance away from them . He would never lose his composure either… However, at this moment, he felt a little embarrassed and wanted to back away from Luo Zheng!